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Top 10 Best Pop Up Blockers for Windows 7/8/8.1

One of the biggest problems which most internet users complain of is unwanted and annoying ads. They tend to be annoying, disrupt smooth surfing and irritate you a lot. The most annoying category of ads amongst these are pop up ads. These are ads which suddenly appear on your screen and tend to take your mind to another level of rage and irritation.

To save you from this problem, a few cool developers and firms develop what are called Pop up Blockers. But again, there is a catch. Not all pop up ad blockers can eliminate all pop up ads. There is a way you can test your pop up blocker’s strength, if you are using one. Check out this pop-up test site or this one to check the strength of your pop-up blocker.

best pop up blockers for windows

If you are new to this and are looking for a good pop-up blocker then you have come to the right place. I have tested these blockers against the toughest ads and will affirm that they are the best there is. Most of these have free trials after which you can buy them once and for all. So try them, see what suits your requirements and go with that one.

Here are the top 10 best pop up blockers for windows

  1. Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher

It is one of the most effective, easy to use and simple pop up blockers out there. It will stop 98% of those annoying ads from bombing your surfing experience. It can easily stop banner ads, flash and floating ads, pop-up ads, inline and text ads. It also provides you with an anonymous proxy server to disguise yourself while surfing. The interface is very simple to use and easy to understand.

If you want a pop-up to appear let’s say while downloading a torrent you can just choose not to filter that at that moment. Thus, full marks to the flexibility here.

It is therefore one of the best pop-up blockers for windows out there.

  1. PopUp Ad Smasher

popup ad smasher

A very customizable tool, you can use the smasher to stop pop-up ads, pop-under ads, animated and floating ads, flash ads, timer ads, deceiving dialog box ads and message box ads. Although blocking all of these may result in restricted access while surfing the net but that can be taken care off easily in the settings section.

It has a smart pop-up feature which allows certain relevant pop-ups to pass through. The Ad Control feature allows you to block specific pop-ups and even websites. The process though, is tedious and may be taxing on your time in the beginning.

The software helps you with removing web bugs and cleaning your temp folder automatically on a regular basis.  The full version comes for $20 after a 15 day trial. I believe the program is worth a try.

  1. Ad Annihilator

ad annihilator

It is one the most popular top best pop up blockers for windows in the market and delivers excellently when it comes blocking pop-up ads, banner ads, flash ads and other distractions like cookies. Once you’ve started blocking ads, the program’s “suppression mechanism” recognizes and removes similar banners and pop up ads. You can easily add a recurring text string or keyword which appears in the ads and add them to the blocking dock.

You can also set it to block specific ads and pop-ups.

Understanding the interface will take time though. I am not saying that it is too complex that only nerds and geeks can get a hang of. It will take time though. I suggest you take a chance because it is definitely worth it. It has a 15 day trial and you can purchase it for $30 later.

  1. Ad Barricade

With this tool your efforts are almost nullified. This is because the service supplies you with new DNS numbers. This means that ads are blocked before they get near your system. You do not need to install anything or go through any complex interface and options. The tool works with all browsers and operating systems.

To start the tool, you will have to reset your PCs DNS numbers. This has to be done manually through the router and thus requires a certain degree of skill.

It does an excellent job when it comes to banner ads and flash ads. Unfortunately the blocker performs poorly against pop ups, pop-unders or fly-ins. Therefore you will still need a decent free pop-up blocker.  The trial period is for 7 days after which you can make a purchase for $20 per year.

  1. Super Ad Blocker

super ad blocker

It is one the most robust ad blockers out there. It can eliminate some of the most annoying ads including pop-ups, banners and the distracting fly-in and slide-in types. It works nicely at most places. You can easily check all the blocked ads in its log if you want to analyse performance.

The whole interface comes with a comprehensive configuration panel showing you its options for stopping ads, including those that annoy you even when you’re using instant messaging programs.

The program provides added security features by allowing you to stop animation and allowing pop-ups from secure sites like Microsoft.  The tools include history and cookie cleaning apps and anti-spyware scanner.  The full version is available for $30 after 15 days of trial.

  1. ZeroAds

This is a very simple tool and tries to remove all types of ads. Its best work can be seen in blocking simple banners and pop-ups. The rest of the features are same as those above. The tool comes with a cookie remover and an active antispyware module.  The trial is available for 15 days after which you will have to purchase the full version for 30 dollars.

  1. Kill Ad

Kill Ads

This is one the most popular top best pop up blockers for windows available for download. This is because it is completely free. It is a decent application when trying to eliminate banners and other ads such as Flash, but it is not always effective. It has no standard installation process either.

  1. Popup Free

Popup Free


This is another freeware which is a decent performer when it comes to stopping pop-up ads and banners. It has troubles when it comes to stopping slide-in ads and fly-across ads. It is free but you need to obtain a registration code within 14 days.

  1. Adblock Plus

Ad blocker plus

When it comes to Firefox users, this is one the best pop up blockers available. It is available as a Firefox extension and allows you to block almost any kind of ad. It is completely free and available easily.

  1. Google Pop-up Blocker

Google Pop Up Blocker

The Google tool bar comes with a free pop-up blocker that works better than some of the priced ones on this list. It is very precise when it comes to diagnosing ads and blocking them according to various categories and classifications. A version of the Google toolbar is available for major browsers like Internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome obviously.

Which pop-up blocker will you use or do use? Do mention in comments

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