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15+ Best Walkie Talkies for Kids 2023: {Amazon Top Sellers}


All the kids love talking on phones, and they copy their elders’ tone to have pretended conversations. There comes the role of modern day walkie talkies which best suit their wants. Here in this article we are going to share the list of Best Walkie Talkies for Kids 2023.

walkie talkies for kids

Some people may find it a waste of money to buy a best walkie talkies for kids as they think that kids can play with old spare phones just to have fun for some time. But is it fine to give them the real phones just to show off that your small kid is good enough to handle it?

No, absolutely not. Today’s smartphones are unsafe, and to hand over them to children is a wrong decision.

In this post, we will discuss every feature essential for kids walkie-talkie and the basis of selection.

List Of Best Walkie Talkie For Kids: Buyers Guide

15 Little Pretender Walkie-Talkies for Kids

This good-looking blue color kids’ walkie-talkie comes with 3 channels of communication and covers up to 2 miles. These features facilitate relatively long distance play and kids explore more as it is best for outdoor ventures.

This product comes with a bright LCD screen, call notify function, integrated flashlight and belt fastener to provide kids with a feel of being and agent on duty.

The simple and inexpensive design of this walkie-talkie is created just for kids along with clear voice technology. The device is compact so that the child can easily grasp it in hands. A visible PTT key on the side makes it easy to use for all children.

Little Pretender walkie-talkies are lightweight, long-lasting, and easy to move around, so as to give the full recreational feel to kids.

It is perfect for growing children and will help them to boost their self-confidence by socialising with others. The built is good enough for rough and tough usage and non-stop play and powers with 3 AAA batteries for each unit which are to be bought separately.

You can buy this fun-filled kids walkie-talkie from and also it is a 5 star rated product reviewed by 23 genuine buyers.

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14 Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies for Girls

We know that there is always a boy and a girl thing in toys too. So this rich pink color walkie-talkie is best for girls. It covers maximum 2 miles and has 3 channels for private conversations. It has simple functions along with the guarantee of full entertaining toy walkie-talkies for kids.

It has redundant built which provides 9 hours standby and 3.5 hours of continuous use. It is best suited for indoor as well as outdoor games. It has an exclusive design which is loved by all the girls out there. It has LED displays and a clip to fasten it on your clothes to carry around.

It has all the features which 4-5-year-old kids can easily understand and interpret. Parents will find it easy to keep an eye on the playing kids. It is a package of durable, playful and compact toy for kids.

It is among the best-selling walkie-talkie set for girl kids. Around 175 parents have bought it for their kids and they are fully satisfied with the product.

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13 BELLSOUTH T388 2 Piece T-388

BELLSOUTH T388 model has a tough built along with 22 channels to communicate through a wide range of 3 to 5 kms without any cost. It has LCD screen, with UHF child-power output of 0.5 watts- 22 channels with FRS and GMRS features.

The 2 devices operate on mobile radio frequencies. Eight channel PMR system covers the higher range and other features include auto-scan LCD screen indicating battery status, modifiable volume levels, sending and receiving icons, channel number and scan position.

The device also has monitoring function along with auto-repress system, 5 type of ring tones, call notifying alerts, incorporated flashlight, channel lock, and power selection features.

This kids walkie talkie is available in black blue, pink and yellow colour, and the package comprises of 2 handheld devices and a user manual. The device runs on 4 AAA batteries which are not included in the pack.

More than 170 parents buy this sturdy walkie talkie and all have given a positive feedback of the product. You can even ask your queries on the product page before buying it.

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12 Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie-Talkies

Compact (90g per device) and lightweight feature make it easy to move around with this Retevis kids walkie talkie. The kids can self-assemble the belt and hang the device wherever they want.

It enables kids to communicate with one another or many at one time on the same channel. The PTT button is big and easily visible for a small one to handle and it activates the integrated mic immediately when pushed.

The device is suitable for kids and has LCD screen VOX function, 22 channels to communicate, and CTCSS/DCS feature.

The device has auto-repressed attribute along with backlit flash, modifiable volume, and battery status pointer. It has sending and receiving icons and powers of 3 AAA batteries in each device.

With Retevis, the sound clarity is great, and keypad locks prevent carelessly changing of personalised settings. These kids walkie talkie sets do not require a licence. More than 160 parents have trusted the product, and more than 20 queries have been answered to manage the product efficiently.

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11 Crony T-388 UHF Band

This pair of walkie talkies set is ideal for keeping an eye on your kids in supermarkets, shopping centre, festivals and other alfresco events. It is a compact and handy device powered by 4 AAA batteries for each handset. It is suitable for covering the range up to 3 kms.

Every channel has 38 secret encryptions. Each device has LCD screen, integrated flashlight, baby monitor, VOX hands-free communiqué, and 10 caller tune including 5 animal tunes.

