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12 Minute Affiliate System Review 2021: Is It Legit or Scam?


Everyone is into online businesses these days, and with new products coming in the market, there are a lot of options. People are crowding on these options and the competition is on an all-time rise. In such a situation, one thing holds a lot of importance, and that is affiliate marketing. Keeping everything in mind, many people are selling the same products, but it depends on a person how they can outstand. Being in this business isn’t easy and trading on the Internet is a tough task. How does one learn Affiliate Marketing? The 12 Minute Affiliate System can simplify tasks and one doesn’t even need to learn.

12 Minute Affiliate System
12 Minute Affiliate System Review

12 Minute Affiliate promises that online commissions can be easy and just as ordering a pizza. This system isn’t just for beginners, but even for people who are in affiliate marketing and are unable to make the desired profits. The System claims that money earning isn’t as tough as it seems if one uses the right algorithm. They promise profits in the first 12 minutes after a person is thorough with the System and that’s why it is named 12 Minute Affiliate. Obviously, before investing in this every one may have doubts. Therefore, here’s a detailed 12 Minute Affiliate System review on what the system looks like.

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

The System promises a person can earn a whopping 450 dollars in the first twelve minutes of their business after they learn how it works. It is made by Devon Brown, a well-known face in the field of affiliate marketing. The System is mainly about boosting business on online selling platforms and websites. The 12 Minute Affiliate System comprises of DIY solutions that’ll help anyone who wishes to follow it, even though they have an internet marketing background or not. Amidst all the mess and scams existing in the market, Devon and his team are dedicated to providing success to their clients. Different packages have different features. In other words, what one gets depends on the price they’re paying. But here it isn’t about the price, but about the quality of strategies as well.

12 Minute Affiliate System

One gets access to a set of sales guide that will help them in creating an email list and make money by promoting the product or the reselling product on the platform. There are many systems in the market, all of them with lucrative factors and something different. That’s why the founder decided to work in a different direction this time and provide profit worthy solutions. They’ve built a three-step affiliate technique that’ll help:

Personalizing the system so that the commission comes to you


Add done-for-you traffic (an algorithm they follow)


Collect your commission.

Believe me, various testimonials claim that they earn commissions in less than 12 minutes. Let’s take a look at who Devon Brown is.

Who is Devon Brown?

A successful entrepreneur since 2007, Devon is a person who wishes to lay a positive impact on people’s lives. He believes in ‘EDUTIAN’ i.e., to educate and entertain together and wishes to teach, but not with boring lectures. Devon understands that a practical course must be delivered with zest and not with theoretical knowledge, and gives his level best to do this over here. He helps people in uncovering the amount of potential they have to do something great in their lives. His content straightaway targets at the minds of people and motivate them to look into their careers at least once.

12 Minute Affiliate System

He and his team wish to bring more potential out of people who can achieve great milestones. All the user needs to do is discover themselves and start working in the right direction. Devon also hosts conferences and meetups with his students and is a very great speaker. His sessions can motivate everyone who wishes to achieve success with dedication. The 12 Minute Affiliate course does exactly what it needs to, motivate people with great strategies, and helping them succeed in their lives.

Steps to Set up everything on the system

There are six things one needs to do to set up their 12 Minute Affiliate account, these steps are:

12 Minute Affiliate System

Step 1- Create a FREE Affiliate Account

Before setting up and finalizing your mind for joining the course, you are required to create your account on the page. This account will help to find affiliate products and lets a person know what needs to be done to attain commissions. Apart from signing up for this course, one will also become a member of since the entire course is Clickbank’s product. It takes barely 2 minutes to complete this process. Don’t go for other signups at first, there is time for that ahead. This training focusses on promoting products that are already present on Clickbank. It isn’t compulsory that a person only promotes these products, they can also promote their own products or those of whom they’re verified sellers.

Step 2- Get the Auto Responder

Auto Responder is an online tool that lets one create an email list and promote their products by setting it completely on full auto-pilot. This System uses for auto-responder. Once a person sets up Aweber, they’re ready to earn at least $500 a month out of this. Aweber is truly amazing, and even if one faces any problem, the support staff is here to help them out.

Step 3- Set up the Auto Responder

This is one of the most amazing parts of this course, and by amazing, we truly mean it! With the help of the auto-responder, a person can easily filter out what they need to mail on a daily basis, and it’ll automatically update. For example, Day 2-Send this offer email. That’s it! There’s also an option to set up Auto Responder for queries. For example, a client asks what’s the price, or is there any more offer, you can always set up something like, “Thank you for the response, we’d reach back to you shortly!” The 12 Minute Affiliate system makes it extremely easy to use this feature by giving a key-code that needs to be used for adding auto-generated emails with affiliate links to the Aweber account.

