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Best 10 Online Image Compressors

A picture says a thousand words, but the image can turn denser when you wish to speak with greater details. These high quality photos don’t just come at a price of finely tuned lenses, or a magnificent graphic creation, but also hamper the uploading speed and may even turn into a repellent for potential readers. Here are 10 best online image compressors that can relieve you off platform based compatibility and provide with instant flattening effects.


Best 10 Online Image Compressors TinyPNG.jpeg

TinyPNG quantizes PNG files by stripping off the extra metadata and can actively reduce 24-Bit images to almost 8-Bit. This online image compressor employs a cute panda as a mascot, probably because it appeals to the mass with its expertise in handling partially transparent portions of image. Drop up to 20 .png or .jpeg files on TINY PNG and reduce your spatial problems by about 75%, without encountering any difference from the original quality. Its services are free and also come with a photoshop plugin that allows you to scale and save compressed images directly from Photoshop. However, for best handling of alpha transparency in indexed PNG file via Photoshop, you can use Photoshop CC 2015.


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Best 10 Online Image Compressors Compressnow

Drag and drop those bulky 9MB images on Compressnow homepage and squeeze it to a percentage specified by you. The website is compatible with almost any browser and diversifies its presence by supporting file types like GIF, JPEG and PNG. You can even try processing a batch of 10 images with a size of 3MB each and immediately be done with the business. Compressnow aid users to a global extent with a multilingual interface ranging from English, Spanish and French, and creates a cosier ambiance to deal with the entire technicality. But when it comes to handling partially transparent shades, differences may be spotted at minute levels.

Best 10 Online Image Compressors

Release the Kraken and crush the entire heavy load riding on your favourite images. is a web based online image compressor that dramatically improves your website’s load time by deploying best-in class algorithms. The website caters to a list of high profile clients with its optimization techniques and is available for free as well as with subscription packages. Depending on the amount of data that you optimize under your account, you can opt from its Basic, Advanced, Premium and Enterprise level packages. These packages are priced at $9 per month for 2GB data under the basic pack, to $79 per month for 60GB data under the Enterprise pack. You can also go for an annual subscription under any of these packages, and get additional two months of optimization for free.

JPEG Optimizer

Best 10 Online Image Compressors jpeg-optimizer

Play around with all the aspects of a JPEG image with the JPEG Optimizer. Being a master at handling only JPEG format, it’s free of cost web based tool lets you select the compression ratio of the image anywhere between 0-99. Although the original file size can be shrunk greatly by choosing higher compression ratio, but it also compromises on the vividness of the picture in a proportionate manner. JPEG Optimizer can also be used to resize the image by providing a value of desired image width, and the tool will automatically frame the new size in a meaningful ratio. Another great feature that can be found on its website is ‘View Exif Data’, with which you can extract Exif metadata contained in the image. A command on this Exif information makes the tool a great hit with images captured by a digital camera, or even phones.

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Best 10 Online Image Compressors

The is a powerful online tool that can drastically help you when it comes to handling densely colourful images. In fact the site is so confident with its proficiency that it flaunts off a domestic lizard seated in a vibrant environment and you won’t be able to distinguish between the original and compressed image. is the best online image compressor that serves you with two varieties of output, either lossy or lossless. A lossy work discards the additional data from original file, while lossless retains all the original data and does not significantly reduces the file size. The freemium services of supports four file formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG.

Dynamic Drive

Best 10 Online Image Compressors dynamic drive

Enjoy a free lossless compression of both static and animated gifs with the online image optimization tool of dynamic drive. It comes with a unique feature which allows you to upload image directly by entering the URL, and then it can be processed into a much lighter version. Although, the size limit of the uploaded image has been set at 2.86MB, but the format of the output can be selected beforehand. You can either select the format to be same as original image, or choose separately from gif, jpg and png format. Checking the ‘show all results’ option before hitting the optimize button will generate a list of images in the desired format but with varying sizes. This way you get a bouquet of images with varying levels of lossless compression and which can be stripped off up to 90% of excess data.

Best 10 Online Image Compressors

An easy to go JPG, JPEG and PNG image compressor, the will amaze you with its uncompromising features. The website gives you freedom to upload images of whooping sizes upto 50MB and transform them to much lighter weight. The cost free smartly manipulates the bandwidth and caters to a quick buffering speed for the uploaded photos. The tool even claims to provide with a perfect display of the resultant image on mobile phones.

Image Optimizer

Best 10 Online Image Compressors imageoptimizer

Image Optimizer attracts its users with a sleek interface and an ad free stage to deal with all of image flattening work. Its web based features will allow you to optimize, compress and resize images to great extents. Although the entire package is available online for free, avid users can also opt for downloading Image Optimizer on their system and continue with an uninterrupted pace. So, whether the purpose is uploading bulk images on web, attaching it to an email or storing in the hard disk, you will never run short of space with the Image Optimizer.


Best 10 Online Image Compressors punypng

Manage your image payload by squeezing it to a puny size with the ingenious PunyPNG. Login to the free account of PunyPNG and avail its lossless compression of images in almost any format, including GIF, JPG and PNG. You can even upload the images in groups of 10, and then download them as compressed ZIP file. All of this, without having to lose EXIF information of original image, along with a robust access to API. Its services are free, but you can expand your options with a cheap $2 subscription. The subscription cost covers lossless as well as lossy compression, i.e. you can upload more number of larger files.

Compress PNG

Best 10 Online Image Compressors compresspng

Expand the horizon of your image relevant issues under the guiding lights of Compress PNG. It is one of the best online image compressor that serves its users as an image optimization tool, and also for converting formats. The online tools of Compress PNG specialise with PNG format images and can transform them to JPG and PDF files. You can even terminate large scale of work in batches of 20 PNG images; by uploading on its website and clicking optimize option. These compressed images can then be downloaded in bulk as a ZIP file, or you can even download them individually.

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