You will have low battery warnings, keypad tones, auto-squelch technology, backlit display, lock, and talk validation sound. Transmission Power of the device is =<500mW ERP, and Modulation Type is FM-F3E. Sub code applicable is CTCSS 99. This Crony walkie talkie model is available in four colors- pink, yellow, black, and blue. More than 100 amazon customers have bought this walkie talkie for their kids.

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10 Nerf Walkie Talkies

It is one of the best walkie talkies for kids. It comes in a sturdy look to keep in touch within 1000 feet. There is Morse code switch on the front of each device. The rugged sporting design makes it perfect for outdoor games.

There is an attached belt clip on the back of the manoeuvre. The device uses 9-volt power batteries and is best suited for 5 and older age kids.

It is the top-selling brands in kids toys, and more than 790 people have trusted the Nerf walkie talkie sets and bought them to provide a rich feel to their children recreational games. The sound clarity is awesome and it one of the reliable brands among top sellers.

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9 Kids Walkie Talkies by UOKOO

It is one of those compact and good-looking walkie talkie handset which is loved by kids. It is easy to move around with such small size individual devices for children of 4 years and above.

It has 22 channels and suitable for FRS/GMRS two-way radios covering up to 2 miles’ extent. In an open field, it may also cover up to 6 kms range. It is a multi-featured device, but all features are easy to operate even by a small kid.

The sound quality is excellent and the product is long-lasting environment-friendly. The auto-repressing attribute will mute the background sound so as you can listen to the incoming voice even in jam-packed places.

The contemporary compact design comes with the LCD backlit display, low battery pointer and a clip to be hanged on kids belt. The device has a super long play time and 9 hours’ backup.

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It is also among the best-selling walkie talkies for kids and trusted by more than 190 amazon customers for their kids. It is available in 4 colors- black, camo, red, and orange. The sellers of the product deal with every question, and around 52 doubts have been answered.

8 Minions Eye-Conic FRS 2 Way Radios by Minions

This kids walkie-talkie set is super cute and best for growing kids. The attractive minion cartoon design looks fabulous. It is a long range best walkie talkies for kids with a simple push button talk feature.  

It is a perfect Christmas gift for your child and the eye-conic look makes it the most popular toy walkie-talkie for the kids.

Each device needs 4 AAA batteries to power it and can be used for reasonably safe distances and is perfect FRS to be in touch with the kids at any point in time. Kids under 3 years love it and play with their elder brothers and sister for hours.

It is the latest edition and those who have bought them for their kids highly recommend it due to its simplicity and easy built-in features.

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7 Disney Frozen KIDdesigns Chill ‘n’ Chat FRS 2-Way Radios

The cute snow princesses design walkie-talkie is a two-way communication device perfect for girls for their secret games. The pair comes with exclusive frozen style visuals. The design is created especially for admirers of the new Disney Movie Frozen.

The fun toy is perfect for girls who love to chat and discuss their plans over the phone.

It is for long range outdoor trips and cover up to 2 miles and is suitable for 4 years and above children. It uses 4 AAA six batteries for each instrument.

They do not have any clips and are made to be carried in hand. On amazon, you will find a mixed review of the product, and most of the buyers’ kids have loved the product. It is also a best return gifts on birthdays as they budget-friendly.

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6 Joylor Durable Walkie Talkies

This twin walkie-talkie set for kids is just adorable with its regular and durable look. The set covers up to 3.5 miles and is compact, lightweight and moveable with ergonomic motif. It has a stable grip and belt clip for easy add-on when not in use.

The long-lasting material supports 22 channel PMR system to convey and receive icons. The FRS/GMRS 2-way transistors are best for real long play time.

The pair has PTT function, auto-scan with a click of the button at UHF 462-467 Occurrence range on the LCD backlit exhibition to save your time. The set is best for 6 years and above age children as it does not have a too fancy look.

It is a quality product made out of environmental stuff which is safe. The sound quality is so crisp and clear that you can easily listen to what other person is saying even in a jam-packed street.

The Joylor walkie talkie is available in five cool colors – yellow, pink, black, blue, and orange. Around 140 parents have genuinely reviewed the product and fund it the best option for their kids and for gifting purpose.

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5 Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Web-Tastic FRS Walkie Talkies

This stunning walkie-talkie set of The Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel brand is a perfect choice for Spiderman lovers, especially boys. They are long range FRS two-way radios with LED indicators and groovy Spiderman design.

All the children enjoy playing hide and seek and discuss their secret hiding spots with other friends. The item is suitable for 3 to 15 years of age. Each device requires 4 AAA batteries.

Approximately 40 people have given their unpretentious review about the product. Overall Spiderman walkie-talkie is a big hit among older boys as Spiderman is favorite cartoon character of many.

