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6 Key Benefits of Using Email Archiving Solution


Do you have a system in place for storing and maintaining your email messages? Your standard inbox can only do so much. If you’re running a business that includes numerous teammates with their own professional email address, then you need a way to safely store the messages sent between your customers, and your teams.

An email archiving solution is a secure and reliable service designed to store emails and maintain the original information in your messages, for the purpose of easy retrieval in day-to-day business operations. Email archives can protect your company in the event of litigation and keep you in line with industry compliance standards too.

Benefits of Email Archiving

Email archiving is a must-have strategy for business continuity, compliance, and growth. Archiving your email frees up valuable storage space in your company, while ensuring that you have access to any useful data that can help you to make better growth decisions. Just some of the biggest benefits of email archiving include:

  1. Compliance: An archiving solution with SOX compliance and other essential security systems built-in helps you to stay on the good side of any regulations and crucial standards that your business needs to be aware of. Organizations almost every sector need to make sure that they have a reliable way to retain data, including email messages
  2. Safety: Email archiving ensures that your company has the information it needs to protect itself against legal issues that may arise. For instance, if a customer makes a claim against you based on something your team apparently said in an email, you can protect yourself.
  3. Improved Business Insights: Email archiving can be an excellent way to collect data for business insights that may help you to improve your future company performance, and you can make it easier for employees to access information when they need it too.
  4. Knowledge and Storage Management: Email is an important tool for business productivity and customer service. However, it can also take up a lot of space in a small amount of time. Having the right archiving system in place is how you ensure that you’re storing information correctly, without any errors and duplicates.
  5. Disaster Recovery: Email archiving ensures that your organization can store crucial data over a longer time. This can reduce costs and simplify things when you’re building a successful disaster recovery plan for your brand.
  6. Cost Management: Depending on where you choose to store your email information, you might even be able to reduce some of the costs associated with managing your own data stores. You can use off-site solutions and reduce the impact on your own IT teams.

Now is the Time to Start Archiving

In a world where email is still one of the most important forms of communication for businesses, companies of all sizes need to ensure that they have the right systems in place to protect themselves. Email archiving is one of the most important things you can do for your company. If you don’t have a strategy in place yet, now could be the time to start making one.

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