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Best Free Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android


Planning a trip to Spain or a job at the embassy? Spanish as a foreign language always pays off at such fronts with a pleasurable smile. However, losing track of resources in a busy life has turned into quite a common phenomenon these days. So, today I stop by here to get you the best out of your smart devices for mastering this European language. Here is the list of top 6 best Spanish learning apps for iPhone & Android.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android.


Duolingo has been serving avid learners around the world as an entirely new way of learning languages. But getting things done with an easier technique doesn’t mean that you are compromising on the level of knowledge.

In fact, Duolingo claims that spending 34 hours collectively with its interactive session are equivalent to a semester worth of university-level study. By asking for tiny chunks of your leisure life or the hours that lack true productivity, Duolingo can actually make you fluent with Spanish.

duo1 Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

Shining with a medallion of 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store and over 1.5 million commendable reviews, Duolingo does the trick with its short lessons. Folding up each learning session in a few moments time, the process seems more exciting and painless.

A feeling of gaming through the Spanish vocabulary keeps its users motivated to reach the next level. How much did you yield in your journey with the Spanish language can be easily viewed in the progress report that the application generates?

When you feel like having faced enough lessons, a progress report is generated from the application to evaluate the progress made. The achievement level can also be adjusted to display results in terms of the number of lessons completed.

duo3 Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

Invite your friends to join the app for some fun learning and get to compare the results with your study partner as well, for a competitive swiftness. However, Duolingo is more of a vocabulary oriented learning program that does not focuses much on the grammar and is also void of lessons in tenses.

It aims primarily at getting you through with the stepping stones which turns out to be the most difficult part of learning because it was actually meant to be understood. The lessons have been split into interactive themes, from whereon you can continue to learn the essential grammatical components like the noun, pronoun, adjective, preposition, expressive term and a whole lot more.

The best part is that the app is freely available and comes without any further requirement for an external plug-in. You won’t even have to purchase any paid version of Duolingo for an ad-free environment. This series of hassle free and uninterrupted lessons is what brings a winning edge to Duolingo when it comes to learning Spanish. With a mere 15-20 minutes per day, anyone can finish a number of these lessons which are as short as 2-3 minute clips.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

The master of its craft, Duolingo has more to offer than just Spanish language. It beautifully implements its methodology with other languages like French, Italian, German, Irish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and English. The cross-platform built allows Duolingo to be freely installed on both iOs and Android devices. As such, the app has been reputed with the Best App Award in 2013 on both iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Follow this link to the Google Play Store for downloading Duolingo on your android devices and get to learn over 1500 commonly used terms in Spanish. For Apple devices, the app requires a minimum of iOS 7 and the later version for running seamlessly.

Overall, it takes up 25.5MB of your phone’s memory storage against the abundant data that it provides for. Follow this link to iTunes for downloading Duolingo on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod. Start placing these newly introduced words into your life and speed up the process by manifolds.

Rosetta Stone

Next in the list of top platforms for learning Spanish is Rosetta Stone, whose International reputation follows in the forums that discuss methodologies for learning foreign languages. It’s working technique is inspired from the activities of our day-to-day lives. Creating a path between precise lessons and a playful ambiance to cover for ‘difficult to catch’ vocabulary, that would otherwise take you a lot of time for mugging up.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

Instead of painfully craving new Spanish words in your mind, it would be way easier to try the unmatched qualities of Rosetta Stone. The syllabus focuses on a practical approach by making you fit to carry out the usual conversation. Although, not much concern has been extended to the tenses and it skips on the critical grammar parts.

The product marks a great competitive presence across the smartphones by presenting itself as a freely downloadable app while on the other hand its Spanish copy is purchasable from at $240. That’s quite a steep bargain for anyone who wishes to get a head start with things and improvise by fairly utilizing the newly learned items.

Other than a great teacher for Spanish, Rosetta Stone is equally great with over a dozen other foreign languages, namely German, Korean, Portuguese, Filipino, Dutch and I can go on to mention more.

stone2 Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

But if you were looking for an absolutely free package that can take care of every concerned end of the learning process, then here is the bummer. Only the first big lesson for any specified language can be used for free under the trial offer while the rest can be accessed against a subscription package. I have included Rosetta Stone in my list of top Spanish learning tools, mostly because of the commendable feedback that the application has managed to earn so far.

Under its proprietary, this marvelous app has even introduced a speech-recognition option, with which you can carry out a series of verbal lessons and expertise with the otherwise neglected pronunciation part. The amount of effort put by its developers becomes clearly evident on use, so do not equate its quality against the demanded minimalist pricing.

As a cross-platform board for learning multiple foreign languages, Rosetta Stone can be installed on either of Android and iOS devices. Follow this link to Google Play, to get redirected to the Rosetta Stone app. Apple gadget users with the requisite configuration can follow this link to the iTunes and be done with the download procedure.

Due to a humongous data backing up for over two dozen languages, Rosetta Stone occupies 75.8MB of the phone’s storage space. The currently running version 2.5 requires iOS 7 and above for a fully functional establishment. Almost every language has been covered in 5 levels and is available with an in-app purchase ranging from $129.99 – 199.99.