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4 Cobra Electronics CXT 1035R FLT Floating Walkie Talkies

This walkie-talkie set from Cobra brand is perfect for any harsh conditions be it a storm or rain or any emergency. The set has strong frequencies and covers up to 37 miles range, and has 2662 channel amalgamations along with NOAA weather and warnings.

It works totally fine in any such tough circumstances. It has more advanced features than other regular ones which we have discussed earlier. It automatically annals last 20 seconds of inbound audio.

It is water resistant and is completely hands-free transmission due to voice-activation feature. It is perfect for any outdoor voyage. It is best for older kids who go out frequently with their friends for exploring new places where mobile doesn’t work.

It has a sturdy look and is little expensive as compared to other kids walkie-talkie sets. Over 70 people have reviewed the product, and the sellers have answered around 30 related questions about the product.

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3 Walkie talkies for kids Black

This brand has easy to operate 22 channels FRS/GMRS two-way radios which covers up to 5 miles of distance. The small and delicate look of the walkie-talkie is ideal for small hands to carry around.

It has nifty working system with PMR auto scan along with automatic volume tuning. The added attributes include children monitoring, smart alarm, the anti-walk system is off with excellent sound quality.

The material used in the making is safe for teenagers and LCD is best for night use. It has 38 CTCSS sub-channels along with 10 caller tunes for kids. The package includes a pair of walkie-talkies and user’s guide.

Whoever has bought this pair is fully satisfied with the performance. It is available in three lovely colors- black, orange, and red.

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2 Spy Gear – Ultra Range Walkie Talkie

This is a different, fascinating, and élite walkie talkie for kids. The design is fantastic and compact to fit into kids hands. The extent covered by the teams communicating is 2 miles.

The tap and hold communication key allow operators to talk to each other in a group easily. The high-tech pattern offers a real spy occurrence.

The Ultra Range Spy Gear set is for 6 plus age children who love to play detective or secret agents games.

Each handset requires 6 batteries to work, and the package includes a pair and an instruction guide. Around 49 customers have reviewed the Ultra Range pair with positive feedback.

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1 7TECH Kids Walkie Talkies Toys

7tech kids walkie talkie has 33 channels and FRS GMRS 121 code. This two-way communication pair is small in size and looks beautiful to suit small children needs.

The range covered is around 5 kms in open areas. It is best for children above 4 years of age with ease of use. The simple functions are easily comprehensible and PTT button is easily visible on the device.

Both instruments transmit on multiple units using various channels. The sound quality is excellent and is made of safe stuff suitable for small kids. The contemporary design has all the regular functions like other devices – auto-squelch feature, adjustable volumes, LCD screens with low battery indicators.

This walkie talkie set has a good response from buyers, and the blue color gives a cool look to the handset. It is perfect for malls, outdoor, camping, hotel or for home use.

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Best Walkie Talkies For Kids

The kids walkie talkie communication devices are the best choice for 2-6 years’ age children, and it gives them a real feel of a phone. It is not only just a playful device but also helps the parents to stay connected with their children.

The modern day market is blooming with latest products every day and walkie talkie for kids is one of those attention-grabbing inventions. They are not only used for entertaining purposes but also for professional ones. The invention of walkie-talkies took place at the time of 2nd World War for the communication purpose.

The gradual evolution with time made it an enjoyable device for children of young age. The Best walkie-talkies for kids have a simple mechanism and attractive shape, suitable for children. But the inbuilt features are sturdy enough for satisfying child needs.

So for those who are planning to buy one such entertaining toy for kids, they must know every detail about the working of it. There is a huge variety of best rated walkie-talkies available in the market.

These small children are the primary target for manufacturers nowadays. And due to this, you can find many brands producing devices according to the kids’ tastes.

Best Walkie-talkies for 5-year-old kids come in different sizes, shapes, colors and inbuilt features. They are bought as per the need of the child or as per the safety-related concerns of parents.

Kinds of Best walkie talkies sets available in the market

As the advent of technology as given us so many choices in each and every product so is the case of walkie talkies. There is huge range and all are divided into various segments suiting individuals need.

As we already discussed that these instruments have many beneficial uses as per the purpose, so they are manufactured in a similar way. As per the purpose and need, various types and styles are created for purchasing. Let’s know the different kinds:

Long range walkie-talkie covers more area and appropriate for long trips like hiking. These devices help you to be in contact even when your mobile phone fail to communicate. The best long range best walkie talkies for kids have better power and cover up to 30 miles of distance or more.

Waterproof walkie-talkie: Kids love water, and if they want to play with their walkie-talkie sets in pools, then water-resistant devices are appropriate for such situation. Water-resistant doesn’t mean that kids need to dip the handset in water, it means that small splashes of water will not damage the instrument. And even if by mistake they drop the handset on the water surface, it won’t harm the functioning.

