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Pimsleur Spanish Review 2024: Is It Really Worthy Or Hype?


The world is full of diversity from people, food, and places to languages. The only thing common is love for each other’s existence.

The way we communicate and express ourselves is the core display of our emotions. Survival has been supported by language for ages. 😇

Thousands of languages do exist in the world and Spanish is one of the most exclusive and widely used languages. Geographical boundaries are no more the reason to know a language as anyone can learn any language. To learn Spanish one of the best courses available is the Pimsleur Spanish language course.

About Pimsleur Spanish Language Course

About Pimsleur

The Pimsleur Spanish way is all about getting your hands over the most used vocabulary, language slang, and roots of Spanish completely. Pimsleur Spanish means to deliver Spanish in a natural way to students.

The core goal they wish to achieve is to help everyone understand the aim of learning a language and not get confused by thinking that learning multiple languages is a tough nut to crack. The course is completed in 5 levels.

The student who has learned all 5 levels completely can be tagged as a perfectionist in terms of speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. The Spanish language has multiple flags in her cap so anyone who carries it smoothly is going to ace their profession.

Pimsleur Spanish Course Levels

Pimsleur Spanish Course levels

The language courses are always divided into levels. As these levels help in understanding the language in chronological order. The journey from basic to advanced Spanish got its way through these levels. Pimsleur Spanish Course to has got the course divided into 5 levels.

Depending on difficulty all levels differ from each other and contribute differently to the development of the user. The 5 levels of the Pimsleur Spanish Course are as follows –

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Pimsleur Spanish Level 1 Premium

Pimsleur Spanish level 1 premium

Level 1 can be guessed easily as it is one of the most basic lesson packs for the students. The very core values of a language depend on its accent, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

So level 1 of Pimsleur Spanish is all about understanding the basic conversations and getting hold of basic grammar to frame sentences capable enough to convey the message. 😍

It also helps in getting the method by which students can use it to read Spanish. A tonne of reading is essential in the betterment of language.

Level 2 of Pimsleur Spanish, Premium

Pimsleur Spanish Level 2

Level 2 provides the desired consistency to the students. As is consistent with the readings, usage of grammar, and vocabulary it gets easier to learn the language. Level 2 is mostly about learning more grammar, and vocabulary and solidifying the basics of the skills learned in level 1.

Level 2 has the same length as level 1 which is 16 hours. These 16 hours can be the best part of your learning as you will feel like you are relatable to the language. So going through level 2 isn’t tough but missing it can make your learning head in the wrong direction and make it tougher.

Pimsleur Spanish language Level 3, Premium

Pimsleur Spanish Level 3

Pimsleur has set and distributed the levels perfectly based on human learning nature. The difficulty Spanish offers in terms of its structure is also a deciding factor of levels. Pimsleur helps in getting track easily to ace the language.

Level 3 is about pitch-perfect learning about accents and the construction of fluent conversations. A major part of this level is given to reading as it can boost language fluency can word bank to majorly.

On multiple subjects, conversations are started in the level and this 16-hour-long level makes confidence injected into students.

Pimsleur Spanish Level 4, Premium

Pimsleur Spanish Level 4

Language levels are all about getting the student in comfort to get them ready to become fluent and face dynamic parts of the language. Everyone has their own pace of learning but once one has gone through the basics and knows how the sentence structure is constructed then it is important to add some pace to it.

As slow and steady growth is the basics of becoming faster so the slow and steady part got done in the first three levels. Level 4 is about gearing up and understanding how the dynamic mode of Spanish is used to get hands deeper into the well of knowledge related to Spanish.

Level 5 of Pimsleur Spanish, Premium

Pimsleur Spanish Level 5

Level 5 is the last level of this journey as its wishes to hand over students in hands of perfection. Completion of this level means the handling of other levels was done so well and the student is qualified enough to even teach the language to someone. 😚

Level 5 is full of excitement and an upgraded version of Spanish because it also narrates the comprehension of the story and gets an eye over the deep reading techniques. It is all about getting hold of chronological learning which is the reason it is added as one of the best-selling courses.

