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Best PDF Apps to Edit, Read and Annotate


PDF is the most sorted file format that is supported across almost all the systems across the world and has been the tool for many to carry around their work. The Portable Document File or PDF can capture any element of a printed document and transforms them into an electronic image, which can be easily edited, navigated, printed and even forwarded to people with whom you wish to share.

Most of us are familiar to this format due to its extensive use in every other work, including its vast use from online sources, and filling descriptive forms through which you apply for positions.  Read on to find out some of the best PDF apps to edit, read and annotate.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader

Let’s face it guys, Adobe is the kingpin of all PDF readers and lives up to its reputation on our list. You can download it for free by following this link and be done with all the things that hold relevance with PDF format, whether it is reading, annotating or signing. Adobe Acrobat Reader provides you with access to read PDF files directly from emails, online documents and every other source that shares PDF-based data. Its interface is very simple and handles pages with great flexibility.

While browsing on Adobe you can easily scroll through the pages by pushing the centre button of the mouse and then slide it in either of the directions, the page will automatically begin to scroll along the set path. Other than a way of fun browsing, Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you search for specific texts with shortcut ‘Ctrl+F’, zoom page size by sliding the scroll, and apply many more interesting customizations to the size and orientation of pages.

Adobe-Acrobat Best PDF Apps To Edit, Read and Annotate

Share your feedback about the contents or raise queries on its certain portions by using sticky notes, while annotation option can be utilized to highlight special parts of the presentation as it acts as a colourful bracket to mark the words. When it comes to marking signatures or initials, you simply need to type in your name in the popup window and Adobe will create one for you.

It comes with pre-loaded text styles that hold stark resemblance with human handwriting and bring a lasting effect. This way the entire forms available online can be loaded in PDF format and edited accordingly, along with an e-signature to testify it. Once you are through with the work, have it stored in Adobe Document Cloud account, with a simple sign-in.

The integrated cloud technology makes these PDF files sharable with others on their email addresses and provides a free access to recent files via mobile links. Being cross-platform software, Adobe Acrobat Reader runs on all major platforms, along with android and iOs for smartphones. This ultimate compatibility lets you print important documents on the go, through your mobile phones.

If required, you can even create a PDF of your own and use it for a mass propagation of your ideology. However, if the situation demands a non-PDF format of your work, then Adobe can easily have it converted from PDF to a Word doc or even Excel. This marvellous application is freely available, but it also comes in a paid version for accessing some more advanced features.

acrobat Best PDF Apps To Edit, Read and Annotate

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ezPDF Reader

The USP of the ezPDF reader is that it supports for both texts based and scanned documents, which also includes JPEG2000 and JBIG2 compression. ezPDF lets you select text reflow, resize it to fit the text column, and also relocate them with plain copy and paste command in PDF view, for a quicker arrangement of the contents.

If you have some unfinished business with editing the PDF file, then bookmark it for later references and start right from where you left. You can even attach your current ideas to relevant portions with ezPDF annotation tools. Use highlight, underline, or strikethrough lines and drawings, ezPDF will let you edit these things as if you were handling an actual sheet of paper.

Many geometrical shapes can be inserted inside the body, along with sticky notes and Text option to present your idea in a very organized way. Its long list of annotation options include some creative tools to add memos, images, change image colour, resize image dimensions and even store them for a mobile access.

All the work created via ezPDF reader is also compatible with other readers, especially Adobe Acrobat Reader. The customized viewing lets you read documents in a dual page mode and flip through them like a textbook, for a more fresh approach. Use a combination of these features to read through and download/ edit PDF forms online.

ezpdf Best PDF Apps To Edit, Read and Annotate

Other than being fantastic at reading and editing documents, ezPDF is also a PDF based multimedia viewer that can decode media files like audio, video and animation GIF. What it does is it transforms all the GIF embedded animation and other multimedia files into PDF format and plays them seamlessly.

The height to automation that this software caters can be well measured with its Voice Reading feature. Activate Voice Reading to have ezPDF read out from the top of the document and automatically flip through pages for an uninterrupted narration. It will do almost anything for you, from cropping, twisting pages, generating PDF URLs, an unlimited number of undo, change the language for Voice Reading and even switch to night mode for an enhanced view, and all of this can be running on your phone as well.

Besides a cross-platform PDF reader for PCs, the ezPDF reader is also a well to do app on mobile phones and handles all those urgent PDF works on the go. You can download ezPDF reader for free from the homepage of its developer, i.e. Unidocs.

ez Best PDF Apps To Edit, Read and Annotate

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PDF Reader

Built especially for iOS 7, PDF Reader is Apple’s brainchild for streamlining your work with its top of the class PDF rendering engine. However, it has been re-introduced in collaboration with PDF Markup Cloud, which makes PDF Reader compatible across the 8th and 9th version of iOS as well.

The software acts as a collaborative tool that functions around both editing work and then storing these PDF projects on your cloud accounts, with major service providers like Google Docs, DropBox, and MyDisk. This lets you manage multiple cloud accounts from an integrated platform while providing a free access to perform editing docs anytime.

Create notes on this freemium app via your iPhone and manage all annotations in a few steps. The created work can be then be transferred to backup and forwarded to your colleagues via email. Its stable rendering process helps with a rapid upload/download of files and presents you with a seamless editing experience. Open any content with PDF Reader and search for keywords for quick editing, browse through pages with its page slider viewing mode and then sort them in your system according to name, date or size, PDF Reader does it all.

You can add bookmark, outline features and sort thumbnails with some of its organizing tools for annotating files and furnish a great project for the big day. Its current version 3.0 even supports mobile printing solution by AirPrint, which can be used for wireless printing on e-print enabled HP printers.

apple Best PDF Apps To Edit, Read and Annotate

For supporting an equally well user-interface experience on mobile devices, PDF Reader comes with text reflow and auto flow option. These text appearance options change the alignment of texts on the website and support a more compact view on iPhone.

PDF Reader comes with an integrated platform for a quick research from some great resources like Google and Wikipedia, without having to close the document or shifting to another window. PDF Reader is supported by Apple’s AirPlay that allows for attaching media files like audio and video, for a descriptive or a more fun way of introducing the speculated activities in your project.

Loaded with combinations of shortcuts for text annotation, PDF Reader lets you annotate the desired portions of the document and add markups at any point of time. Highlight key points, underline sentences, strikethrough old or false data and even add a squiggly markup on the text.

For an extensive amount of annotation work, you can choose from some of its geometrical shapes as symbols for differentiating multiple concepts or presenting ideas with an out-of-the-box visual effect. PDF reader can capably work with images and sequence them in a slideshow for an easy browsing through the list of images.

With a dense list of qualities, the PDF Reader occupies around 67.6MB of memory space and can be switched to operate in one of the many languages that it supports. You can freely download PDF Reader from iTunes by following this link.

ios Best PDF Apps To Edit, Read and Annotate

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