This easy system of adding affiliate links to the account can save hours of filtering and then adding. If you sit to respond a hundred queries at a time, the entire day will go in it! This is why the 12 Minute Affiliate System is seriously amazing and helpful at the same time. There is also an option where the affiliate system can set up the account, but it’s best to do it yourself. This way, one will be able to learn what their business exactly needs.

Step 4- Activate the 12 Minute Affiliate Funnels

Unlike those lengthy processes, this system makes setting up affiliate systems elementary and convenient. There are three niches available out of which a person needs to choose the one that’s for them. The three of those are Online Business, Health, and Personal Development. They then need to select the template and make a few customizations. With that, there are a ton of customizations that can work in favor and help earn crazy commissions. Even if they don’t have your own website, the system will place the offers on their website with the account name mentioned. It automatically adds up the email list clients to the funnels and makes sure every email or offer reaches them.

Step 5 (Optional)- Done-For-You Setup

This system basically does all the above setups at a small fee and makes work convenient for anyone. If one cant spare time and are a bit busy to continue it, then they must go for this feature. But, if one can do it themselves, they’d also learn a few new things. Lastly, I’d say if you have some time for succeeding in business then a person can do it himself, but, if they’re even slightly short of time, then they should quickly go for this option.

Step 6- Get Done-For-You Setup

It is a great thing and It helps to divert loads of traffic on the website. All one needs to do is select the niche and the number of visitors or clicks required. But there’s also one thing that they need to understand. Firstly, one needs to make sure that they know where the traffic comes from. It comes in either a paid and instant manner or a free and time-consuming manner and If they wish to go for the free one, then apparently this system isn’t for them. The 12 Minute Affiliate System goes for paid ones as Search Engine Optimization and other free techniques are pretty time-consuming. They wish to make this process as simple as a person orders a pizza. Therefore, here are the things one needs to do to make it easier:

Choose the type of traffic you want.


Choose the type of clicks and visitors you want.


Send it to them.

What are its Features?

There are many great features of the 12 Minute Affiliate that are hard to deny and one can’t even disagree of. These features are:

1. It is a Simple System

Anyone, I repeat anyone can understand this system’s functioning. It doesn’t matter if a beginner goes for it or a professional, the way this works is very basic and easy to understand. In other systems, there is a lot of tech stuff involved that makes the entire process tough. Devon and his team have made sure any such thing doesn’t take place and people are able to log in easily. Even the newest in this field can start earning a good profit in the first few minutes!

2. Saves Manpower and Brings Daily Profit

Once the system starts functioning, a person won’t find daily profits a big deal as it’ll be a daily notification. The system’s algorithm is so strong that anyone can earn multiple commissions throughout the week and who knows they can also get it throughout the day! Also, just think of having a system that promotes various affiliate products on a daily basis. This way, one gets to focus on other things and there’s also time to create a new business venture with that time. Also, it saves a lot of Manpower that usually goes into setting up and monitoring these systems.

3. Quick and easy setup

The setup is very quick and easy. It only takes barely 2 minutes to set up every step mentioned above and also makes a person’s work a lot easier than they would have imagined. As quick as the entire process is, similarly, the profits are also quicker. Right after they’re done with the final step, they’d notice the profits incoming like anything. Most of the members also see their email list budding really quickly and that too a good amount of people are into it. The traffic in these budding list is no joke and highly qualitative, thus making product sales way better than ever!

4. Work from anywhere in the world:

There are only three things that one needs to work on to access the system. The three things are a laptop or PC, internet connection, and the will to follow instructions. They intend to create a ‘laptop lifestyle’ for their users so that they can feel comfortable and convenient anytime they wish to use it. Basically, there are no boundaries to where and which country a person belongs to, or even if they’re traveling, they can work from ANYWHERE!

5. There’s no compulsion of creating your own website or product

It is not compulsory at all that one creates their own website or own product. At times people feel troubled when it comes to bringing their own product to light and make their website a real thing. It truly takes a lot of thought, why should one take so much of those when they can earn a great amount of money by selling products with the help of the 12 Minute Affiliate System. How to make sales is all they do, therefore there’s no need to worry about that.

