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Mondly vs Duolingo 2024: Which One Is Most Trusted?


Learning a new language is a hobby for some people, and for some people, it is important to learn when they shift to any different language place.

We are living in this digital world, so there are many apps in the market to learn any foreign language that we want.

Mondly vs Duolingo

There is a huge list of online language learning mobile apps, let’s compare Mondly vs Duolingo, as these two are the best options that offer various foreign languages to teach.

Just compare both the apps to learn the language that you want and decide which one is the best for you? 

βœ”οΈ What is Mondly?


Mondly is one of the best online language training apps as it offers 41 languages and till now over 70 million students had learned languages on this platform. The language courses that are available at Mondly are designed by the language experts and the courses are fun, easy, & effective to learn. 

Mondly offers various languages to select and learn at any place, anytime, on any type of electronic device that we want. Simply, you can learn any foreign language on this app with the help of your native language. Google Play, Mondly was picked & named as Editor’s Choice and by Apple, it got named as Best New App. 

✨ Pros and Cons of Mondly


  • Easy & user-friendly interface
  • Free access to learning languages
  • Offers various foreign languages
  • Gamified learning experience
  • Premium version has a discount of 95%
  • Learn at any time and anywhere you want
  • Language experts are designed the courses
  • It works on any device
  • Chatbot conversation
  • Bite-sized lessons
  • Appreciated and Awarded by many companies
  • One time payment and lifetime access


  • The free version has few features
  • Have few languages compared to Duolingo

πŸ€” What is Duolingo?


We have another online learning language app Duolingo, and everyone can learn in a fun and addictive way. The learning procedure is quite attractive because its bite-sized lessons are available in an effective way.

At the same time, the training is provided like a gamification process and in quiz sections earn points to level up the race with correct answers. 

In other words, one can feel like playing a game rather than learning a language at Duolingo. The reason behind this type of learning technology is the learners can understand & grab the words easily. Till now, millions of language learners are chosen Duolingo because of its gamification learning pattern.  

⚑️ Pros and Cons of Duolingo 


  • Available for free of cost and forever
  • Duolingo paid app and it is affordable
  • 14 days free trial period for Duolingo Plus
  • Offers a wide range of languages
  • Ad-free expereince in paid plan
  • Access classes in offline

  • Rewards and coins for motivations
  • Learn fun & effectively any language


  • Lack of benefits in free version
  • Doesn’t include any human interactions
  • Some learning sentences are unnatural
  • It relies mostly on Translation of sentences

⭐ Languages Offered by Mondly and Duolingo

The two language learning apps Mondly and Duolingo are offer courses on different foreign languages and provides training. Let’s see separately what are languages it offers training and in which languages we can get training. 


Mondly languages

First of all, at Mondly the list of languages it provides training services are British English, US English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Catalan, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Greek, Romanian, Afrikaans, Croatian, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian, Tagalog, and Thai. 

One can learn any of these languages from your native language, and from this, it is easy to understand & catch the words easily. 


Duolingo languages

Like Mondly, Duolingo is also provides training for any foreign language that you want to learn and the best part is you can learn it in your native language.

It offers training for the popular languages Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Welsh, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Irish, Esperanto, Scottish Gaelic, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, High Valyrian, Hawaiin, Indonesian, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Navajo, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Swahili, Klingon, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Yiddish, Chinese,  

β˜„οΈ Learning Methodologies – Mondly vs Duolingo

Mondly vs Duolingo, both are stated as online language learning apps, but there are little bit differences to experience the learning methodologies of the lessons. 


Mondly learning methodology

Today, Mondly is one of the best apps that can easily improve language skills and the learning experience is changing according to user preferences. More than 1,000,000 users of Mondly are given a 4.7/5 star rating and it’s your turn to start learning any language for free on this app.

  • One can learn over 1000 language combinations.  
  • Mondly’s content comes with 50 topics so that you can cover up the most common situations.
  • Its 36 vocabulary builders help us to install the words quickly.
  • To speak more fluency, it provides 41 real conversations
  • To improve the learning process, grammar features and conjugation tables are provided.
  • The quick lessons help for consistent improvement on a daily basis.


Duolingo learning methodology

Coming to the learning methodology of Duolingo

  • One can experience personalized learning, which means the lessons are provided according to your learning style.
  • To learn & practice more, it offers exercises to know how much you learned and the good thing is you can review the vocabulary.
  • You can see immediate corrections of your mistakes what you have done at quizzes, exercises. Moreover, it directs you where to improve and how to improve your language skills. 
  • The rewards like virtual coins & unlocking new levels of lessons at Duolingo are the most attractive part to get motivated. Watch your fluency score by learning new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar.
  • When compared to University semester language courses, this Duolingo app is far better and it is proven that

34 hours of Duolingo classes = One Semester of Univesity course. 

