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Rocket French Language Review 2024: Do You Need it Or Not?


There are different online learning language software applications to learn at our own pace at any time.

Of all the applications, Rocket Languages is one of them that provides training for different languages.

If you’re interested to learn the French language, then review Rocket Languages how it teaches, and examine the course structure that is helpful according to your timing or not.  

😍 What is Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is one of the language learning software apps that provide training for different languages for learners. The learning procedure at Rocket Languages is like a conversational way so that the learner can easily grasp the words to remember forever. 

At Rocket Languages, you’re just not only learning words, phrases, and grammar but experiencing the new way of culture in learning a language. You’re going to immerse yourself with perfect pronunciation that results in no time you will become proficient in that language. 

Eager to learn the French language at Rocket Languages, then it is good to know review the complete French course structure, and analyze how its lessons are effective.  

😇 Rocket French Language Resources

French Resources - Rocket Languages

No matter what is the reason to choose to learn the French Language at Rocket Languages, it helps you to master by providing training important words, phrases, and pronunciations. The audio and voice recognition software in this app is a great addition to learn the language from words, phrases, long sentences, etc. 

Along the way of learning the French language, get culture lessons with step-by-step explanations including the grammar rules to learn & get proficiency in the French language. To master the French language, it provides various tips and tricks, at the same time to grasp the language you are going to attend nearly 750 classes. Let’s see how it begins. 

  • Start the lesson with French Pronunciation
  • Learn Alphabets and orthography of the French Language
  • Expand the learning of French vocabulary
  • Listen to the podcasts of the French Language
  • Understanding Grammer in-depth
  • Use study time effectively to learn more
  • To recall the words use spaced repetition

🤔 Free Lessons to Learn French

Free French Lessons - Rocket Languages

To improve the French language with pronunciations, these free French lessons are very helpful and to get the pronunciations perfect, use the Rocket record and voice recognition technology.

At the end of each lesson, there is an activity and so utilize these sections that really help you to know how much you learned and how much left to learn.

To be honest, it tests your memory about how many words and phrases that you remember.

Let’s see the French Lessons 

  • Alphabets of the French
  • 0 to 100 Numbers
  • Understanding the Accents
  • Sing Happy birthday wishes
  • Describe the people and characteristics
  • Great talks about the family
  • Discussing more on the hobbies
  • Shopping, clothing, etc.
  • Discussions on weather
  • About Health and Body Topics

🤗 Ways to Learn French at Rocket Languages?

At Rocket Languages, there are five different approaches to learn the French language and review all the approaches to decide how it helps to learn in a more convenient way. 

  • Immersion-Based Approach 
  • English Translation Learning Approach
  • Grammar Approach of Learning
  • Communicative way of Approach
  • Vocabulary Based Learning Approach

✨ Different Levels of Learning Frech Language

Rocket French Different levels

The online French course at Rocket Languages is simple and easy, but more effective. This is because it offers new technology along with successful learning methods that help to learn the language fun and easy way. Now, coming to the French language, it provides training in three different levels. 

Level – 1

The lessons are designed according to the people’s time so that you can quickly understand the words and phrases. Even you have a busy schedule, you can learn at your own pace whenever you want.

It allows you to pronounce to speak thousands of words and phrases, as well interactive lessons are prompt you to speak louder to get perfection.

Level one of the course is for beginners, who don’t have any idea about the language can choose this level. In this, learn slow french from starting alphabets and reach the difficulty levels.  

Level – 2

At level two, it is a complete advanced level of the French course that is especially to boost your fluency. Now, after learning the basics at level one, level two help you out to test & refresh your Frech skill.

Next, fine-tune your French listening skills, the next step is to take your language skills to another level, and in the last step speak the French language fluently, confidently without any mistakes. 

Level – 3

After completion of level two, now it’s time to mastery the French language course. The third level takes to your advanced fluency level and the process of learning is simple, easy, and more fun.

It is a great job completing the level 1 & 2 to reach the level 3 course program. 

Overall, the course program does not about the French language but also about the French culture. 

🎁 Pricing Plans of Rocket French Language 

Rocket French Pricing

Rocket Languages of the French Language comprehensive course is available for a free trial, and also offers free lessons to learn. Coming to the paid plans, the best value of the Rocket French offers Levels 1,2, and 3 costs $259.90, and it is all about beginner to advanced courses. 

  • Lesson time- 422 hours
  • Voice recognition phrases up to 8076
  • Interactive audio lessons are 99
  • Culture lessons – 112
  • Get bonus survival kits for free
  • Guarantee – 60 days
  • It is a lifetime access plan

The Rocket French Level learning 1 & 2 costs $249.90 as you can reach a higher conversational level. The features included in the best value plus

  • Lessons time – 300 hours
  • Phrases through voice recognition – 6040
  • 67 Interactive audio course lessons
  • Provides French culture & language lessons – 83
  • The bonus survival kits are available for free – 2

Level – 1 Rocket Languages French learning costs $99.95, to train the learner to grasp the language with full fluency and get the features of the best value along with

  • Lesson time – 172 hours
  • The 3840 voice recognition phrases are provided
  • Offers 33 interactive audio french lessons
  • 53 Culture and language lessons are provided
  • A free bonus survival kit is provided

❣️ Customer Reviews of Rocket Languages 

The customers at Rocket Languages who learned the French language are satisfied and the learners provided their review of its teachings. They are fine-tuned with Rocket, and also recommending the platform to learn the French language. Other reviews, of the learners of  Rocket Languages, are provided in the picture below.  

Rocket French Customer Reviews

⚡️ Pros and Cons of Rocket Languages 


  •  Conversational learning procedure
  • Offers complete interactive audio lessons
  • Voice recognition software
  • Free lessons are available
  • Simple and effective
  • Five different approaches to learning
  • Each lesson has activities
  • High quality audio lessons
  • Grammar lessons
  • Conversation practice sessions
  • Offers lifetime access payment


  •  Prices are a little bit costly
  • No monthly subscription

🔥 Conclusion – Rocket Languages French Review 

Rocket Frech language is a great mobile device app that provides learning from words, phrases, and grammar. If you’re serious about learning the French language, then you have to immerse in-depth as much as possible with Rocket. 

The different kinds of training approaches help you to learn the French language in a more effective way. From the beginner to advanced levels of training really helps you to grasp the language and the voice recognition feature helps you to speak fluently like a native speaker. 

At Rocket Languages, you are going to focus on grammar as a part to complete lessons and also going to understand the French culture too. Here, the important thing is the French Translation that helps to translate from English to French to understand the words quickly.

On the whole, the review on Rocket Frech language states that in no time you can become proficient in Frech language by earning all the skills. It’s your turn to give it a try as it is available for lifetime access from little french to fluent french it’s on your way with Rocket Languages. 

✔️ Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 How does Rocket French Language make you fluent?

Rocket French Language course programs are really fun to listen to like everyone who is serious about learning the French language then it is a great platform. Yes, one can become fluent after following the set of instructions, practice, and covering many others.

✌️ How long does Rocket French take?

Rocket French lessons are completely depending on the lessons for levels 1,2,3 – 422 hours. For levels 1 & 2 – 300 hours, and lastly the level – 1, it takes 172 hours.

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