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How Much Money Does It Take To Get A Good Logo For Your Business?

An essential part of any marketing activity is making sure your business is instantly recognizable. A logo is a great way to stand out from a crowd. Or in this case, from your competition. From the choice of color, style, font, and format, a logo should say who you are and what you do.

Your logo has to be eye-catching, look professional and be a top-quality advert for your business. It also needs to be adaptable for use on your website or offline on letterheads, invoices and business cards. If you take part in conferences or events, you may also need your logo on giveaways like tote bags, memory sticks or even pens.


The first thing you will notice when looking for a logo is the price. You can spend as little as $50 or as much as a few thousand but, just how much money should you invest in a logo?

As always, it depends on your budget. It also depends on what the logo is for. A business logo to be used throughout a comprehensive marketing campaign will need more investment than a logo to promote a one-off event. The first needs to fit in with an overall branding message for your business. The latter could be a stand-alone design with just one specific purpose, letting people know you are at the event.

Whatever your logo needs are, there is a budget-friendly option to suit your pocket.

The cheapest is the flying solo DIY option. Grab your pen, paper or PC art package and start playing with doodles, fonts, and colors. You’ll soon come up with something to add to business paperwork.

But what about the other formats you’ll need? How do you convert your doodle to a vector file or get a transparent background? Logos that are needed for different media, such as invoices or a web page, may need to be in different formats. We’ve all seen the thumbnail pictures so stretched out of proportion it’s difficult to make out what the image is supposed to be.

Low resolution JPEG images might look great on a letterhead but, how will stretching it on a tote bag affect its appearance and usability?

A key aspect for any logo should be its adaptability. To be a valuable promotional tool for your business, your logo has to be usable. The image has to be changeable enough to look good on anything your business could need a logo on.

Without any loss in quality.

The DIY option may not be the most economical choice in the long run. A badly designed logo could end up costing you more in lost business than the price a professional designer would charge.

There are websites that offer designs for as little as $5 or $10. It can be tempting to go down this route, especially if graphic creation turns you cold. However, you need to remember that sometimes cheap is just that. Cheap. A logo designed for the price of a coffee and maybe a chocolate chip muffin, might not be up to the standard you are looking for.

There is a way you can get your logo produced by professional designers and still keep the costs down. Technically it’s still DIY but with a very important difference. You supply the idea and the vision. An online logo maker takes care of the design.

There are Online logo maker tools available to suit any budget. For example, the packages from start from as little as $49.95. Utilizing their standard package allows you to choose from a selection of ready made templates. You can easily create a stunning logo without any design experience. Better still, the package includes imagery in different formats so you don’t have to worry about vectors or transparent backgrounds.

Spend an extra $30 and you can benefit from unlimited edits and multiple social media friendly variations. All at the touch of a button.

Pay a little more and benefit from one-to-one support from in-house designers. Helping you fine-tune the template you have chosen so it reflects the uniqueness of your business. There’s even an option to buy the original template so that no other business can ever use the same base you started with.

Another option, particularly useful if the templates available aren’t your style, is the contest option.
From as little as $200 you can pitch your logo needs to an online audience of 30,000 designers from across the globe. All of them selected by for their professionalism and expertise.

Other online logo makers offer similar packages so there really is no need to struggle with designing if it isn’t your thing. Going it alone is no longer the only way to achieve professional results at a fraction of the cost you’ll pay a design company.

A design company will concentrate on the overall marketing strategy for a business to create a brand image. The logo is part of that brand image. They will look at your existing marketing activities, research your business genre, your niche market, and the services you offer. A team of designers will use the information to figure out the best imagery, color scheme, and font choice to highlight your business.

They are basically doing everything from the initial concept to the creation of the graphics. That’s why choosing this option could potentially cost you thousands. It’s not just the design of a logo that you’re paying for. It’s the business growth potential that brand promotion can create. Which is great if a high level branding campaign is what you are looking for. Not so great if all you want is a professional logo.

Any amount you invest in your business logo needs to mirror the amount you hope to get back in returns. The less you pay, the less effective that logo will be in attracting customers. The more you pay, the more your business has to make to offset the cost.

It’s a delicate balance but with a variety of pricing options available, you’re sure to find an option within your budget.

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