πŸ‘ Learning Experience – Mondly vs Duolingo

The learning experience of these two apps is changing people’s mindsets because they are offering new methods of training.

One can learn the language in both a fun and effective way, in more detail we can say that like gameplay. Such type of learning can build interest in the person and one can also learn quickly.


Mondly learning experience

To create courses on Mondly, the world-class experts use different technologies like Mondly, Mondly Kids, Mondly AR, and lastly Mondly VR.

If you’re new to learn any language then Mondly is for you to learn & speak fluently any language that you want. In order to learn fastly, quickly, Mondly designed 40 practical topics. Mondly Kids version is like playing a game and the kids can learn any language like a piece of cake.

Moreover, one can experience the learning in Augmented reality and Virtual reality classes. You can learn most comfortably on your couch on any device. Even Mondly works for businesses too, as it takes part in boosting customer interactions, collaboration with other country companies, and also in many other ways.


Duolingo gives access to learn languages for free but to experience more benefits and additional activities go with the paid plan.

It is just not only for individual learning purposes but also for schools. The personalized learning, practice sessions, quizzes, rewarding points, and other aspects are preparing them like classroom training.

On a single dashboard, the teacher can track the records and give feedback to the students.  

Duolingo for schools & English test

In order to certify your English proficiency, Duolingo offers an English Test, and this helps to get certified in your English proficiency.

It is complete standardized testing without travel and you can do it at your own pace, as the test takes less than an hour. The results will be provided in two days, the best thing is this certification is recognized by thousands of universities across the world.

πŸ”… Mondly Features vs Duolingo Features

Mondly and Duolingo offers various features that help the users to choose & learn any language according to their style. 


The Mondly features are mentioned below in the lists

Bite-Sized Lessons 

We are living in a busy lifestyle, so Mondly provides training that fits according to our daily routine. Roughly it takes five minutes per lesson, so there is no feel stress to learn the language and can easily move according to the goals.

Access Lifetime Learning   

Mondly -lifetime learning

Mondly is a unique learning language app that helps to learn any language that you want by providing lifetime access. T

here is nothing worry to choose from Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese and American English to British English. One can learn the language in a simple way without feeling any stress.

Laddering Technique

The laddering technique at Mondly is useful to learn multiple languages, by using the native language learn the target language. If we take an example, french is the native language and Portuguese is the target language to learn.  

Context-Based Learning Technology 

Learning new words and improve the vocabulary easily at Mondly, means select a new word and then context a sentence based on that word. 

Chat-bot for Improvement in Pronunciation

Mondly Chatbot

Speaking and Pronouncing the words are the main things while learning a new language. On Mondly, you can record & replay what you speak and compare to the native speaker. This chat-bot feature literally helps mostly in improving speaking & pronunciation skills. 

Gamification Learning

If you’re more likely to learn a language in a competitive manner comparing to others, then Mondly offers a leaderboard option.

In the leaderboard, you can see and compare with others, that how much you learned and how much you’re backward in training the program. To some people those who want to learn usually without any comparison & stress then you have the chance to off the leaderboard option.

A Small Brief after Each Lesson

Mondly gives up-to-date information after the completion of each lesson to understand what you’ve covered and what you’re going to learn. If possible make notes and it helps while revising purposes. 

Flexibility & Convenience of Learning  

Mondly offers language learning training from beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. So, it is easy to choose the option that you to learn that language. For example, if you have basic knowledge of the French language then it is preferred to pick an intermediate level option to learn fluently. 

One time Payment & Lifetime Access 

Mondly offers one-time payment and lifetime access feature so that you can enjoy learning many languages. If a new language is updated, then easily you can learn it without paying any extra fee.  


The list of Duolingo features are

Module Tests

The module tests at Duolingo are useful for learners to attempt because to know from where to start to learn the language. If you know what some words of the target language mean, it’s waste of time to learn from scratch.

So, attempt the test, and according to the score it suggests learning from the intermediate level or advanced level. If you don’t have any idea or basic knowledge of the target language means it is a good option to choose the beginner level.

It is a reminder if you complete the module means then only it unlocks to another module/lesson.


Duolingo Exercises

Duolingo main focuses on a person’s weakest points by providing exercises. It displays a picture and asks to match with the image, and from such types of programs, it recognizes your mistakes and explains everything to improve your language skills. 

Streaks and Updates

Duolingo -Gamification learning

Duolingo offers streaks and updates when you finished the lessons and modules and it provides motivation while learning. If you perform well continuously for three days then you’ll get three-day streaks.

The learning technique at Duolingo is totally like playing a game with fun & entertainment and the learners catch up with the new skills with ease.

Flexible Lessons

The lessons at Duolingo are small and cover all the elements of the language to learn. It mostly focuses on the three pillars that are listening, writing, and speaking. 


It provides a sentence and asks to translate into the target language, such kind of activities helps to learn the language easily. 

