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How to Backup Contacts from Android to PC

What do you do when all the important data which you stored in your phone gets lost in a freakish accident?

What happens to all your contacts when you fry your phone by letting it slip into the filled bath-tub?

Sounds scary don’t it? But not to worry, you can easily backup data like contacts to your PC using some very simple tools. These tools can be used by plugging your phone to your PC and creating a backup file of your contacts on the internet or on your PCs drive.

Here are some simple tricks to help you backup contacts from your android to PC

Google can take care of it 

Google backup from adnroid to pc

You can give Google permission to back up your contacts and other stuff from any android phone you own.

  • Go to settings in your android
  • Go to backup and reset
  • Tap Backup my data
  • Tap automatic restore

Then you need to

  • Go to accounts in the settings menu
  • Click on the Google account where you want your data to be synced.
  • Tap the sync icons next to those data which you want to be backed up like Email, Contacts, and Calendar etc.

You can easily create backups for your photos, videos and music from your android phone and transfer them to your PC.

  • Plug in your phone to your computer and manually copy the files that you want to.

Although copying contacts is very difficult.

Experienced at backups: My Backup


It is very old application, almost as old as android itself. It has been in the market for best android backup apps for a long time and thus its veteran status adds a certain advantage. Backup is easy as all media and app data is moved from internal storage to rerware cloud servers. With the free version the amount of storage is limited. To get more you will have to upgrade,

The pro version also lets you have SMS backups.

Its value lies in the simplicity and veteran status although; some other apps may provide better functionality at the same prices.

When it comes to android apps: Samsung is always the king


The major android phones around the globe are Samsung and it just knows how to protect your data and contacts. Samsung has its own proprietary software for keeping your data backed up and protected. The app is called Kies Air and comes pre-installed in most devices.

If your phone and PC connect on the same Wi-Fi network then you can connect them both through the app. You can browse through the files from your computers explorer. And transfer data.

  • Connect your phone via USB to the computer.
  • Kies will display an icon for your phone once it detects it. It will show the free space it has left.
  • Click on the backup/restore tab on the list of tabs above.
  • Your data and contacts all will be backed up.

Creating backup of your contacts and other relevant data is very important. It makes you feel more secure and aids you in case of data loss die to any direct or indirect reason. Therefore it is imperative that learn some cool and simple tricks to create secure backups of your android data and stay secure.

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