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How to Download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

The feeling of every cell in the body acquiring a momentum and pushing you to just another level is amazing. The adrenaline rush may be defined in the terms stated above, or if you really wish to know what it feels like, then play what I say. Play with man’s best invention which started as a wheel and has evolved into fancy cars. Play with the cars, the true mafia on road. It bends eyes, rules and best of all on tracks.

Bow down for the well applauded in the series of the legacies by Real Racing; Real Racing 3. It is one of the most amazing games which have chiselled a dominant reign in Mobile Gaming Industry. The game is the funkiest creation from the garage of Firemonkeys studios and was published by Electronic Arts. The latest version which is actually a 2013 release is still managing to attract players from all around the world, alluring them to play just another round.

Download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

How to download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Real Racing 3 Game was launched with thirteen licensed tracks, a twenty-two car grid, and one hundred sixteen licensed cars from twenty-seven car makers, all of this in just one package. EA games have published the game as a real life super car rally race with hot car models varying from manufacturing houses like Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Koenigsegg and furthermore being updated to the car collection database. All this grease party gives an awesome look, adding the rage to beat the hell out of other competitions.

You can have any weapon aka cars of your choice as you get upgraded with your winnings. With cars like Koenigsegg Agera available at your service, you can just do anything you please. Run it passionately and keep the foot steadily on gas, for nothing is going to damage you for real. However unlike its previous versions Real Racing 3 needs you to keep your car maintained and serviced which also needs in-game cash and real-world time, thereby giving a literal feel.

Download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

For the plot of the game, you will start your racing career with Nissan Silvia S15 or a Ford Focus RS as a starting car. The control features of the game have been taken special care of, as the game comes with seven driving control methods for manual or automatic brakes and steering. You may also be taken in for a surprise when you find on screen virtual steering wheel or even touch to steer option, depending on the driving mode.

Now for the race, the Firemonkeys Studios has managed to add just another dimension to the game with ten different types of racing events, varying from Cup, Elimination, Endurance, Speed Snap, Drag Race and everything a professional racer could want.

All this collection might give you a sudden idea to go online and burn some wheels over the faces of other online players. Real Racing 3 has handled the Multiplayer scenario in an altogether different way by preferring Artificial Intelligence over online players by using Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM). When you go online, TSM will create opponents in multiplayer mode which emulate the laps raced by real people at another time. Now you can understand the level of seriousness that these folks have put into the game.

Download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

As a fan of racing games you must have at some point imagined of being present at some international racing circuit, well Real Racing 3 is here to fulfil your spirit. The game is loaded with thirteen real world racetracks and along with it, a fictional but geographically correct street circuit. It’s like you would have roamed through the racing temples across Europe and Dubai.

Real Racing 3 initially received poor reviews due to its freemium business model, i.e. it is always available for a free download. But it is also this freemium model and uncompromising behaviour which landed this game to become people’s choice and is enjoyed globally by all motor heads.

Download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC?

We have all enjoyed racing games ever since its simplest version was released through TV video game and thereafter it was Need For Speed on PC. Many gamers have also enjoyed  Ashphalt on phone as well, but in my opinion Real Racing 3 emerges as the undisputed champion. What I wish to say here is that, all that premium quality graphics to show off the muscle of each splendid car feels like gone half waste when I find myself accommodating them on my phone or even tablet. Games like these deserve to be played on large laptop or desktop screens with Dolby speakers or may be even earphone. The most important thing is that no emotion of the game should be minimized in volume by any means.

Download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Thankfully we now have android and iOs emulators like BlueStacks and Andyroid which can make high end games like Real Racing 3 compatible with OS on your system, thereby providing another edge to the game. Just follow the below steps and you will find yourself flying in the game in no time.

Download Real Racing 3 game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC using BlueStacks

 Download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Just follow the below steps and you can own your Real Racing 3 Game in just no time.

  1. Download BlueStacks Emulator. The installation is fast and simple with a fairly good Internet connection.
  2. Launch the BlueStacks Emulator. You will see a search bar!
  3. Enter the name of the Game i.e., Real Racing 3 and hit search.
  4. You will see that the game pops up in the search results.
  5. Just download the game. The installation process will begin and complete even before you know it.
  6. Launch the Game and begin the madness.

Download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC Using Andyroid

Download Real Racing 3 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Download Andyroid. The installation is simple and pretty fast with a fair Internet connection.

  1. Launch the emulator.
  2. You will see a search bar. Search for Real Racing 3.
  3. Click on the install button to begin download.
  4. After complete installation the game will appear in the Games menu.
  5. Launch the Real Racing 3 game and let the game begin.

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