Customary walkie-talkie: There are conventional designs which older kids prefer and those usually come with more technical features but traditional designs. The look won’t be too classy, but it will have more coverage and specialised components like Bluetooth, GPS, private channels, rechargeable batteries, etc.

These type of walkie-talkies are not so attractive but are a perfect fit for 8 to 12 years old children who regularly go for exploring new places and long outdoor trips.

Headset walkie-talkie: These are quite small versions which come along with the small speaker and microphone and the walkie-talkie slips over the ear.

These sets don’t have much-added features to it and are only convenient to those who want small devices to remain hidden in-the-ear or put over-the-ear so as to make communication hands-free.

Kids walkie-talkie: Now kids walkie-talkies are divided into two to three segments. One section consists of toy walkie-talkie which are only for small children. They do not have any great features and only used as musical devices with few buttons so that kids enjoy saying “hello” and learn to communicate.

The other segment is for older children of 4 to 7 years which have decent frequency and limited coverage with consistent power. These devices have limited channels, and kids enjoy playing spy and cop games on same stations.

For older kids, walkie-talkies are far advanced as grown up kids go out frequently on long trips and outings and need to remain in constant touch with their parents wherever they go. These types have more frequency and cover the larger distance. They are bought with the purpose to keep their children safe when they go out of sight while exploring new places or playing big level games among their friends.

Wrist walkie-talkies for small children are also available so that they can tie them to their wrist like a watch and do not lose it while playing. These are easy –to-use and handle but lack extended coverage and power. They are moreover designed for the fun purpose and are powered by watch batteries, which are rechargeable.

What are Walkie Talkies:

A handheld transceiver or walkie talkies is a wireless, handy ad two-way transceiver device used for communication between short and long ranges. A classic device looks like a phone, which has a speaker built into one end and microphone in another along with an attached antenna at the top of the instrument.

You need to keep it up to the face to speak. Only one radio is used on the station can convey a message at a time, though many can listen. The transceiver is usually in listening course. The “push-to-talk button” is used while talking. The PTT key turns off the recipient and on the transmitter.

All the walkie talkies do not have same attributes, and it differs as per the purpose. The invention of walkie talkie device took place due to the absence of mobile phones at that time. But no wonder this invention is still prevalent all over the world for many useful purposes.

You must have seen professional walkie talkies been used in the malls, cinema halls, airports, to communicate with others. The advancement of walkie talkies took place at such a fast speed that even manufacturers created them as the best talking and entertaining toy for children.

Parts of a walkie talkies

You must have heard a lot about types of walkie-talkies and their purposes. But very few people know about all the parts of the device. So let us know what all parts are there and what are its functions.

Display: The LCD screen on the walkie-talkie shows the channel number, battery remaining, and other things depending on the model you have.
Antenna: The antenna is fixed to send and receive radio frequency which is mounted on the uppermost part of the walkie-talkie,
Monitor: Shifts the device to watching mode so it can be used as a baby monitor or listening device.
Menu keys: Utilized for switching between the settings and functions. You can also use it to lock the keypad so as to avoid any accidentally fluctuating of channels while the radio is in a sack or pocket.
Menu select buttons: Buttons with plus and minus signs are used for menu selection.
Loudspeaker: Given at the below of the device.
PTT (Push-to-talk button): The transceiver is generally in accept mode; when the operator needs to chat he pushes a “push-to-talk” (PTT) key that turns off the addressee and turns on the teller.
Off/On switch and volume control: This switch is mostly found in the uppermost left corner of any device. You can manage the noise coming out of the instrument and turn off the device as per your need with the same button.
LED displays: Reflects light when channels are busy.
Call sign button: Transmits call tone via sending a signal to other transistors on the equal frequency notifying them that you want to chat.
Mic: This feature is not available on all the instruments. Some have a separate amplifier and microphone.


Uses of walkie-talkies:

General use: Best Walkie-talkies are used in any environment where wireless connections are required. The usages include business, armies, public safety and outdoor entertainment.

And these devices are available from simple to advanced technological models, from expensive to affordable kids walkie-talkie toys. You can even get exclusive waterproof and virtually safe versions for use on ships or in big industries.

Industrial and consumer use: Industrial and consumer gears vary in some ways. Commercial equipment has a high built with metal casing and has limited and precise frequencies encoded in it. Consumer devices are usually constructed small in size, lightweight, and competent of reading any frequency in the specific band, and not just a subcategory of allocated stations.

Army use: Military establishments use handy transistors for a range of reasons. Contemporary pieces such as the AN/PRC-148 Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio (MBITR) can connect on a variety of mobs and cadence systems and consist of encryption abilities.

