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FlipHTML5 Review: Best Digital Publishing Platform For Magazines


It is a world where if you want to get more number of customers getting attracted to your product or services, it is important to go for an interactive and eye-catchy advertisement.

Digital Flipbooks offer you an exciting way of driving more attention and engagement to your content. One of the best softwares that can help you in creating attractive flipbooks is FlipHTML5.

What exactly FlipHTML5 is?  FlipHTML5 Review

It is a flipbook developer software which provides amazing features to its users for creating digital flipbooks in order to enhance online marketing of their companies or brands.

fliphtml5 Review

FlipHTML5 software can successfully generate fast, attractive and cost-effective flipbooks for you.

This software can be easily used for creating Magazines, Catalogues, Brochures, Web pages, and Posters etc. The best thing about FlipHTML5 is that it can run on any kind of screen simultaneously.

So, basically you can work from office on your computer screens as well as from your home on laptops or smartphones.

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Do you want to know what makes this software very interesting and exciting to use? Let’s go through its varied features one by one:

  • Impressive Realistic effect: FlipHTML5, the leading flipbook software can assist you in creating realistic and impressive page-flip effects. It can turn pages in more of realistic manner which gives it an upper hand over its other competitors. FlipHTML5 can impress your customers in the first sight. It can turn PDF/images into page flip book-like content in few minutes.


  • Convert PDF into Flipbooks: FlipHTML5 software is a free Flipbook maker which can convert your PDF, Open Office, Excels, Docs, Power Point Presentations, and Images to a jQuery and HTML5 based page flip e-book. Attractive flipbooks can be created with the use of some easy follow-ups that are efficiently guided by the software itself during the course of its usage.  FlipHTML5 uses HTML5 (the 5th and latest revision of HTML) and jQuery to provide HTML based Flipbooks.


  • Animation Editor: This is one of the most exciting features of this flipbook making software. It helps you in editing animated videos using various tools and thus you do not require downloading and installing any other application or software specifically for editing videos and images. You can simply add animations and rich web content, without entering any kind code, in order to make your flipbook more widespread.


  • Zero coding required: FlipHTML5 doesn’t require any kind of coding when it comes to creating a flipbooks by inserting images, audios, videos, presentations or animations. Zero coding for the creation of attractive flipbooks makes it easier and efficient to have access to. So, you can just upload anything as per your desire and a Flipbook is easily created thereafter.


  • Multi-language support: It is quite obvious to note that marketers often use different languages in order to connect to the audience belonging to distinctive linguistic corners. While using FlipHTML5, you do not need to worry about the language barrier as it supports most of the highly spoken languages on the planet. Just a single click of language selection can let you get started with your flipbook content creation.
  • Themes and Templates: You can easily customize your HTML5 flipbooks with over 10 book templates and themes. FlipHTML5 offers you enticing templates to make your digital flipbook look more alluring. The software also supports Vertical and Horizontal flips. With the use of these editing tools and various templates and themes, you can create a very good flipbook that can engage the audience and thus reach beyond creativity.


  • Compatible with all devices: FlipHTML5 offers its users a great reading experience. Books created by FlipHTML5 work on all kinds of modern web browsers. Users can also access the software from their smartphones or laptops simultaneously. Working on different screens is not a barrier for this software. It aims at being user friendly and it does so by being able to be available at different screens.


  • Realistic Book Shelf: FlipHTML5 provides you with a book shelf that consists of e-books for its readers to get access to more number of books that you have published. The books are arranged in a neat attractive stack and the whole bookcase can be embedded on your website too. The bookcase can be easily accessed via mobile phones and you are free to create as many books as you like and they all will get automatically added to your book shelf.


  • Hosting Cloud Platform: FlipHTML5 provides you with the options of publishing formats. You can publish your books online even though you don’t have a website. It uses Zip and Exe alongside the HTML5 flipbook so that users can easily use the feature of publishing their books. In addition it provides options for emailing the flipbook to anyone.

fliphtml5 features

Also, you can share your publications with the outer world simply by publishing your e-books to FlipHTML5 online cloud publishing platform instantly. It opens a way for you to earn money by managing, selling or sharing your publications.

  • Enriches online marketing: It enables its users to create flipbooks adding it up with a unique logo and an official link. It is also possible to integrate the Google Adsense and advertising banner into the digital flipbook. FlipHTML5 enriches online marketing by being software which creates flipbooks that are user-friendly and can be easily accessed by the potential readers.

Flipbooks can be shared via social networking websites, through publications and emails. There’s an easy access to the readers for the digital flipbooks with mobile phones at any given time and anywhere.

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Pros of FlipHTML5:

  • It can easily convert PDF, Open office, word documents, power point presentations, images etc. into realistic page flip book in just few minutes.
  • There is no provision of coding while inserting any image or audio or video for creating flipbook.
  • Powerful animation editor to make the flipbook look vivid and attractive to the target audience and influence them positively. Also, powerful Page Editor enriches the content with multimedia.
  • Online realistic bookcase to manage flipbooks.
  • It provides free cloud platform to publish and share your publications online efficiently.
  • Allows managing, sharing and selling publications on FlipHTML5 software.
  • FlipHTML5 is completely user-friendly as it can adjust to any screen and thus can be smoothly used on a laptop or a mobile screen simultaneously.
  • It Integrates Google AdSense and add advertising banner.

Cons of FlipHTML5:

  • FlipHTML5 is not absolutely free of cost to use.
  • Flipbook might not load on some devices.
  • Google Analytics is a premium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Instead of statistics, this feature could have been much better for the users.

How FlipHTML5 Works?

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FlipHTML5 Pricing Panel

fliphtml5 pricing

FlipHTML5 comes with 5 kinds of subscription plans for its users. These plans are as follows:

  • Free plan: This is a free trial for accessing FlipHTML5 with 5 uploads per day and 20G of storage facility. It provides you with only 1 bookcase and the user cannot send market emails or share his publication through this plan. It does provide for PDF conversion.
  • Pro plan: This plan offers 50G of storage at the cost of $15 per month and the benefit of unlimited uploads. It is absolutely ad-free and can provide 10 bookcases. You can send up to 150 emails per day and can have access to statistics for 3 months.
  • Gold plan: The Gold plan requires $29 per month for getting storage of 100G and benefit of unlimited uploads. You can send up to 300 emails per day and access the statistics for a 6 month period. You can get Office conversion, Adsense integration, and advertising banner etc., right from this stage of subscription.
  • Platinum plan: It grants you an unlimited storage facility with unlimited uploads per day at $25 per month ($299 billed annually). It is totally ad-free and you can have unlimited number of bookcases.  You can send up to 600 emails per day with an access to statistics till a year. This plan provides you with many new features unlocked like- Online editor, Custom domain, Animation editor, Page editor etc.
  • Enterprise plan: This plan rests at the apex of all the subscription plans due to its interesting unlimited offerings.  At the cost of $999 you can become a permanent subscriber of FlipHTML5 and can get 10 multiple accounts. There is no limit on bookcase. You can get all the varied features straight away by being a permanent subscriber of the software.

You can go for any of the plan for its subscription on the basis of which features suits you more and get yourself enrolled on this amazing software for creating attractive flipbooks.

Free FlipHTML5 Platinum Plan 90 Days

FlipHTML5 Review & Rating

fliphtml5 reviews

There are many other competitors in the market but the economical pricing structure and responsive customer support have helped FlipHTML5 in gaining a better position among its competitors.

If you really want your targeted audience to get engaged into what your company offers, go for this ‘flipbook maker’ and create virtual books using creative ideas.

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