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It is not a very unusual story when the speed of your Internet connection is compromised on the grounds of uploading or downloading something. These are the two data processes that cost you more on speed in comparison to when you are browsing.

Your laptop, on the other hand, may be contributing to this thickening situation as well, with a low to medium grade processor or configuration. Neither of the conditions can be truly replaced immediately, but that should not stop you from improvising on the overall experience.

Eliminate all the system and the Internet related speed problems with the Internet Download Manager (or IDM). It is a downloadable tool that boosts the Internet speed in your system by up to five folds and streams data in a highly optimized way. Read on to find out more about it and how to download Internet download manager for free.

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In this post, I will tell you how to download Internet Download Manager for free?

Accelerating on the Internet speed definitely provides this software with an upper hand in the market, but that is not all about its story of success. Other than downloading stuff independently on IDM, you can actually curate them in the form of schedules.

In case if the system loses power or connectivity, then every downloading item will be put on hold and can be resumed from the same point once things turn ok. The user interface is very plain and intuitive, which makes the entire mechanism very easy to understand. The smart download logic accelerator present inside the Internet Download Manager is loaded with a host of features to save your time.

These features exploit the intelligent dynamic file segmentation along with multipart download technology, to makes a hole through its competition by outperforming them all. Unlike any of the download managers that you have ever come across, every file downloaded via IDM is of dynamic nature and utilizes available connection without requesting another login.

utube Download Internet Download Manager for Free

The level of compatibility provided by IDM extends to proxy servers, hypertext protocols, downloading Mp3 audio and it can also be used to process MPEG videos. Its cross-platform nature makes IDM software readily alignable with web browsers like the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, AOL and many others.

If you connect to the Internet with a dial-up modem, then it can work wonders for you. IDM can schedule your modem to activate its connections at a specified time, download the enqueued items and then get automatically shut down after accomplishing the task.

This way you can schedule those heavy high-quality games, software and Blu-ray print movies to get downloaded while you are away. If you wish to get an IDM extension on your Chrome, then follow the steps that are shown diagrammatically after you have applied for one. After you are through with downloading the extension, enable it by opening a new window of Chrome and enter settings option. There, go in ‘Extensions’ and mark a check on ‘Enabled’. You can also activate IDM for incognito mode by selecting it from the same window under ‘Extensions’.

extension Download Internet Download Manager for Free

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The multidimensional tools of IDP expand to a whole lot more. Benefit from its multiple language support for a more familiar ambiance of operation and an in-depth exploration of tools. The downloaded items are stored in a ZIP format for a more organized approach and can be easily extracted from the command line.

Some of the other qualities of Internet Download Manager include HTTPS compatibility, queue managing, well-tuned alarms for all events, and also tutorials to help you in times of query. Since, downloading things is the most probable way to catching a virus, IDM has been programmed to acts as the impermeable membrane between the Internet and your system.

It smartly collaborates itself with one of the supported anti-virus package installed in your system and magnifies the security protocol by acting as the first line of security. IDM also comes with an inbuilt download accelerator, so that you need not add any more plug-ins or install external software for a faster outcome.

av Download Internet Download Manager for Free

The latest version IDM 6.25 has been upgraded to support Windows 10 and adds a download panel to the online players for a simultaneous output. This way you can get even those videos which would otherwise require a flash player for getting downloaded, and can use it on some great online video portals like MySpaceTV, Vimeo, and others.

Due to its unique Advanced Browser Integration feature, IDM can assemble itself with any online app to finish the process in a tad bit of time. Everything about it is so intuitive, that you will never be needed to do anything individually for it.

A ‘download this video’ pop-up will automatically appear next to the video itself. You will find the logo of IDM flashing at some corners, to remind you that the onward steps will be supervised as per its speed limits. You can manually add an item to IDM directly by the conventional drag and drop method, or through the command line.

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win Download Internet Download Manager for Free

If you think that downloading is all that IDM is good at then you have been fooled in a very beautiful way. It can literally manage the ways of your Internet connection with progressive downloading. Insert the maximum value of data that you are willing to expend in a unit time, i.e. megabytes per hour and put a cap to unnecessary internet expenses.

One of the best hacks that I found about this software is its multi-functionality only with the drag and drop gesture. Pick any downloadable item from the Internet via cursor and drop it in the IDM window for an instant download. After the process has been completed, you can drag the file directly from IDM and drop it in the location.

The firm has made some great efforts for maintaining its reputation as a manager, especially when it comes to user-interface. The arrangement of all the buttons, order of command and almost everything else is flexible enough to mold it as per your needs. Get exciting skins for the download panel from IDM’s homepage and use them to give a memorable path for using all the commands.

Once you are through with downloading, IDM automatically organizes all the downloaded items as per their categories. Grab the Internet Download Manager for free by downloading it from this link which redirects to its homepage. You can even hold a registered account for this 5MB application and buy a 30-day trial version at $29.95.

You can Download it from here

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