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Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android

Memories bring sweet moments back to us. How do you keep your memories alive?

Before the evolution of technologies, you had no effective methods to keep memories. The only thing that could be done is scribbling your experiences on a sheet of paper and keeping it safe.

With time, photos became a part of our lives. It has been transformed as a way to keep our memories. Taking real life photos was the practice of riches about one decade ago. To get a clear picture, we needed expensive cameras. So, comparably not- so- rich- people captured their precious moments in studios.

But now smartphones rule the world. We can’t even think about a day without it. Smartphone cameras can take brilliant pictures. We are living in the world where everyone is a photographer.

I am sure that you have a smartphone, and you have the habit of capturing pictures now and then. What if you lost your beloved sibling (I mean the phone) one day or your SD card got damaged? All your precious photos will be lost.

We have to take an immediate action against this. Who knows when it will happen?

That’s why I am here with this post. I have a new tool with me. It is nothing but the new Google Photos App.

What is Google Photos App?
Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android

Google Photos app is a utility to preserve your photos from loss. You can easily view any of your photos with it irrespective of the device or platform you use.

Have you noticed a photos app on your Android yet?

Let me say there is a photos app on your Android device for quite a long time. But it was meant for processing Google+ images only.

But now Google freed photos service from Google+. It has now become a standalone app. It is mainly built for smaller gadgets (like phones and tablets). However, a web version is also available.

Google announced their dedicated photo storage service in 2015 May. (If you haven’t used Photos yet, an update should be done to open it with the revamped look and features).

You will get unlimited space to store 16 MP images and 1080p videos.

Are you already familiar with this app? Then skip to the bottom of this page to download the Google Photos app for iOS and Android.

Let me tell you some of its specs now.

Features of Google Photos

1. Universal Nature

The very first feature I want to point out is its universal nature. This app is not only accessible by the users of a particular platform. Instead, it is available for iOS as well as Android. A web version is also available for desktop and laptop users.

That means you can get access to your photos from any of your device. Are you a regular traveler? It doesn’t matter here. As long as you have a Google account, you can see, preserve and share your photos by sitting everywhere in this world.

N.B.:- You should activate Auto- Sync option for this.

2. Smart Organization
Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android

Google will do the organization task for you if you are a lazy lad. I admit that grouping a large number of photos is a tiresome task. You have to spend a reasonable amount of time for that.

But here, you don’t have to worry anymore. Actually, from the very next moment with Google photos, there will be no need to move your images from folders to folders to get organized.

There are four different views available such as Day view, Month View, Year View and Comfortable View. Choose what fits your interest.

3. Effective Search Option
Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android

We all know the first thing Google intervened in. It was the search engine business. Google is the best search engine ever.

They have introduced the efficient search option into this Photos app also. When you tap on the floating search button, you can see all of your categories (like People, Place, and Things). To my surprise, this app can identify the faces. Using the face recognition feature, it is possible to group photos with similar faces under a single category.

If you search for dog, you will get pictures of dogs stored in the device.

4. Sharing Becomes Easy
Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android

It is easy to share your pics privately with anyone you like. You can share an individual or group of images. Earlier, we need to select the Google+ circle and set the privacy options. But now, as a standalone application, you don’t have to worry about sharing.

Just select the pic you want to share. Then, tap on the share button ( the one you use for usual sharing). You can see various options. The first one is ‘Get Link’. A unique link will be copied to your clipboard by using that feature.

Share it with anyone you like. Pictures can easily be seen even if they don’t have the app.

5. Assistant to Create Beautiful Combination
Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android

On the left pane, there is an option called ‘Assistant’. It is meant to create amazing picture combinations like Album, Collage, Story and Animation. This reduces the use of another third- party app.

The creation of these special images is as easy as you do in any other image editing app.

How to Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android?
Download Google Photos App for iOS and Android

Downloading the app is not a big deal. If you are an Android user, you can download Google Photos App in two ways.

The first one is most common. Launch Google Play Store and Search for ‘Google Photos’ and install it (or click here for a direct link). The second one includes the downloading of the .apk file. Click here to download. After the download process is completed, open the file (you must activate the ‘Unknown Sources’ inside Applications’ settings).

This app is completely free for iOS also. Here is the link to the Apple store to grab this cool app.

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Did You Download the Google Photos?

That’s all about the downloading of Google Photos. It is very easy as downloading or installing any other application.

Let me know the issues if you face any. Spread these words and help your friends.

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