Spanish is a wonderful language having a prestigious place in the world. One having excellent command over this language can be an edge in terms of personality and communicative skills.

Learning Pimsleur Spanish Course on Amazon Alexa

Pimsleur Spanish Course on Amazon Alexa

Amazon is one of the biggest names in the market no matter what domain it is going to serve the best. Alexa has become a household name and we can’t imagine a major part of our lives without saying Almaintainedexa, start this.

So Pimsleur Spanish Course also hasn’t any distance from Alexa. As students can enjoy the features of the course even on Alexa It is so simple to use students just have to select the course and start the audio. Alexa will assist you in learning Spanish and ace the language curriculum.

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Pricing Plan for Pimsleur Spanish Course?

Pimsleur pricing plan

Pricing plans have to be affordable and satisfying in terms of the services being offered. Pimsleur Spanish Course as already been discussed has 5 levels each one of them delivering different content. These levels contribute differently to grabbing the bucket full of excellence.

All of the levels cost $150 which has to be paid in case students wish to learn Spanish. This cost is justified by the terms of services a student gets after enrolling in this course.

How Pimsleur Spanish Course is more Effective?

Multiple services are offered by numerous brands but the choices have to be based on the features and benefits it offers. Pimsleur Spanish Course has got following benefits which makes it more effective.

1. Level 1-5 distribution

The course offered in levels helps in getting hold of the journey of basics to advance. The Pimsleur Spanish course helps in easing the learning process and gets it on track. The pace distribution is also done perfectly as each level is of 16 hours. Every level ends up serving the purpose of chronologically right learning. It gives an edge to students as they get more to go through and understand what the passing of each milestone does for confidence.

2. Affordability

The Pimsleur Spanish course is affordable and all of the services it provides delivers justice to students each penny. Every level cost around $150 which is justified in terms of prices if the rates are considered. It can’t be considered a highly affordable pricing plan but it still asks for effectiveness. The factor of affordability makes the Pimsleur Spanish Course more effective and a better choice.

3. Alexa assistance

Who doesn’t seek assistance in the era of chaos? Most people face issues related to time management when they try to involve new activities in their routine. So Pimsleur is here to provide students with Alexa assistance as one can easily use Alexa in their free time to read the audio and get hold of the learnings. Alexa can be used as a background teaching while the person clears up the rest of the work. 😊

4. Pimsleur’s structure

Pimsleur has one of the best structures in terms of language teachings. It has been offering numerous courses which help in getting hold over languages in the best way. Pimsleur has a tonne of experience and trust injected by students which makes it more effective than other courses. As when we trust something then it is easy to learn from it because we know it is the right thing to do.

What To Expect From Pimsleur Spanish Course?

How Pimsleur works

A student enrolled in the Pimsleur Spanish Course can expect strong results in terms of efficiency. Pimsleur Spanish Course being distributed in 5 levels to help in getting proficiency better.

The basic to the most advanced versions of the Spanish language can be learned by using the Pimsleur Spanish Course. Its features and benefits too will satisfy the expectations of smooth learning by one of the best structures.

Pimsleur Spanish Course allows users to get an understanding of the language from its core and users can learn at their pace.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Pimsleur Conclusion and reviews

Pimsleur is the best platform for learning languages. It has got all that a student seeks. The way it is structured to the way it assists students is excellent. The type of teaching it offers is reliable and no one gets disappointed in terms of services. 😉

From pricing to the delivery of content all feels sorted with Pimsleur Spanish Course. One of the finest languages of the world “Spanish” can be learned by going through these 5 levels of 16 hours each.

Pimsleur Spanish Course carries a lot of weight because of the name it carries. The services justify every second a student spends by trusting the platform.

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