Personal use: The US Family Radio Service (FRS), Europe’s PMR446 and Australi’s UHF CB and alike permit-free services have become famous for personal consumption walkie-talkies. The FRS devices are also used as toys due to bulk production which makes them low-priced. They have suitable great heterodyne handsets and are a useful communiqué instrument for both corporate and private use.

Enjoyable use as kids walkie-talkie: These kids-friendly types are mostly available in low-power versions and are released without any license. Fisher Price Walkie-Talkie for kids is one such example commonly used by children below 6 years. Previously the transformation of CB radio from registered to legalised ones were limited to 100 miliwatts of power on broadcast.

They were restricted to using one or two crystal managed frequencies in 27 MHz citizens band using AM (amplitude modulation). The advanced version of toy walkie-talkie functioned in the 49 MHz band, some with FM (Frequency Modulation), combined with mobile phone and baby observers.

The toy walkie-talkies are the lower priced electronic devices with the following features:

  • Single frequency
  • Crystal-controlled
  • Simple discrete transistor circuit
  • Use microchips for adult version
  • Use reformative handsets
  • Lack of volume control
  • Extravagantly beautified
  • Similar to FRS or public safety gear
  • Might have separate microphones and speakers

An economical children’s walkie-talkie has a standard feature which is a “code key”. This key permits the operator to communicate Morse Code or same pitch to other walkie-talkie functioning on the similar channel. Usually, the operator pushes the PTT key and releases out a dispatch using a Morse Code plagiarise sheet affixed as a label to the radio.

Though this type is not used outside unprofessional radio collections, but few units have an exceptionally necessary code tag or do not put it at all. That is why private UHF transistors will occasionally be purchased and used as toys, though they are not openly sold as such.

Accessories available with kids walkie-talkies sets

While buying a walkie-talkie, or attempting to improve the existing one, users can buy additional accessories to go beside with these two-way manoeuvres to enhance their functionality. Many such extra variety of items are available from safeguarding issues, to user-friendly add-ons, to the merchandise to increase the reach of a walkie-talkie set.

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Drop-in rechargers
  • Multi-unit rechargers for charging up to six units
  • Audial accessory jack
  • Handheld speaker and mic
  • Charging stations
  • Wall-charger
  • Carrying case
  • Protective cases
  • Cords
  • Computer interface cables
  • Belt clips
  • Antenna

Pros of kids-friendly walkie-talkies

A Walkie-talkie was the means of communication before the use of advanced technologies, and technically, it was employed in military tasks for the safety purpose. Now, it is being used for many other purposes too. Many leading toy making companies manufactured toys like cannons, guns, and missile, etc.

So, how can they be untouched without marketing Kids Walkie-Talkie?  Progressively, Kids Walkie-Talkie emerged and advanced with the best technology so as to satisfy their real phone-looking handsets.

But, it is a point to be considered that–Why Kids Walkie-Talkie manufacturing toy establishments are benefitting from selling this toy walkie-talkie.

Following points as listed below shows that how Kids Walkie-Talkie is freezing its leg in toy world and what are the advantages of it.

  • Like other educational toys, kids become aware with the nitty gritty of technologies used in Walkie-Talkies. Gradually, they very well know the state-of-the-art used in sound and other features.  We can’t imagine the world without communication. Kids are familiar with the knowledge that how sound travels through the medium/ communication line. They also get the logic that “For Communiqué, sender and receiver units are required”.  In this way, kids will learn that communication is the main constituent to something which happens around us.
  • A Kids Walkie-Talkie tagged with the good brand name comes with the ranges up to 2 miles and presented in different colours. It means that this toy can take attention of your child when you are busy somewhere. Parents can connect with their children with the help of this toy.  Talking and playing using Walkie-talkie can be refreshing and enjoyable for both kids and relatives. This is the exact reason why these kids walkie-talkies are so much in demand.
  • Long-range kids walkie-talkies are perfect for families who are planning to go for tracking or outdoor picnics. These long range walkie-talkies can help parents to keep track of their children.  Some long-range kids walkie-talkies can reach up to 3000 to 8000 feet. Thus, it is stress-free for the parents to be in contact with their children irrespective of the nearby or far places they explore alone. These branded walkie-talkies are available in varied colours and design. It depends on your child which they are picking up for their trip.
  • Water-resistant kids Walkie-Talkies are the best fit for rainy seasons or playing in the swimming pools.  Motorola introduced its walkie-talkie with this exceptional waterproof feature. Apart from having the watertight feature, it also has a long reach. But, more development is still to be done in the case of Kids waterproof walkie-talkies. Many companies are looking for the best ways to make this toy a unique one so that kids no more require smartphones with harmful ray’s transmission.
  • Unlike a cell or mobile, there is no need of electrical energy to run the toy walkie-talkie.  Walkie-talkie provides us straightforward and friendly approach to handling this device.  These days, kids are not only playing games on mobile but also becoming a victim of this habit arising from regular misuse of the technology.