6. Done-For-You Affiliate Funnels

12 Minute Affiliate System

There is no need for any HTML or Coding based stuff as the system takes care of everything. A person need not hustle behind getting tech configurations done and go for website hosting. 12 Minute Affiliate System includes everything in the best way possible and makes sure all the criteria fall in the right niche. All a person needs to do is personalize the system based on what they need and help them with it so that they can send the leads to the mail. When the mails come, so does the affiliate commission in the account.

7. Done-For-You Emails

The system includes professionally written messages that are made based on a person’s specifications. These follow-up messages’ content holds a month’s efforts but the system does it super quick and in the best way possible. No more getting troubled behind earning commission and leads, everything happens really quickly. Also, rather than paying a professional copywriter $40-$50 every month, having an ad agency signed up for great advertisements and paying them hundreds of dollars a month, one gets these offers in the amount they pay for the package.

8. Supportive Private Community

There is a private Facebook Group for all the members of the system. This community comes along and shares their success stories, what benefitted them the most, how is the commission period going, and many such things. This helps in keeping a person motivated and ready to go ahead with the entire process. There are also training sessions posted on the group that helps learn things one needs to do by themselves at the price of $97 every month. With this, the founders make sure that you aren’t there by yourselves, but for yourself as well.

Pros and Cons of the 12 Minute Affiliate System


  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Great done-for-you processes.
  • Customized and personalized.
  • Supportive community.
  • Remotely accessible.


  • A bit unclear of its functioning.


  • Easy to use and set up:

Although I’m mentioning this again, this is probably the best feature of this system. Lots of systems involve hardcore coding and tough login processes, but that’s not the case with this system. One can set up everything easily in 12 minutes and ease up all the tasks.

  • Great done-for-you processes:

Everything from traffic to emails is created based on the niche chosen and what is a person willing to sell. This eases the entire process of marketing that usually takes months and can be done in a few minutes. Overall, it makes everything like it’s just perfect.

  • Customized and Personalized:

Everything can be customized according to the wants. A person is buying this system for their business and wants it to flourish, therefore whatever they want can be added to this system easily. From personalized funnels to texts, everything can be created based on the desired criteria.

  • Supportive Community:

The Facebook group is extremely supportive and helpful throughout all the stages you’re using the software for. Once a new member is added over here, every new update is also posted over here. Devon himself also likes to stay involved and helpful at various stages. This keeps a person dedicated to the system.

  • Remotely accessible:

Anyone can access this system from anywhere around the world. There is no limitation that it can’t be operated from any other country or so. All someone need is a laptop and internet connection, as the system can’t function without those two things.


  • A bit unclear of its functioning:

Although everything is extremely clear and easy, there are some things that a person can’t understand and judge. Those things don’t even matter, but still, it feels a bit confusing.

Price of the 12 Minute Affiliate System

There are two plans, basic and golden plan. The basic plan costs $47 a month and $397 a year. Whereas the gold plan costs $97 a month and $797 a year. There is also a 14-day trial plan that costs $9.95. It depends on what features are needed and what’s not. Every pack is good based on what scale of marketing they want. One might think that the prices are a bit high but in reality, they’re not. The prices are totally worth the money and a person won’t regret a single penny.

Our Review: Is it Worth the Money? (Legit or Scam)

Yes, it is totally worth the money. Looking at the competition in the market, it is clear that online businesses require a lot of things and even a lot of attention as a person cannot concentrate on everything together. In such a situation, it is very important that the most crucial task, affiliate marketing, must be done correctly. This system is totally accurate and perfect if one wishes to get at least one thing off their head. In fact, it’ll work way better than a human can do marketing, as it works with not one but various algorithms. What I like the most is the rapidness that this system has and what usually takes months can be done in a few minutes. So, if someone truly cares about time and money, they’re going to love this system. A total yes and an amazing system!


Is the 12 Minute Affiliate System value for money? 

Yes, it is totally worth the money. The features provided by this system are provided by none other and very less can provide the same at the given price.

Does the 12 Minute Affiliate System fulfill the commitment? 

Yes, when it claims that everything will be set up in 12 minutes, they truly mean it. However, if it doesn’t happen, check your internet connection.

Are there any personalized elements in the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

Yes, there are various done-for-you emails and affiliate funnels present. Also, there are also personalized niches present.

Does 12 Minute Affiliate System provide trials? 

Yes, there is a 14-days trial that costs $9.95. Apparently, there is no free trial available for the same..

Is 12 Minute Affiliate System for beginners?

Yes, it is for everyone from beginners to professional affiliations. There are various things everyone needs to learn, therefore there are training sessions available as well.

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