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How to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

We are humans and not gods; it only implies that we are vulnerable and bound to make mistakes. As serious as this idea sounds, the related incidents are equally funny. I face this typical behaviour of forgetting things on a regular basis and in all funny ways. Ranging from forgetting my to do-list for the day to keys and even my phone. This tiny gadget called phone is another nerve of our era and it gets on our nerves when we can’t find it. Many companies have already deployed backlight feature which blinks like a beacon in the dark. But what if you lost it in rubble of your own stuff and on the top it is also fixed it to the silent mode. Keep calm and keep reading.

Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

If you are an owner to an Android phone and a victim to the silly but humane situation of losing track of your phone then I have just the right set of apps for you. There are a few things that can be done about your lost phone; either we locate it on GPS or make it ring or send out high beam of flashlight. Just follow in my lead and decide whichever situation suits you the best.

Using Locate Android Feature to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

ind Android Phone Even On Silent Mode using locate android

If your phone has a functional Internet connectivity all the time whether through wi-fi or data packet, then you are in luck. Being an Android phone you always have an upper hand with Google by your side. Even on this end you can use Google dashboard to set your phone to a mode where it can be remotely accessed to lock, erase, and even change its password. But in order to maintain the security of your phone this setting is a one-time deal only and has to be set again after being used once.

Follow these simple steps to avoid the future dilemma of manually finding your phone

  1. Reach out to your Android phone and get into the security settings.
  2. Go for device manager.
  3. Switch on the option for Android Device Manager and allow it to lock, erase, and change the password remotely.
  4. Next time whenever you feel the urge to find your phone just Google ‘Find My Phone’.
  5. If your phone is logged in with your account credentials, then you can pinpoint your phone on the framework of a mini map.
  6. Due to the remote access you can click on the ring button on other android phone and your phone will keep ringing for 5 minutes at the top most available volume.

This fantastic idea by Google not only allows you to locate your phone but also to wipe clean the data and lock your phone in case if you ever managed to completely lose it.

Using Ring My Droid app to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

ind Android Phone Even On Silent Mode using locate android using ring my droid

After you download the Ring My Droid app on your Android phone and set a Key Phrase in it, your phone is never getting lost again. So even if your phone is in silent mode, you just have to forward the secret Key Phrase to trigger an alarm in your phone and follow its lead. Just comply with the below steps to easily download and successfully make it functional-

  1. Go to Google and turn to Google.
  2. Type in Ring My Droid app and hit search.
  3. Now download the Ring My Droid app and install it on your Android phone.
  4. When you select and open the App, it will ask for a Key Phrase.
  5. A Key Phrase is a secret code or keyword that you set in the app and it could be just anything.
  6. By default the Key Phrase of the app is set to ‘RingMyDroid’. So do remember to change it to something memorable and click the ‘Set’ button.
  7. After confirming the Key Phrase for your app you can conduct a personal beta testing of the app.
  8. Just forward a text message containing the Key Phrase to the number which your Android phone uses.
  9. Now push your fingers into your ear, because your phone is about to explode the alarm tone at the top of its voice.
  10. If you have done everything right then the alarm will be triggered even when the phone is in silent mode and Voila!
  11. In case if you missed out on something, then you can try from step 1 and don’t worry it’s no Rocket Science.

Just try to keep the Key Phrase a secret bound to yourself or your buddies will hold the real key to traumatizing you with the alarm tone on a regular basis. Trust me, this trick is never running old for them and they are going to enjoy troubling you even in your sleep.

Using Clap to Find App to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode using clap to find app

The above provided apps and methods are awesomely innovative and yet I can find the flaw that they depend highly on the network coverage of your phone. There is no end to worst case scenarios, but what if your phone has found a real deep spot to hide or is in flight mode. You can still go nuts after doing tons of apps to locate your phone and yet a zero network coverage will aid to make your day.

This app has taken the Alibaba and the forty thieves story to a modern phase. The Clap to Find App functions at the clap of your hand, ain’t that cool. If losing your phone within your belongings is that easy for you, then this app will make it even easier for you to find your phone. Indeed you are just a few claps away from your phone and the phone shall attend to its master on demand

Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode using clap to find app

Follow the below steps to download Clap to Find App in a snap

  1. Go to Google and turn to Google Play Store.
  2. Type in Clap to Find App and hit search.
  3. When you select and open the App, it will ask you to configure the clapping sound.
  4. It also allows you to configure the sensitivity of the sound, in case if you ever need to clap in an actually applauding manner.
  5. Just so that every system in your phone is set to gain your attention, you can also customize the ring volume, vibration and switch on the flashlights.
  6. After everything is set and app successfully installed, just clap three times and it’s like cha cha cha for your phone.
  7. Next thing you know is you phone singing its tune with running spotlights even in silent mode.

Here is video on how to use Clap to Find your android by IllusionGround

This app will manage to surpass most of the apps in many ways. The app best finds its use if you can’t track your phone on a domestic basis, i.e. if your phone is buried under pillow, clothes, cupboard and anything else that can find its way to hide your phone. Moreover its customizable ringtone volume will ensure a trauma free attention seeking method. The widgets to quickly enable and disable the app also come in handy.

The steps provided above may have been the easiest form of textbook computer knowledge that you have ever come across. Now get out, get hungry, get stupid, lose your phone in your compound and show off your all new Android Apps that will fish the phone for you.

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