11 Biggest Technologies that Have Reduced Human Effort

In this modern day and era, technology has replaced nearly everything. Some have argued that it has been both beneficial and disadvantageous. Some people have said that technology has ended up replacing human employment and hence leading to the lack of jobs for human beings and now with technology; most things are not done manually but let’s not dwell on the negative. Latest tech news has also let to time-saving for most of us.

Biggest Technologies

From our offices to our homes, technology has improved our lives. It has made things more efficient for us and has also saved time for us on things that would have taken a lot of time had they been done manually. Here I have compiled 11 tech gadgets that have significantly reduced human effort and saved our time.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

We all know how vacuuming the house can be boring and tiresome. If you have children even worse because they keep spilling things on your floor making you vacuum it so many times. Well, worry no more as there is a solution to that. This gadget will clean your room all by itself and to make it even better, it can empty its dustbin meaning that you don’t have to do it yourself. It can clean nearly all types of floors hence that are not an issue. The best part is that you can use it even while away by presetting it to clean your house. It’s like having an actual helper.

Clocky Robotic Alarm

Am sure we have all had those moments whereby waking up in the morning becomes more of a burden. It normally happens when you start working or when you are a mom and your children is draining the energy from you. Even with an ordinary alarm, once it goes off, we usually just turn it off and continue sleeping even if it’s for those ten minutes. The Clocky alarm doesn’t work like that and always ensures that you wake up. This alarm will run around the room beeping until you have no choice but to get up from a bed. How cool is that? With this latest tech news, your problems are over.

Wireless LED light bulbs

Am sure you have heard of these bulbs? Switching your bulbs on and off manually can become tiresome so imagine if you could control your lighting from the comfort of your seat. Well, you can. With this bulbs, all you need is your smartphone as you can control your lighting from an app on your phone.


This gadget will provide perfect temperature and control your temperature during extreme times like when it’s too cold. This gadget uses an intelligent room heating technology that is pretty easy to use. On top of that, it is energy saving and will also help you save on your bills. One of the best parts of this gadget is that it has an LED display that usually provides dates and also the room temperatures.

Smart Faucet

This gadget is very environmentally friendly and ensures comfortability for children and even disabled people. It saves a lot of energy and ensures that water is not easily wasted. This gadget is very hygienic, very easy to clean and on top of that, you do not have to touch the valve to operate it.

Wireless speakers

If you are a lover of music, then this one is definitely for you as it will give you the comfort and fun you need. These speakers are usually controlled from your smartphone and hence allow you the comfortability that you need. On top of that, they look very classy and elegant and give your home a pleasant feel.


Those nights that you may want to read something and do not want to disturb the other person are made possible by this gadget. It will offer you discreet lighting and will even give you the pleasure of deeming or making the light brighter.

Smart Body Analyzer

Most people may think that this is your usually weight scale but trust me when I tell you that it is not. This scale will provide some very detailed information that a normal scale would not. On top of that, it will give you information on your body fat percentage, heart rate and finally will give you your weight. Try it out.

One Bowl utensil

Sometimes boiling noodles or pasta can be very hectic as it requires you to drain the water once the pasta has cooked. It can be tiresome and can even end up burning your hands. This gadget has an inbuilt strainer that will drain the water from you.

Air purifier

It is a gadget that usually purifies the air and maintains humidity. This device can be used in your home, car or even office. It is very portable and hence can be carried from one place to another with ease.

Reusable Dryer ball

This gadget is used to soften your clothes fabric and also helps by reducing drying time by 25%. Instead of using harmful chemicals that could ruin the fabrics of your clothes, use this gadget.





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