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How to Backup Contacts From Your Android Phone

One of the most important files in your phone is your contact book. It has all the information you need to connect to all the different important people and institutions when needed. It has the numbers of your boss, your team members, your spouse, your children, parents and eventually everyone who is remotely related to you directly or indirectly.

What if you lost all these contacts? Suppose in a freak accident your phone gets damaged and all the memory gets fried. You lose all your contacts.

How will you call the nearest hospital or the nearest police station?

It’s scary how one little piece of information in your phone can matter so much. Therefore it is very important to have a backup of your phone data and especially the contacts.

How to Backup Contacts From Your Android Phone

Here is how you create a backup of contacts for your android

Phone backups must always be created. This is because our smartphones today contain a lot of relevant data like contacts and losing them could mean potential losses of many kinds. Therefore, even when you are updating your phone create a backup just to be sure and secure.

Google has developed Android operating system in such a way that your contacts will be automatically synced with your Gmail if your android is linked to your Google profile.

To make sure this has happened, you can do the following

  • Go to your Gmail account.
  • Click on Gmail in the upper left corner under the Google logo
  • Choose contacts in the drop down menu which appears
  • Your contacts will appear as a list if they are synced

If your contacts are backed up, they will appear here. If not then you need make some things sure.

Here is how you can create a backup manually

  • Go to your phone settings through the home scree icon or in your list of apps.
  • Scroll down and find the option Back Up & Reset
  • It has us Back up my data This should be checked. If it is not then check it immediately

This will automatically backup all your contacts. And new additions will be automatically backed up too!

There is another way you can do it

  • Open the contacts list on your phone.
  • Hit the menu button in it.
  • A list will appear. In that click on the import/export tab
  • This opens up another list which shows the available import and export options. Pick one
  • After that the list of contacts will be backed up.
  • You can easily then import the list to your new phone

This is just in case you are switching to a new phone and the old one does not have android or is incompatible with Gmail then you can use it.

Now even if your phone is lost or damaged under any circumstances you have the power to retrieve the most important data! These companies who work on your phone provide such techniques of back up and data protection and genuinely want you to be aware of them. They give in their best efforts and you are not a victim of data loss. Thus learn these quick and easy hacks and always stay in control.

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