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How To Download Hike Messenger for PC

One of the most popular instant messaging apps out there is the Hike messenger. You can easily stay connected to your close friends, colleagues, classmates, family and relatives. You can easily share stuff like photos and videos from your phone. The services are completely free and based solely on providing amiable messaging solutions to its customers.

hike messenger

There are numerous messaging apps in the market like Whatsapp, BBM, WeChat etc. All this come with their own pros and cons and so does hike. This article concentrates on the usage of Hike messenger as an app.

 It could be more wonderful if you could Hike from your desktop too! You do not have to look away while working every time you get a message. It is distracting isn’t it? Well you can easily use Hike on your PC.

Now Hike is not officially available for PC but you can easily use it by downloading Android emulator software. The emulator is genuine and easily available for download on the internet.

bluestacks emulator

Here is how to download Hike Messenger for PC

  1. Download the BlueStacks emulator from this link. You can easily download it for free.
  2. Install the software. Now launch the application and search for the Hike Messenger download app in the search toolbar.
  3. The search will soon pop up genuine results. Now you just need to to download it and start using it.

 Here is a video by popular channel android to guide you through  the process

The interface is almost same to the mobile. You get notifications as you get on your phone. The app will always run in the background and automatically connect to any kind of internet connection you possess.

Simple isn’t it? Now you can easily use the messenger from your PC and stay connected to all your friends, buddies and family. Never again you have to ogle to and fro from your laptop screen while working. You can get all the messages you want at one place. Enjoy!

What is your favorite texting app? Please do comment

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