Easy to use Interface

The design of the app and the navigation is so simple and easy to use. There are no difficult operations, even a school kid can easily manage the app. 

πŸ’š Mondly vs Duolingo – Testimonials 

The users of both apps are spoken about their learning journey and how these apps improve the fluency of that particular language. It seems that the learners of Mondly & Duolingo are happy with their teachings. For more, we can see the below pictures of their reviews provided. 

Mondly Customer Stories

One of the customers wrote, “the learning experience at Mondly is the same as playing a game and it’s very addictive”. Another one says, “Learned more in just a few lessons on this app compared to grade school”.  

Mondly customer reviews

Duolingo Customer Stories Are not Available

We can’t see the customer reviews of Duolingo:

🎁 Pricing Comparison – Mondly vs Duolingo 

Mondly vs Duolingo, both language learning apps are available free of cost and we can see some lack of features in the free version. Coming to premium versions, there are lots of benefits and it is easier to learn any language to speak fluently. 

Mondly Premium Plan

Mondly Pricing discount

In the free version, the first section consists of 6 lessons, with each vocabulary & conversation section including the chatbot conversation.

Every day a new with practice sessions and weekly quizzes, challenges are provided on monthly basis. These tests are to analyze your progress and from this, know the weaker points and show some special interests to grow in those areas.  

Mondly premium plan is a one-time payment structure plan for a lifetime with 95% off. It gives access to different languages and this plan is helpful to learn & speak any new language that you want. In this premium plan, there are a lot of benefits like 

  • In order to handle real-life situations easily, Mondly provides 250 lessons with practical topics. 
  • The real-life conversation is available to help to learn like a native language.
  • To improve more provides 36 vocabulary builders
  • More than 1300 daily lessons to learn with weekly quizzes, assessments, and monthly challenges. It creates enthusiasm to learn more with fun through gamification learning methodology.
  • The speech recognition feature is a more powerful one that gives feedback on the spot and makes it correct what are the things that went wrong.
  • To gain more grip on the language, Grammar features & conjugation tables are available in it.

Duolingo Plus Pricing

Duolingo Pricing

Duolingo offers a free version with full access to languages but there is a lack in many areas like no quizzes, tracking the progress, offline access, and many more. The best part of the free version is you can use Duolingo for schools with the same account. 

Proceed with the premium version i.e., Duolingo Plus which offers 14 days free trial period. It costs $6.99/month. There are many benefits in Duolingo Plus compared to the free version and they are

  • Gives full access to learn the lessons of any language 
  • One can watch the lesson with an ad-free experience
  • Even you can watch lessons on offline mode
  • Unlimited mistakes are recognized to correct them
  • Track your progress up-to-date

πŸ”₯ Final Words On Mondly vs Duolingo

In the conclusion, if we compare both the apps Mondly and Duolingo are providing great learning language programs to the people. Overall, these apps are more beneficial for different types of language learners and for those who are unable to pick the right one means then 

Select Mondly if:

  • Offers free version 
  • Provides few languages compared to Duolingo
  • Lifetime access
  • Anyone can select to learn
  • On-time payment structure
  • Flexible learning
  • Learn on any device, at any time, and any place
  • Bite-sized lessons
  • Chatbot conversation

Select Duolingo if:

  • Offers free version
  • Suitable for all types of learners
  • Offers a wide range of language learning programs
  • Duolingo Plus is available at an affordable cost
  • Ad-free lessons in paid subscription plan
  • Weekly quizzes, and monthly challenges
  • Rewards for motivations and goal-setting
  • Translation of words

πŸ‘‰ Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ‘ Is Mondly better than Duolingo for improving the language skills?

Mondly and Duolingo, both are online language learning platforms and they teach effectively and funnier way. If we compare them, Mondly is the best option to pick because the teaching process takes to another level. The grammar instructions and high-quality speech recognitions are the main advantages to pick Mondly.

πŸ‘Š Really learning the language at Duolingo good or bad?

Duolingo is one of the online language learning platforms to provide training on different foreign languages. Even it motivates you to train and one can learn more vocabulary and word phrases easily. But in reality, Duolingo is not a complete language learning platform but it is very good at starting point of learning.

✌️ What happens if you don’t do the Spanish language on Duolingo?

The Duolingo platform allows you to learn the lessons in a step-by-step process which means if you complete the first lesson then only it unlocks your next lesson. No matter which language you pick, the learning procedure is the same.

🀞 What is the difference between Mondly Free and Premium content?

Mondly offers a few options in the free version such as six lessons in the first section, one conversation, one vocabulary, etc. But coming to the Premium subscription plan, you can experience many features that help you to learn & speak the language more fluently.

πŸ€—Does Mondly and Duolingo start training from scratch?

Mondly and Duolingo is good at providing language learning by offering in three different levels basic, intermediate, and advanced. If you have some idea of the basics of the Spanish language then you can select an intermediate level to learn the language.

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