A Walkie-talkie is one of those real hopes that can replace mobile phones from children hands. In some way, it is good to gift your child a walkie-talkie in place of a mobile. It is rather inexpensive, and your kids won’t be far from your sight.

If he/she goes far off, you can keep their track of him by clipping this toy in his pocket.  It is entirely understandable toy for the kids. They have to press only one single button to communicate.

It is not as hazardous as mobile (as it reflects harmful rays).  Convincingly, it is a far better choice for the children who are too young to operate mobile. If your kid is stern to use a smartphone and he/ she is only 5 years old, then this is the right option.

Especially, today’s kids are more obsessed with the gadgets. We, ourselves are using one or the other type of devices all the time. So, children quickily figure out the role of gadgets, so why wouldn’t they take the advantage? But overall a best rated Walkie-Talkie for kids is just the best substitute to a smartphone at such a low cost.

  • Kids Walkie Talkie also endorses socialization among the children much better than the children involvement in video gaming.  Children can communicate to their neighbours and deviate from the indoor game that is not good for their health.
  • Children of all ages go to schools for their education. Thus, they spend a lot of time inside the school premises. The safety and security come under high observation by members of the school.  Interaction among the workforce, teachers, and students become very imperative. It is a costly task to fix telephones in each block to keep in touch with all the personnel.  And there is no surety that the phone lines will always work.  The best form of interaction inside the school is Kids Walkie-Talkie.
  • When we look for stability and battery life of any device, we find that kids walkie-talkies provide a better mechanism for teenagers. These handheld instruments are manufactured for rough and tough usage, and when they stop working, you can easily replace batteries. Some high-tech versions come with charging points which can be recharged as and when we need. If you kid drops your mobile, the screen gets damaged instantly, or some part of the smartphone might come out. It becomes a costly affair to get them repaired. The kids walkie-talkies are robust enough to bear unexpected shocks.
  • Other petite advantages which we cannot ignore are that your child learns to talk over the phone and also becomes a patient listener. The communication skills are developed at an early age, and also your child’s tone becomes clear and precise. These kids-friendly walkie-talkie sets are very useful to teach them the importance of communication in our lives. Your child becomes confident enough to express himself. The games which they play develops them intellectually.

Cons of kids walkie-talkie sets

“Every silver cloud has its grey lining” —this proverb also suits on Best Walkie Talkies for kids. This device also has its downside. I am going to discuss the problems that we face with the average quality of Kids Walkie Talkies.

  • If there is a volume of trees and vegetation, high humidity, or atmospheric meddling, this device does not function properly.
  • Even if you are surrounded by hills, mountains or heaps of blocks, it will probably obstruct the transmission.
  • For better functioning of even best rated Kids Walkie-Talkies , you need both units to be in use.  Breaking down of communication line will hold the talk and it will result in loss of interest in children games.
  • As compared to the cell phone, the communication with the walkie-talkie device can be possible only when sound quality and frequency is up to the mark.
  • Another disadvantage is that it does not promote duplex communication. Only one person can talk at a time and others listen.  But more expensive range of products allows us to communicate in two ways.
  • Like most handheld devices, the walkie-talkies have restricted life time.  The standard model can live for at least 4 months. Additional batteries and regular charging is required for smooth functioning of any Kids Walkie-Talkie set.
  • If you are sending a private message to your friend, this means of communication is not preferable for such talks. An unwanted and undesirable person can listen to the secret talk between the friends.
  • If you buy a cheaper model for your kid, there will be lots of interference and disturbance in sound and proper frequency will not be accessible.
  • Because the kids walkie-talkies uses public frequencies, anyone can enter into your conversation on the same channel. So, it is not suited for secure messages.
  • Kids Walkie Talkies are not designed for communication over longer range. The maximum range which can be covered by best rated walkie-talkie sets are 6 kms.

Though every device has it positives and negatives, we can say that kids Walkie-Talkies are tough, easy to use, and simple instruments (with relatively few parts and features in advance versions). So far it is the best toy to be used outdoors and ideal for small children.

This product might have limited range and less privacy but is best for children who like to pretend to play with their friends in nearby areas. It is indeed a good option to stay in touch with parents during vacations, filed trips or any outdoor excursions.

Your child starts listening carefully and adapts observing attitude as in this device one speaks, and other pays attention.

Kids love to play the role of spy, cops, and robbers. The best kids walkie-talkie sets, in a budget along with good accessibility, are available at low prices on amazon. The Kids Walkie-Talkie is easily affordable than an expensive mobile phone, especially when you are present at nearby distance and require to have a constant contact with your kid.

What features should we look for in a kids walkie-talkie set?