50 languages

I have some memories of personal development with the 50 languages app, as it was the first thing that I downloaded when I was struggling with German. The sessions were accompanied by vocal assistance, to ensure that you recreate the correct sound of each important word in the German vocabulary. But why is it called 50 languages? Well, it is because of the apps capability to teach in over 50 languages that give it the said name.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

50 language matches the A1 and A2 level of the Common European Framework, hence a big help for students at any level of education. It provides with a perfectly oriented audio and text environment to make learning more effective than just a cue card to flip around. Institutions that host classes in various foreign languages can give it a try, as it is built to help from scratch level upwards.

The audio files can be downloaded from, and transferred to portable devices in mp3 format. It gives you the complete freedom to access the language of your choice via laptop or handheld devices with either of Android and iOS platform.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

With almost a hundred lessons to get you in rhythm with the tone, speaking short sentences will soon become an affluent activity for you. However, the free version is only available with 30 lessons to exhaust. In its full version, 50 languages are power packed with 2500 language combinations to look into.

So, if you ever face an urge to pick up some language other than Spanish for a wider prospect, then there won’t be any resource to miss out on. Recently the app has been updated with text materials for those who really wish to examine the language or find themselves more confident around it.


Operating from a secure login account, and reaching beyond to the grammatical level is what makes Babbel a great contender for the top ranking foreign language app. Over 7000 hours of learning material available under the same roof make learning an easier task for all level of expertise. From a freshly starting beginner to mediocre who is out of practice, Babbel will have your language problem resolved for real.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

Like a dish in an expert’s kitchen, Spanish is just one of it’s specialties. It holds an equally commanding authority throughout the list of supported languages that includes, French, Italian, Polish, Swedish, etc.

Based on the already successful methodology, each dialect has been presented with an entertaining means of learning through speech recognition technology. So, you can stay sure that you won’t sound awkward when actually speaking among Spanish people.

Unlike most of the apps that fall short when it comes to grammar, Babbel leaps ahead by briefing you with almost everything. Simple exercises and a vast stretch of topics cover different nouns, adjective, verbs and other essential aspects. The multi-natured Babbel app is capable of running on both Android and iOS devices, so just go ahead and download it anyways. With its presence on the nearest devices or even desktop, you can continue with the chapters from right where you left.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

Initially, you can get it downloaded for free but that only lasts till the trial period. Afterward, the app will demand you to continue its subscription with the one month, three months, or a longer version. So, if you have any nearby plans for visiting places that communicate in Spanish then subscribe only for the requisite time and get to save more money. Don’t let a petty price drive you away from an extensive amount of learning with speaking, writing, and listening to Spanish.

The latest version 5.3.1 acquires 54.8MB of storage space and is only compatible with iOS 7 or above for Apple users. Follow this link to iTunes for downloading Babbel for your iOS devices. As for Android users, your device must by version 4.1 and above for successfully running the Babbel app. Follow this link that redirects to Google Play for downloading Babbel.

Talking Spanish Translator

People are mostly known to the conventional textbook reading and filling out numerous Q&A, but we all know that practice is what creates perfection. Fold those fat books and switch to learning via speaking with the Talking Spanish Translator. The two-in-one translator can carry the Spanish to English translation in either direction, i.e it can also record the English words and convert them to Spanish.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

The idea makes  complete sense, as each one of us are aware of the terms used in day-to-day lives to denote the situation. Write it or record it with the app, the result that you get is a translated version in the written form. The settings can also be changed to the listening mode for improvising on the accent part.

Another food for thought that Talking Spanish Translator provides you with is the ‘Word of the Day’. By feeding you on a new Spanish word each day, the application makes sure to keep your vocabulary updated. However, the trial version to the revolutionary app only lasts for the first 50 words and seeks for a subscription price to be paid for a continued usage.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

Once you have the Talking Spanish Translator upgraded to its pro version, there is no limit to the number of words for the ‘Word of the Day feature’. Surprisingly, it can also translate the incoming English SMS texts into Spanish and let the world test you on your skills.

Follow this link to iTunes for downloading the Spanish-English Translator on Apple devices. It will only take an iOS 3 or upward configuration to run the app. Android users can follow this link to the Google Play Store for downloading Spanish English Translator.

As an aspirant of Spanish language, you must have noticed that the native tone sounds very sweet. The secret to this beauty lies in the phonetic system that it follows, but it is also what makes Spanish tough to spell. Go through the dictionary and you will find plenty of upside down question and exclamation marks following the Spanish word. As surprising and alien as it may sound, these symbols actually work in the  same way like their counterparts do in the English language.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

During the course of time spent with, quite a lot of these punctuations will show up to make you feel more familiar. Same as you have read under the Babbel app for learning Spanish, everything here is also managed under a login account. Thus, this adds to the benefit of being mobile with most of the platforms, including Android and Apple handheld devices. So, go ahead and enjoy your leisure with the newly found pal for learning Spanish.

Covering over a hundred versatile terms and topics that you face on a daily basis, will boost you to feel apt for learning this phonetic language. Other than everyday phrases and dialogues that you get to learn in text form, vocal recordings have also been provided by native people for a firm grip on the exact way of speaking.

Best Spanish Learning Apps For iPhone & Android

Creating the free account on also keeps you updated with current progress status and will ensure that you rise consistently on the grades. In case if you ever run out of data, the Spanish learning session can be continued in the offline mode.

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