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Cambly Review 2024: Is It The Best English Online Tuition?


Being in the world nowadays requires some of the major qualities which are essential for making a good livelihood. English, a language of class, has been a beautiful way of communication.

By breaking several barriers of geographical boundaries it has become one of the global languages to exist.

Cambly Review

So in this era who wants to miss the train of professional success?

The answer is no one because we all seek the finest qualities as service providers and knowing English is one of them.

Developing fluency in spoken and written English isn’t so tough. All you need is to get a tutor with all of the comforts so that learning isn’t hampered. This is why Cambly is there as it acts in favour of students with its exciting features.

So English fluency isn’t a tough nut to crack as Cambly on your side can get the work done very easily. Also without knowing English a major setback can be considered. So don’t weaken your resume or a well-settled job because of English.

Get your hands over Cambly and announce to the world how well English can be learnt in the shortest period of time with the right partner on your side. Nothing is impossible.

What is Cambly? (In-Depth Review)

Cambly is a private organisation setup to deliver the finest English language learning experience to students worldwide.

About Cambly

This gift to the learners was founded in 2012 by Kevin Law and Sameer Sharif. Vision behind it was to develop a platform for users to help them learn different types of English with the finest tutors from different corners of the world.

It has got several features with a decade plus experience to assist students know the hold over finest grips of English language. Cambly has been home to students seeking easiest ways to learn English without compromising any kind of quality.

What can be Expected from Cambly?

Cambly being an English language learning platform delivers the best e-learning platform to users. Also its experience in the domain serves an end to seeking a flexible platform by users to learn the English language.

Cambly Activities To Do

Students expecting different language types such as American English, British English or any other for that matter can rely over Cambly. It makes sure that all of the demands are fulfilled and any kind of mess is handled with customer care services. An oil-smooth experience is generated by Cambly for all of the students enrolling for it.

What is the Pricing Plan for Cambly?

Pricing of Cambly has to be feasible if they desire a good user base. It highly depends on the users to decide what kind of plan they want. They get a chance to choose the number of minutes as two options will be given as they have to choose from 15 minutes a day or 30 minutes a day.

Depending on the option being chosen the charges differ as for 15 minutes per month charges as has been 6,000 Indian rupee. This also depends on the number of weekdays it has been opted.

Cambly Pricing Plan

The more a user uses Cambly the more they get charged as it totally depends on users the kind of course they prefer. They can pick monthly, quarterly, semester or yearly subscriptions according to their wish.

All of the charges look justified by the different kinds of certification given to students which made Cambly comparatively more legit than others. Different discounts are given to students on the type of plan they prefer.

On a monthly basis they get zero discount but on quarter 20%, on semester 40% and 47% on yearly subscription plans. So the longer you stay the bigger the discount turns out.

How to Enrol for Cambly?

The procedure of enrolling for Cambly had been kept super simple. It reflects the type of teaching it delivers to students worldwide. One has to download the Cambly app from the play store or apple app store. Also the website of Cambly can be used.

Cambly SignUp Page

Information is asked to be filled by users by the platform for formal purposes after that they are allowed to pick up a course. By paying the fees of the preferred course they can enjoy the fluency in teaching with flexible timings and other numerous features which decorate the platform.

What are the Features of Cambly?

A service provider is respected on the basis of assistance it provides to its users. All of the assistance is carried out by features of the platform. Cambly being a platform and a service provider in the sector delivers the finest features to help students learn English without facing any kind of hurdles.

These features decorate Cambly to become one of the highest used apps in the e-learning industry. Lets have an insight into the kind of features Cambly offers to make work easy for users.
Some of its features are as follows –

Be a Tutor on Cambly

Gambly Becoming A Tutor

Cambly is not just about students as Cambly also offers a platform to tutors. It provides them with tutor jobs. Anyone having good holdover English can apply for a Cambly tutorship job. They have to enrol and upload a 2 minute introductory video.

After going through the checkers individuals get hired and a fixed amount they can charge from the number of students they teach. Experience and excellence are analysed well by the platform before hiring any tutor so that all the tutor are worth the fee they are charging for their services.

Different Pricing Plans

As already being discussed, pricing plans are different for the type of services being seeked by students. As if students desire a 15 minute per day class will be charged lower than someone seeking a 30 minute class per day. Also numerous discounts are given on the basis of type of subscriptions taken by users.

This feature saves the money of those who don’t have much time to devote to learning because of their routine but are forced to pay the same amount as someone who will be using the platform more.

Flexible Schedules

Cambly Flexible Schedule

Cambly is online 24/7 so it is not restricted that one has to take classes on specific timings. A learner can belong to any age group and can have different types of routines which makes it tough to follow concrete timings.

This is the reason flexible schedules are added to Cambly so that a student can find a tutor in any hour of the day. This helps them be consistent which is one of the major qualities of being a good learner. So don’t worry whether you desire a class at noon or midnight, Cambly will always be there for you.

Different types of English

Cambly Discovery Option

English is of different types and Cambly had taken care of it very well. It offers British English, American English and Australian English. A student willing to learn any kind of English can depend on Cambly and they won’t be disappointed.

Tutors have an excellent approach towards all of such English classes and perfection is delivered to all those seeking crown brilliance.

Customer Support

Cambly Customer Support

Excellent customer support is given to all the users worldwide. It is available on emails as any kind of query is rapidly solved by the customer support staff of Cambly.

It promises hurdle free education and customer support makes the promise stand firm. Excellent customer support is backbone of any service provider and Cambly had got it done very well.

Interactive Classrooms

Cambly Interactive Classes

Classrooms had been kept interactive so that students don’t get bored of the learning process. Learning can’t be done in pressure and this is what Cambly believes in.

Also tests and quizzes are done to test the knowledge which is being developed over a period of classes. Tutors using engaging methods help the learning process look more interesting.


Cambly Lessons Review

Students get reviews of their lessons which helps them get reviews of 5heir learning. This helps in solidifying the learning concepts and helps them become more efficient in terms of speaking and writing english.

As keeping an eye over your progress is essential only then one can understand whether they are doing it all right or not.

These were some features which decided the fortunes of Cambly and helped it become one of the most used platforms in terms of e-learning of English language.

Pros and Cons


  1. Multiple tutors are available which widens the range of learning experience.
  2. Customer support is excellent and helps solving different types of problems in minutes.
  3. Different pricing plans are comparatively more justified than many others.
  4. Several types of English can be learnt by using Cambly.
  5. Lesson reviews help in analysing the progress of an individual on a daily basis.
  6. Interactive classrooms construct an environment for students to learn faster and better.
  7. Tests and quizzes help in checking the calibre which is being developed with Cambly.


  1. The pay structure for teachers is comparatively lower and it may become tough for tutors to keep going with such an amount.
  2. Inappropriate conversations over video calls is another ill effect of using Cambly.
  3. Tutors also face a lack of classes on some days but have excess on others which turns work messy.
  4. Students may get a tutor who doesn’t have any degree which makes them less reliable.
  5. Cambly is also a bit expensive when compared with its alternatives.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Cambly is a master of English language learning. With all of its features and simplicity it has become the top pick of many.

It has some flaws which may be corrected in future but till that time too Cambly is top-tier app for the users seeking excellence in English language learning. All of the features make it one of the finest platforms to be available for e-learning for both tutors and students.

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