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How to Download APK File from Google Playstore

It hurts when you realize that you are unable to install apps directly from the Playstore on your Android. How to get over this messy situation?

Most probably, you opt out to search for APK files and install it right away. But how is it possible to know whether the file contains any malware or not? So, never do it. Install apps only from the trusted provider that is none other than Playstore.

Oh, you can’t get access to it. Then how will it be done? Before diving into the solution, let me just make you aware of some situations when you can’t install applications directly from Google’s Playstore.


  1. Your phone lacks Playstore. Maybe this reason seems strange to you. But it happens to many people. Some phone manufacturers have not collaborated with Google. So they lack it. Or if you try to patch the Store to install any cracked app, chances are great to have a broken Playstore.
  2. Your phone stops responding to Playstore app. On such an occasion, you can wait for a long time and get no response in return.
  3. The connectivity options suffer. You have no options to get connected, and hence Playstore on your device becomes useless.
  4. Playstore shows incompatible message even for an app that works well on your device. You will never get an option for an incompatible app to download. So better leave the store.
  5. Some apps can’t be used from particular countries. Hence, you can’t install it like a boss.

If you are in any of the above situation, sit back and relax. You have found the solution.

Here, I introduce two different ways to download APK files from the Playstore itself. After downloading, you can make use of the file to install the app.

First One: Download APK File from Google Playstore Using Websites

This one is easy when compared with the second method. You just need to visit a website and download the APK files from there. That’s all.

I know what you are thinking now.

Where is Playstore then? Read further to get an answer for it.

  1. Open your browser and search for “your desired app playstore”. Replace ‘your desired app’ with the name of the app. I have searched for Dream League
  2. You will get the link to visit the Playstore. Copy the Playstore link.
  3. Visit download-apk-files-from-playstore
  4. You will see a website like the above image. There is a field to enter the Playstore link. Paste what you copied earlier.
  5. Click on ‘Generate Download Link’download-apk-files-from-playstore
  6. Then, you can see some details about the app with a green link to download the file. Click on it, that’s all.


  1. Copy the Playstore link of your desired app (I used the link of Real Racing).
  2. Open apk-dl.comdownload-apk-files-from-playstore
  3. Paste the link here in the white field.
  4. Tap Enter or click on Searchdownload-apk-files-from-google-playstore
  5. You will get more detailed info with some suggestions on the right sidebar.
  6. Click on ‘DOWNLOAD APK FILE’.

Second Method: Download APK File from Playstore Using a Browser Add- On

If you want one organized way to download APK files from Playstore, you can choose this method. You have to download an extension or add- on for your browser. No need to visit websites anymore.

Google Chrome Users: Download the Add- on Here

Mozilla Firefox Users: Download the Extension Here

This extension is called APK Downloader. It can be downloaded as any other add- on. Let me just give you the step by step process.

  1. Install the Add- on (I think you have already done it).
  2. After that, you need to login to the
  3. As you can see, three fields are to be filled. The first one, email and the second one, password. I think you won’t face a problem to fill them. The last and the least part is Android Device ID. Follow the steps given below to get it.
  4. Download Device ID. Install it and open. Now you can see your Device ID along with the emails and Device Code Name. Note down the first
  5. Enter it in the browser extension field. Click on Login. That’s all. From this moment, you can see a Download or Buy link when you visit Playstore through the desktop browser.

How to Install APK Files in Your Android Smartphone?


If you see something like the above image, you must do a little job to install APK files on your phone. It’s like creating a path through the backyard.

  • Open the settings of the device. There you can see many
  • Just scroll down to the section PERSONAL. Here too, you will see more than one option.
  • Click on Security. You will get into a new tab with some checkboxes.
  • Observe the second check box. Most probably, it remains as not turned on. If so, tap to turn it on.
  • That’s all. Now you can browse the file and install right away.

N.B :- All the screenshots are taken from my Zenfone 5. Options may change according to Android version. Right now I am using Android Kitkat 4.4.2.

What do You Think?

I found these two methods helpful. Even if your device can’t access Playstore due to any reason, these methods come to your rescue. Test the three methods (1+1 websites and an add- on) and then find what suits your interest.

If you want to download any large sized app, I recommend using a download manager like Internet Download Manager or Download Accelerator Plus to boost the speed.

Bookmark the sites mentioned above for your future usage. Or install the add- on as you prefer the organized way. I have personally checked the methods and found it worthy. If you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to comment below.

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