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Pimsleur Review 2024: Is It Best Language Learning Site?


The world is not beautiful without the decorations made by humans living in it. The best decoration of the world is done by the art of communication.

The transfer of ideas and emotions makes the globe a better place.

Introduction to Pimsleur

The ways of communication had developed differently from using sign language to the use of well-structured worldly languages, humans had come a long way.

Now in total, thousands of languages differ in different terms and the count of speakers they are spoken. Different languages carry different cultures which is the reason people are keen to understand and learn these languages. 😇

To learn the languages under the blanket of comfort and perfection a platform is desired. Such a platform is Pimsleur which delivers beautiful language courses worldwide.

About Pimsleur’s Foundation

About Pimsleur Foundation

Pimsleur is founded by Dr. Paul Pimsleur who has given his life to languages. He is also the founding member of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). It was founded in 1963 with a division type to publish courses.

It has a hold on the world market as it serves globally. Pimsleur offers well-structured language courses to people all over the world. Pimsleur is majorly handled by Mary Green & Tom McLean teams.

Pros and Cons

Pimsleur has got a long list of pros that make it stand firm on the top of the market of language learning. The way it is formed and takes care of the students can’t be managed by any other platform.

👍 Pros

  • The long list of languages helps in keeping track of how many popular languages there are and how long it is going to take to learn some of them.
  • The factor of affordability is added to the platform which makes it available to every segment of society.
  • Numerous features help in understanding the structure of learning on the platform.
  • ages which make it perfect to follow.
  • The compatibility offered makes work easier for users as they can use it on any system.
  • Driving mode allows the usage of driving time for high-paced learning.
  • The adoption of Alexa to deliver the content makes the learning process more fun and easy.
  • The experience of Pimsleur helps in generating trust in the hearts of the users regarding easy learning.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

How Many Languages Does Pimsleur Offer?

Languages offered by Pimsleur

Pimsleur has been offering numerous language courses to students. Pimsleur serves on the global level which asks for a longer list of languages that can be offered.

Pimsleur has a total of 50 language courses. Some of the courses do have premium available though some have basic courses available. Multiple languages like Hindi, Spanish, Urdu, Croatian, etc can be learned by using Pimsleur.

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Pricing Plan of Pimsleur

Basic pricing plan of Pimsleur

Pimsleur wishes to deliver the best teaching of languages across the globe. People from all over the world have different financial statuses which has to be considered while making a pricing plan. Pimsleur has made one of the most affordable pricing plans. 😉

Pimsleur premium is now costing only $19.95 per month and an even cheaper audio plan is now 14. 95 per month. A free trial is also given for the first seven days. This trial helps users in knowing what Pimsleur consists of.

Features of Pimsleur

Pimsleur has numerous features which help it become one of the best language teaching platforms in the market. Pimsleur has gained a large student base because of all these features. Description of some features is as follows –

Compatibility with System

Pimsleur's Compatibility

It is not important that everyone has to get their hands on the same type of software. Because some can have windows so others can have ios. In this case, if the platform shows glitches in terms of being used on any of the systems then it becomes messy.

The compatibility it offers is unbeaten as Pimsleur provides a smooth experience on all of the systems. Also, the desktop mode and app mode are equally well structured. This feature keeps the users sticking to Pimsleur.

Alexa Effect

Key benefits of Pimsleur

Alexa helps in the betterment of Pimsleur services too. Being one of the best products out there by Amazon, Alexa has been part of systems for so long now.

Pimsleur too has opted for Alexa compatibility. So that the user can keep on using or doing whatever they were doing and order Alexa to switch on the lessons. Alexa will narrate and the students can learn easily.


Multiple times a person is busy and doesn’t know when they have any downtime. Most gaps we get while working is when we are traveling. 😍

So this traveling time doesn’t get wasted, Pimsleur has been offering audio lessons which can be played to learn the course picked by the user. The driving mode of the app allows learning without being bothered by driving.

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Extra Content

Pimsleur Graduated Interval Recall

Content is the key finding everyone seeks whenever there is an urge to learn. As the content is the only thing that is needed to boost the learning.

Pimsleur already offers a bag full of content. And still decorates it with some bonus content so that students can get an edge over other learners. This is known as bonus content which offers more sentences and words.

Digital Flashcards

Pimsleur Principle of Anticipation

The digital flashcards are here to keep a check on the user’s growth. They come up with difficult words which are pronounced and the user can use them for practice. It also allows us to make guesses which are reviewed at last of the lesson.

These flashcards help in boosting confidence. As vocabulary is the core factor in making the learning of a language stronger this feature helps in solidifying vocabulary only.

Check the Speed

Learning of languages takes place in two rounds the first one is about learning the vocabulary and understanding the sentence formation, the next part involves Speed. 😚

To get the desired perfection one has to get the speed added to their profile too. The speed round feature of the app helps in getting track of how paced identification of words can be done by the user.


Pimsleur Core Vocabulary

Conversations have to be nailed only then one is known as the perfect learner of the language. When the user gets to know how well they can make the conversation, only then they are confident enough to start speaking the language.

The conversation feature is about repeating the recorded conversation it also involves roleplay. It is important in terms of using the right pronunciation.

Know the culture

Pimsleur Organic Learning

To know a country, know their language, and to know their language and know their culture. The lightbulb moment feature is all about getting a quick review of how the word being discussed is related to the history and culture of the specific nation or the origin of the language.

This is not chaotic as not every long explanation is given  Basic idea is to give out the minimum explanation so that the user isn’t lost while learning something completely out of the box.

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#5 Key Benefits of Pimsleur

Pimsleur has been one of the top-notch platforms to provide language learning services. It has got pretty good features and is well structured in terms of delivering the content. Several benefits that Pimsleur offers are as follows –

1. A Long list of Languages

The choice which is offered describes a lot about the network of the service provider. This is the factor that decorates the platform of Pimsleur. The way it is structured to deliver learning has managed to involve 51 language courses for the students. These languages involve some of the most used languages which can contribute to making the student a global citizen easily.

2. Well Compatible

The compatibility factor of Pimsleur with driving mode and Alexa has given the users an edge over other platforms  The way it offers glitch-free service helps in knowing how easy learning can be with the right learning partner. No matter how busy you are or which system you use, the compatibility Pimsleur offers solve all of the issues.

3. Audio Lessons

In this chaotic world, everyone seeks to learn new skills by rarely disturbing their routine. Audio lessons help in learning the language more easily as they can be run in the background while the user goes through other works. It helps in providing more flexibility to the users. Any service provider which offers flexibility is one of the best ones to be with for a longer period. 😊

4. Quiz

The quiz offered by Pimsleur in between various lessons helps in understanding how well they had understood till the point. This gives the benefit of good evaluation on which basis the users can make changes in their learning method or try to increase and devote more concentration to the learning.

5. Scientific-Method

Pimsleur is based on the best learning method which isn’t based on random observation and messy structure. The founders have taken care of the platform well as they have involved the learning only with scientific methods which makes work super easy for the students. Teaching based on a well-practiced method is far better than learning based on wrong assumptions.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Hear from grads of Pimsleur

Pimsleur is like any other platform which wishes to deliver services to users but the vision founders behind it make the whole difference.

Pimsleur being decorated with numerous features gives birth to several benefits which help in making Pimsleur a top pick of the students. 😉

Pimsleur has some cons too but its pros and features beat them all. As it serves as one of the most supportive platforms for students seeking language learning.

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