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Top 5 Best Tablets Available to Buy in 2015

Tablets have become a mainstay for youngsters for the larger screens that they offer which make watching movies, playing games and reading books a better experience. Despite numerous ones being sold in the market, there are a few which make the cut to become popular.

Below is a list of the 5 best tablets in 2015 that you can buy today in the category above 7 inches.

Most of these tablets are operated on Android or iOS and are available at different pricing points. Depending on what purpose you are going to put the tablet, you should judge its usefulness. The size of the device and its powerfulness are also quite important as parameters.

A lot of these tablets have been in the market for long. They have been refreshed or upgraded and re-launched in the market. Most of these tablets are of the expensive variety, that tech geeks usually go for. But then, the best technology comes only at the best prices, isn’t it?

1) Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

From the point of view of features, the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet has a lot going for it. It has a lighter and slimmer design, waterproofing, high quality make and the power of a Snapdragon 801 processor embedded within. It is a premium product and has been aptly priced.

The branding of Sony is what is attracting the people to the tablet mostly.

When you handle the tablet, you will notice the biggest drawback of it- the excessive bezel. This could be termed as the undoing of a great design. Also the screen’s resolution is a little dated, especially with the Nexus 10 from Google being launched with a better one. These two features of the tablet cannot be ignored.

In terms of battery life, raw energy and power, quality of build and software, the Sony product can blend in seamlessly with the other bests. However, improvements introduced over the Z tablet in this model have not been enough to make the tablet numerouno.

However, in no way is the Sony Xperia Z2 lesser than the others. To delight prospective buyers, there has been a drop of GBP 30 on the tablet. It costs GBP 369 now.

2) Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

Samsung has a milieu of tablets on offer but the Galaxy TabPro 10.1 stands out from the rest. It is of the correct scale, is light and slim and has lots of power in store. The Pro part of the tablet comes with a heavy enough price tag of GBP 449.

With synthetic leather back, most are sceptical of the price match with the quality of build. Surprisingly, by spending GBP 1 more, you can buy the Note 10.1, which has the integrated S Pen stylus built in.

The Tab Pro is quite a good tablet for the excellent screen resolution, long battery life and the fusion version of the Magazine UX from Samsung and the stock Android version. The OS is quite helpful rather than intrusive. Several applications and multi-tasking features have been included in the tablet.

There are only a handful of tablets in the 10 inches range which are capable of competing with the Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10.1. The tablet is a great one to own unless you want an S pen. The pricing has also been adjusted massively at GBP 285 compared to its launch price of GBP 499 which has increased its attractiveness.

3) Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air

The iPad Air is a slimmer, faster and lighter tablet compared to the actual iPad. Moreover, the pricing of the tablet has been kept quite low too. Even though you may want a slimmer and lighter tablet (go for the iPad Air 2) the iPad Air is perfectly capable of handling tasks and is a mid-ground when it comes to higher quality and reasonably pricing.

The tab is much slim compared to the initial iPad, at 7.4mm and has much more grunt for the 64 bit A7 processor and the coprocessor M7 built in. Although the tablet has 4G, it doesn’t have Wi-Fi 802.11ac or the TouchID fingerprint reader which is there in the iPad Air 2.

The rear camera is an f/2.4 5MP one while the secondary camera is a front facing 1.2MP FaceTime camera which can capture videos at 720p. The Apple ecosystem in itself has several apps built in. The tablet is worth GBP 319.

4) Google Nexus 9

Google Nexus 9

The Nexus 9 is one of the pioneering Android tablets available in the market now. The size, design, portability and inclusion of Android L 5.0 have made the experience of using the tablet much better. Till now, this is the best Nexus although much scope for improvement is there in terms of screen resolution. The tablet has an 8MP rear camera and a front camera of 1.6MP with a flash.

The battery is a 6700 mAh one while the 8.9 inches display unit is 1536X2048 pixels, which produces a pixels density of 288 ppi. The build is a slim 7.95mm one.

Not all the applications work perfectly well on the first model of it. However, the problems will definitely be fixed with the updates that will come in soon.

The performance and power of the Nexus 9 is quite a bit for GBP 319. The fact that this is the current Android experience and shall be up to date by next year goes in favour of the tablet. You should definitely go for it.

5) Apple iPad Mini 3

Apple iPad Mini 3

The iPad Mini 3 comes with the TouchID option for GBP 80 extra and buyers are given the option of picking the gold colour finishing one compared to the iPad Mini with Retina Display or iPad Mini 2, If you like your tablet to be less than 8 inches in size, then you should go for this model that was launched in the previous year.

The TouchID is a great addition to the device for security and access purposes. However, unless the usability of the Apple Pay is observed, the true value of it will remain unexplored.

The iPad Mini 3 is a well-built device with solid foundations on the model that was launched in the previous year. The iPad might struggle a bit for finding its own niche when compared to previous models, but anyone with a tight budget should go for it. It costs GBP 239.

Which tablet you use in 2015. Which is your favorite tablet from above list. Please  do share your opinions with us. 

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