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Top 8 Interesting Websites and Funny Blogs

Internet is a virtual world where you can find and indulge in almost anything. Social media and networking allows you to connect to your family and friends, ecommerce allows you to buy all the stuff you want and what not. You can keep yourself entertained for hours if you have a decent internet connection. You can watch unlimited videos on YouTube, read blogs, funny websites and pictures and a plethora of other informative and interesting things to keep yourself occupied.

Top 10 Interesting Websites and Funny Blogs

There are numerous websites on the internet which provide you with interesting and engaging stuff. In this list I have concentrated on sites which provide awesome humour (because laughter is the best medicine) and information (cause knowledge never goes wasted).


So here are top 10 Interesting Websites and Funny Blogs


College Humor

With over 9 million monthly visitors CollegeHumor is one of the most popular humour sites out there. With trending and nerve cracking laughter generated by its posts it is highly recommended for all the depression patients out there.

Although the website concentrates on taking a satirical twist at college life and its idiosyncrasies, the posts and content are good enough to be viewed by all adults and enjoy all the way.



It is another very popular website with over 17 Million monthly visitors. Although it majorly concentrates on random humour the posts are divided into categories and you can find tons of interesting content over here from about your favourite movies and TV shows to your loved video games.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club

This is a Guy-site. Males looking to perfect themselves will find this website very useful. They provide you with personal style tips tailored to specifically suit you on various occasions and events. Visit this site for the best fashion and male grooming tips and stay on top.

Refinery 29

refinery 209

Unlike Trunk Club, Refinery 29 is a female-site. The service is same as above but for women. It is hugely popular as it provided ladies and gals with the latest trends in fashion or general and advises them on how to better their lifestyle in every possible way.

Faith It


Now you want what you read and share on the internet to be significant and about making the world a better place. Then my friends, there is no better site than faith it. Covering almost all topics which are there, the site concentrates on providing and creating content which helps creates a better and more aware environment. It focuses on subjects like equality, health and living, relationships, religion and morality and a lot more.



Funny! Extremely Funny! That is the general opinion of the 18.5 million monthly users regarding this website. Need I say more?

Visit this site once and you will be hooked to the laughter it has to give. It covers a wide array of topics through its humour and is sure make your ribs tickle.

Funny or Die

Funny or die

As the name suggests, the website is all about humour. It frequently takes satirical twists about celeb statements and makes them be of some use to its visitors. The laughter will be genuine, I guarantee you that. With more than 11 million monthly visitors, the stats speak for themselves.



Another very popular humour site which pops up now and then on your facebook feed, 9gag is hugely popular with over 8 million monthly visitors. The content is really funny and from diverse categories. The website is bound to get you hooked to some genuine and ravenous humour.

Which website are you willing to try? Be sure to mention in the comments.

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