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How to Delete Cookies in your Internet Browser

Cookies are a very delicate thing both, in the real world (delicious, soft and crunchy) and in the online virtual world where they sometimes contain the most sensitive and private information.

Internet cookies are generally harmless patches of information in the form of small text files stored on your pc as small text files. But some of these contain sensitive information like where you went, what you did, and any personal information that you have given anywhere on the internet. These websites may allow third parties like advertisers and promoters to tap into this data for research. Or worse, some hacker my attack your computer and may copy your bank account details.

How to delete cookies in your Internet Browser

To make sure this does not happen you need to delete your cookies once in a while.

Here is how you can delete your cookies across major browsers

Windows PC

windows pc

Google Chrome

  • Click on the tools menu and select options
  • Click the under the bonnet tab and then locate the Privacy Click the Clear browsing data button
  • Select Delete cookies and other site data to delete all cookies from list.
  • You can also select the extent to which you want based on a timeline. You can select the period from the drop down menu
  • Select clear browsing historyto delete all the files the websites have stored on your pc
  • Select clear download historyif you want to delete records of files and programs that you have downloade


Internet Explorer 9


  • Open the internet explorer
  • Click the tools button
  • Point to safety and then click on the delete browsing history option
  • Tick the cookies box, then click delete


Internet Explorer 8


  • Click safety on the command bar
  • Select the Delete Browsing History option
  • Select the option for cookies and then click delete




  • Choose cookie manager from the tools menu
  • Choose manage stored cookies
  • You can either remove all the cookies from the list or select the ones you wish to remove.


Mozilla Firebird

Mozilla Firebird Win

  • Select tools, then options
  • Then select the privacy icon in the left-hand panel
  • Click on cookies
  • Click on stored cookies
  • You can select the cookies you wish to delete. They are mentioned as a list.
  • Click on the remove cookie button.
  • To remove all cookies, click on the Remove all cookies button 

Mozilla Firefox


  • Click on tools, then options
  • Select privacy
  • In the cookies panel, click on Show Cookies
  • You can remove a single cookie click on the entry in the list then click the Remove Cookie Button.
  • To remove all cookies click on the Remove All Cookies Button

Now here are some ways to delete cookies on MACINTOSH browsers



  • Choose cookie manager from the tools menu
  • Choose manage stored cookies
  • Remove any cookie from the list
  • You can also remove all the cookies at once if you want


Netscape Navigator 7.x


  • Choose cookie manager from the tools menu
  • Choose manage stored cookies
  • Remove any cookie you want from the list
  • You can also remove all the cookies. Just select remove all cookies


Safari 1.0


  • Choose preferences from safari menu
  • Select security icon
  • Press show cookies button
  • Select the cookies which you want to delete
  • Press delete




  • Open the tools menu
  • Select Delete Private Data
  • All cookies will be immediately deleted

You can also delete cookies at the end of every session

  • Go to privacy settings
  • Select preferences
  • Click on manage cookies
  • Click on manage cookies to delete specific cookies or those from separate domains

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