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Avast Antivirus Review 2015: Best Free Antivirus Software


It is a terrible term for any computer user, not only for you. Vital Information Resource Under Siege aka Virus makes your computer fall ill just like the real disease-causing microbes. Have you ever found your computer damn slow? If you find your computer to be slower than snail no matter what your hardware configuration is, chances are great it is affected by malware. What will you do if you come across such a situation?

During my initial time of computing, I would have called technicians. Maybe you do this too. But no MBBS is needed to cure most of the computer problems. So, you don’t have to call anyone and pay what they ask.

In this post, I am introducing useful software with which you can discard adware and malware right away.

Introducing Avast Antivirus


Avast is not a strange name for most of the computer users. It has been serving millions for a while now. The delightful feature of it is nothing else but the availability of free version. All of us can’t afford the price of a premium antivirus which only serves the virtual purpose. In such a scenario, only free versions come to the rescue.

I have been using Avast on my computer for four years now. Till date, no virus had the courage to make my laptop fell ill. It is definitely because of the strong shielding effect of Avast antivirus. Now, let’s just sink into the features of this incredible software. Avast free antivirus is among the 3 major contenders in the free antivirus community, AVG along with Avira being the other top antivirus softwares like Mcafee, Kaspersky etc.

How to install Avast Free Antivirus 2015

Features of Avast Antivirus

Avast Download Free Antivirus Software Program

I will be analysing the specs of windows version of Avast antivirus. There is one available for Andriod also.

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#1. Comes with a Free Version

Who doesn’t love the word, free? You can’t buy a service without testing it. At least you need some positive feedbacks from reliable sources to pay for an unused product. That’s why Avast is providing a free version. Obviously, you can’t find every feature working in this basic version. But I promise that you won’t need an extra spec to keep your computer safe from any malware attack.

I recommend using the free version for a while. Then, you can choose either to upgrade or to uninstall or to keep on using the same version. After using Avast free antivirus for some days, you will go for the premium version as it offers extended support and features.

#2. Vivid Scanning Options


What is essential for an antivirus? It’s the option to scan the system, nothing else. Avast has done a fantabulous job by giving various scanning options. There are six primary scanning options are available (smart scan, virus scan, browser add- on scan, outdated software scan, network threats scan and performance issues scan).

For the second option (virus scan), you can customize the scanning by selecting quick scan, full system scan, removable media scan and specific folder scan. Also, you can right- click on a folder and choose a scan option to search for threats.

#3. Real- Time Shields


This is what I love the most in Avast antivirus. Avast amazed me with this option on the first experience itself.

You get three real- time shields or active protection options which are File System Shield, Mail Shield, and Web Shield.

The first one analyzes every file you use. If Avast finds any issues with a file, it will show a notification on the bottom- left on the screen with a voice message. You can’t use that file after getting that notification.

Mail Shield mainly scans your attachment. E- mail attachments were the prominent loopholes for hackers to intrude into one’s PC. Even if anyone tries this cheap trick in your inbox, Avast will take care of everything.

Web Shield analyzes each and every website you browse and use. Many scripts run when we browse a single site. We can’t analyze each one manually and distinguish between usable and threat. That’s why Avast integrated this automated system. Now, you can surf the web without any worry.

#4. Other Significant Specs

There are lots more to say about Avast’s feature. But I am concluding features section with this one. Then, I will show how to do a scan.

Anyway, before that you should know about some important tools in Avast. With the free version, you get SecureLine VPN, Remote Assistance, and Rescue Disk.


A Virtual Private Network aka VPN helps us to hide our identity on the web. You can also access restricted websites without any issues if you use a private VPN. There are many VPN service providers. But you won’t have to go for them if you are an Avast user. Two birds with one shot!!


Remote Assistance is something like Team Viewer. If you want to control a computer with Avast preinstalled in it, Remote Assistance reduces the use of another software. Just access it from Tools>> Remote Assistance. Then, get an eight digit code from the computer to which your system will be connected by clicking on Get Assistance. Enter the code into the field on the same section in your PC. Click on Connect. That’s all. Now, you will be able to control the other computer.


Rescue Disk is exactly what it means. If you find your computer dead or unable to take your commands due to a malware issue, you can create a Rescue Disk right away and bring PC back into the original state. But, you need a secondary system with Avast, a flash drive with more than 500 MB free space or a DVD. Insert the media and go to Tools>> Rescue Disk in Avast. Choose the media, select drive and there you go.


After the completion of Rescue Disk creation, insert the same to your affected PC. Since your PC will be booted (don’t forget to change the boot device priority on BIOS) using the files from the external media, you will get access to every settings and file. Do a malware scan. Most probably, the issue will get solved by this.

ATTENTION: How to Access Blocked Websites? Unblock Restricted Sites?

How to Perform a Malware Scan with Avast Antivirus?

I assume that you haven’t downloaded Avast yet. So go Avast to download the executable setup file. After the download process is completed, proceed with the installation. Then, follow steps given below.

Step 1: Open Avast antivirus. You will get a window like an image given below. This is the home where you can see an overview. Have a look at the left pane of menus. Then, move your mouse pointer on top of Tools.


Step 2: Now you can see a list of six items. As we are going to perform a virus scan, choose the second one


Step 3: On the upcoming window, you can see a dropdown menu just below the title bar. Choose one from it. Here, I selected quick scan.


Step 4: Click Start Scan just right to that drop- down list. Now, you can see a progress ring which shows the scan progress. Patiently wait for it to complete.


Step 5: Now, after the scan will be completed, you can see the scan results. In my case, I got no threats. If you get any threats, do the recommended action right away.


Haven’t You Downloaded Avast Yet? Pricing Details

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Avast Store   All Computer Security Products   Services

Avast Store All Computer Security Products Services


Avast Store   Android


Avast Store Android


Avast Store   iPhone products


Avast Store iphone products

>>>>>Download Now Free 30-day trial<<<<<<

Oh, what are you waiting for? I already gave you the link to download free version of Avast Antivirus 2015. Use it and install. You will lose nothing by doing so. If you feel like Avast is perfect, consider upgrading to pro version or internet security that will cost 29$.


Avast Download Free Antivirus Software Review

It detects whether your applications are out of date and updates them for you.

A few competitors improve on Avast’s detection rates.

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 is one of the best free security products you can install on your systems. It offers a huge range of free goodies, including application and browser app analysis and, separately, an excellent Android suite, covering AV and anti-theft. A better than average AV-Test rating completes a very impressive picture.

Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts regarding this via comments if you have any. Feel free to share with your friends also. Follow Avast on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Google+.

>>>>>Download Now Free 30-day trial<<<<<<

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