As we know that we are buying a proxy of a smartphone for our kid, but would he be fully satisfied with this substitute toy. The best walkie-talkies for kids will be the first technologically advance toy your kid is going to manage. So, you need to be watchful and even think about all the factors before getting it.

As we know the uses and benefits of having kids-friendly walkie-talkies, so all points to be taken into consideration before buying one are explained below.

It must be attractive:  You very well know that a small 6-year-old kid will never go for an ugly looking toy. His first mechanical toy must be eye-catching so that when he shows it to his friends, his friends must be jealous enough to resist his achievement.

And more over the manufacturer have totally banked on this point as kids are the biggest market for them. Attractive walkie-talkie sets are designed to attract children along with easily manageable features.

Boys can choose from the different set of colours, shapes and their favourite cartoon characters. Girls can choose ones with appealing colour combinations and beautiful shapes of a kitty, or a dog, whichever suits her better. Irrespective of all the technical features this device possesses kids will only go for the exterior look.
It must be comprehensible: There is a huge variety of kids walkie-talkies available in the market, and all are categorised according to the age factor. So if you are buying for a 4-year-old boy or a girl, make sure that they can handle it with all the given features. The kids walkie-talkie must always be simple to understand.

Technologically advanced devices will be of no use for a 4-year-old boy who doesn’t know even to manage it adequately. Buy the one with fewer keys and controls, so that he can use it at the time of emergency or need.

It must be long-lasting: Do not go for such walkie-talkie sets which easily breaks or malfunctions in few days. If you are buying something for the safety purpose of your kid, then let it be fulfilled. Don’t go for too cheap walkie-talkie sets for kids, instead buy the branded walkie-talkies.

There is enormous variety of these devices in the market, and you can easily get the best and durable walkie-talkie for your kid at an affordable price range. Kids have the habit of dropping things of their hands or banging things against the wall during their play time or when they get angry.

So always keep in mind that only durability of the toy will protect it against such jolts.

It must accessible: Maybe for a two small kid, a walkie-talkies must be a toy to play with or just say “hello. Hello” all the time. But for a grown-up kid the range of the walkie-talkies matters for the safety purpose.

We usually do not leave our 2-3-year-old child alone anywhere, but 8-10-year-old kids have the habit of exploring things and new places. So for them, walkie-talkies must have a good range to keep in touch. When you go for outdoor picnics, walkie-talkies must be attached to their clothes with the help of the clips provided on the device itself.

It must be suitable for that particular age: If you are getting a walkie-talkie for a toddler, then make sure it does not have any hanging part outside to cause any clogging issues to the kid. You can go for mock devices which look the same but do not have any frequencies and big buttons to harm the kid.

It will just be a relishing toy for a tot. If you are purchasing for a grownup kid, say up to 8 years of age, then you must buy the one with regular features and more on the useful side. And kids over 8 years old require it for excellent safety purposes, so do not compromise on that.

Older kids need these walkie-talkies to communicate with their neighbourhood friends or while playing some serious games.

So overall it all depends on the requirement and purpose of these devices. As we have a significant market share for these toy walkie-talkies, you will not have to think much. All the specifications are given on the packaging itself, and you can choose the one you like or the one which suits you need.

Buying guide (basis of selecting walkie-talkies)

Before buying a kids walkie-talkie set, you need to know the different basis on which you can choice the best one. Some of the important features to think through before buying a best kids walkie-talkies are explained below in detail.

Frequency VHF or UHF:

When we move towards the frequency, there are two types namely- VHF and UHF. These rates are considered an important point when you are buying bulk quantity of walkie-talkies sets.

If you are planning to buy them for gifting it to your kid’s friends as a return gift on the birthday party, then buy the same frequency sets so that they all can play together. Only those with same frequency work together to build a network. There are other dissimilarities too which should be considered before buying the right one for you.

VHF means very high-frequency walkie-talkies which function between 136-174 MHZ with consistent wavelengths of ten to one meters. Basically, it implies the signal extents are extended and nearby to the playing field than that of UHF (ultra high frequency), empowering them to pass through a major distance with a small amount of energy.

These type of walkie-talkies are perfect for open fields with no physical obstacles such as open sky or waterbodies, or big playgrounds.

These are not used for children as a toy as they have very high frequency perfect for aeronautics and naval broadcastings. As these cover a bigger range, so they also need a longer incorporated antenna.

UHF (ultra high frequency) transmitters work on the range between 400 to 512 MHZ, that means they are extra strong. The sound waves of a UHF are quite shorter than a VHF transistor, and can easily enter across wooden or steel doors, walls, devoid of intrusions. This quality makes the best two-way means of communication for consumers. This is the best choice for indoor and outdoor use.

Services FRS v/s GMRS

Family Radio Service

FRS has fixed range to cover up till half a mile and a permissible restriction of 500 MW. Two miles with an antenna to a maximum extent can be covered, but overall coverage will be shorter than other two-way wirelesses system.

