Cool Things to do with Your Smartphone

These days we panic when we mistakenly leave our smartphones at home. It has become difficult to imagine our life without smartphones. A majority of the world population owns one. Even though you spend a significant amount of time with smartphones, there some cool stuff that you do it with which you might not be aware of.

Let’s take a look at few of these.      

  • Scan QR Codes

Previously, you used to have QR code reading apps on the phone. However, now, there is no need for an app. You can just point the camera of your iPhone and scan it automatically. Open the camera and focus on the code, tap on the notification. This will then take you to the website or product page. This can be done on Android and iOS phones.

  • Search Photos by the Category

In a case out a particular photo in your gallery and want to upload it in your social media account, there is no need to panic. Finding it is much easier than you know. At the top of your photo app, you will find the search option. For instance, type in the card and you will get results with all the photos of the cat.

  • Look for Car Troubles

When you are not sure what is wrong with your car but you don’t pay hundreds of dollars to a mechanic, you can simply use an app for the smartphone. There are apps which gives you an adapter when you download it. Plug the adapter into the ODB-II port of the car which is generally located towards the base of the steering column. When you have plugged it in, the app will tell you where you have to diagnose for any engine trouble, remind where you parked the car, and also send an alert to loved ones when you are in an accident.

  • Check Batteries on Remote

There has been an instance when your favorite TV show is about to come up and the remote stops working. Nevertheless, finding out what is the problem with the remote leads to a wastage of time and you miss out on the show. However, you can use your smartphone to detect what is the problem. Point out the phone’s front-camera and then press on the button. In case the infrared the light from TVs remote on screen, you will know that the remote is working. In case it doesn’t then it might be time you change the batteries.

  • Play on Online Casinos

You will be surprised to know that it is possible to gamble using your smartphone. This is possible through casinos for smartphones like NetEnt Casino. All you have to do is open the site and register an account. There are several game options to choose from starting from slots to table games.

When you play at NetEnt Casino, you will know that it is safe to gamble. Moreover, the easy banking system makes it easier for customers to make deposits and withdrawals. It has games which are developed by the top-notch developer. The bonus and promotions will help you to win more money.

  • Power on the Lights

If you want to make the home sage and prefer to light up an area in a swoop, you will find an app for it. In case you have bulbs that are Wi-Fi enabled, then download the app required for controlling it. You can control the bulbs in the house using a button, save energy when you want it off, and keep the home protected just by making it appear someone is in there.

  • Helps to Hand a Straight Picture

If you do not have a level at hand, there is no need to worry. All you have to download an app for the phone and you have got a level that is convenient to use. It will help you to get the right angle every time.

  • Measure Alcohol Content in the Blood

A safe ride is as simple as using the phone. You will find smartphone breathalyzer on the app store. Use it to measure the alcohol content in the blood and decide if it is time to call a cab. This way everyone will be safe on the road.

  • Start Your Car

Make the car safe just by opening an app. With an app from the app store, you will be able to unlock, lock, and also remotely start the car simply by touching an app. Also, you will also be able to diagnose a problem on the basis of the system you use.

  • Use as a Fitness Guide

In case you want to be fit, you don’t need a personal trainer. You will find apps which will guide you with illustrations and images. There are apps that will record the food intake for showing the amount of calories you are consuming each day. It counts the calories on each food items you consume.

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