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Appspotr Review: Best Free App Maker Software


These days, having an app for any service is a must. An app makes a place in people’s phone and constantly reminds them to use it without any effort from your side.

Appspotr app review

It is also handy for your customers who would want to use your service, they can do so just with a single click. However, most people believe that an app can’t be made without any technical knowledge. Appspotr is a service that allows you to create an app within no time without much technical expertise in the field.

Let’s check out the features that make Appspotr such an easy to use and highly useful tool.

Features of Appspotr

Appspotr free app maker sodtware

Below are the features that will make this tool worth every penny you spend on it. The company is constantly adding new features but these are the core features that the tool boasts of:

Easy to use CMS

You can do all the changes in your app through the CMS. The best part is that the CMS is built in a simple and easy to use way. Anyone with just a little technical knowledge can go on to create an app with Appspotr.

Supports all devices

Having an app that supports only a limited number of devices is of no use. Thus, Appspotr makes sure that your app is supported in all kinds of devices that most people use. Even tablets are supported by the tool and it automatically adjusts your app interface to it.

Live preview

Whatever changes you make in the CMS of Appspotr, you can see it live on your phone with the Appspotr Viewer app. Thus, this makes development faster and lets you know any problems with the app in real time. Having this feature also increases your development time as you get to know everything live as you do.

How to create an app using Appspotr

Creating an app using Appspotr is simpler that you must have imagined. Just follow the below steps and you will have a full-fledged app right in front of you, just the way you want it.

Create a new project

At the beginning, you need to start with a new project for a new app. When you sign in to your Appspotr account, you will find a button named ‘New App’, you need to click it. Doing so will create a new project for yq1our app. It will then prompt you to add a name to the app and after you wait for just 20 seconds, your app project will be created to build upon.

Choose your features


In this step, you need to choose the features that you need for the app. There is a marketplace where you will find a wide number of themes and features to choose from. Choose all the features that you would need in your app and you will be ready to move further.

Add the content


This is one of the major steps in creating your app. You need to add the content for every screen of your app. For this step, you would need to first finalise on what all you would need add. Once everything is final, you need to add the content to your app.

Preview your app


This is the final step in which you need to preview if everything is okay with your app. Check everything, even the small minor things must be checked at this step. Before publishing the app, you need to make sure that there are no bugs as well as content changes in the app.

Publish the app

This is when your app will be live in the PlayStore as well as the App store. It will be available for everyone to download and share. This is the phase when you need to seek feedback from your users and improvise on it.


Appspotr is by far the best tool to create apps instantaneously. The interface is simple and there is a huge marketplace in which you will find hundreds of themes you can choose from. Now you can create and publish an app without any technical person helping you out, with the help of Appspotr.

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