These walkie-talkie sets are suitable for kids, as they can be carried easily for short range outings. These are perhaps the best selling walkie-talkie sets which do not need any licence of any type and are totally affordable.

GMRS – General Mobile Radio Service

General Mobile Radio Service transistors come with regular 15 channels and are costly ones as compared to FMS walkie-talkie. GMRS covers up range up to 5 miles in case of favorable circumstances.

They are more consistent and some packages will even declare up to 300 miles of extent, but the mentioned distance can be covered only if the person on the other radio is in your direct line of visibility. This radio requires license and the buyer must be an adult for getting permission with the FCC.

Conditions – Toughness

For buying a kids walkie-talkie, you just need to look for the certain level of durability, like it should not get damaged or broken resisting 2-3 jolts. The Best kids walkie-talkies come in various designs and structure to attract children, but parents must also look for stability of the device as you cannot buy it again and again.

Kids device are not going to be used for other rigorous jobs, so a regular attractive and sturdy radio set will suffice the need.

Size and weight- bigger or smaller

When you have to choose a radio for your child, you need to check the dimensions and bulkiness. A child won’t be able to hold a cumbersome or big device in his hands. So you need to choose it accordingly.

No doubt the technological advancement has made it possible to put a big mechanism in a small space, but still, the primary concern is whether the child will be able to handle it or not. If we look at the smaller devices, they have to compromise on the range, so best kids walkie-talkies are built medium sized for a kid to grab it easily.

Transmission power – Watts

Depending on the different models, corporate transmitters need one to five watts’ power. The more the power, more price, and more range covered. Each watt will cover the equivalent distance. So 5 watts power will make you cover up to 5 miles approximately with these radios.

Battery life- types of batteries

One of the most irritating situation to deal with best kids walkie-talkie is the battery short-lasting. Previously a walkie-talkie battery never used to last for much time, but as per the advancement taking place, there are many types of batteries which give a real long-lasting life to the device and do not make your child indulge in a harmful situation like bursting or leaking of a battery.

Kids low powered walkie-talkies usually use AA or AAA batteries, and other two-way transistors use either a Nickel-Cadmium, a Nickel-Metal Hydride or a Lithium-Ion battery

Channels – number of frequencies required

If kids want to talk to each other on a walkie-talkies, then they have to tune into the same frequency band called a channel. Kids send and get a message on a particular channel where only one person can talk, and others have to listen. Kids walkie-talkies sets have a limitation about radio stations, but other business devices have more channels which provide more confidentiality. For example, FRS has 2-5 channels whereas GMRS has up to 30 channels.

Other features

There are multiple features found in a walkie-talkies set ranging from simple one to advanced ones. The 4-years-old kids walkie-talkie might not have too many advanced features but a 10-year-old kid’s walkie-talkie sets must have some technically advanced features for security purposes like:

  • Display Screens (may perhaps contain clocks, alarms, weather signals, and other warnings)
  • Voice Activated Transmit (VOX)
  • Clones (permits you to administer your device from a PC or laptop)
  • Numerous Stations
  • Silencers
  • Key Pad Lock Keys
  • Weather Frequencies and Weather Alarms
  • ​Animal Warnings
  • Ring Tones and Silencers
  • Out of Range Sirens
  • Pulsation
  • Lighting
  • Snoop Reducers
  • Aerials
  • Holsters and Belt Fasteners
  • Battery Types and Chargers
  • Headphones and Earphones

Final Words on Best Walkie-Talkie for Kids Of 2023

I have tried to get you the list of best rated kids walkie-talkies which are among the top-selling walkie-talkie products. I have personally tried Cobra Electronics CXT 1035R FLT Floating Walkie-Talkies to present it to my friend’s 13-year-old son. The mechanism is little advanced, and it is best for rough and tough use.

He enjoys using it for his adventurous outdoor trips. And for my own daughter, I have bought Disney Frozen princess walkie-talkie. It looks attractive and easy to understand for a 4-year-old.

For small kids, parents have to find easy to comprehend and cool looking handsets. For little grown-ups, one can try advanced versions as security is the main issue with those age kids. They often run out without telling or keep on exploring new places to play or go around with their friends.

So parents need to watch them every time they go out. For even bigger kids whose parents don’t allow them to have a persona mobile, Cobra and Motorola brand walkie-talkie has many such innovative options.

Even, Kidzlane walkie-talkie, Lego walkie-talkie, and Spy gear ultra range walkie-talkies are also popular among the children of 5 to 10 years of age.

I am sure that above guide will help you to choose the best walkie-talkie set for your kid and keep them safe even when they are not near you. The proper information given in above post will direct you to choose from the huge variety available in the market on the different basis of comparison.

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