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Babbel Spanish Review 2022: Is It Worth The Cost? [Truth]


Learning new skills is no anymore a decoration over personality as now it has become a compulsion.

In this chaotic and messy life, only new skills can help survive more finely.

Languages are part of powerful skillsets now as they help in boosting communication.

Introduction to Babbel spanish

Powerful communication is a key to new relations and perfect co-existence. Learning new languages also helps in understanding new cultures and getting track of new literature. 😉

One such beautiful language is Spanish and an individual who wishes to learn it has to not worry anymore as “Babbel” is here to serve the best language learning to students.

What is Babbel?

About Babbel

Babbel is a world-class language learning platform that offers one of the finest structures and methods. It is a Germany-based app that is serving students in learning 15 different languages.

Babbel is a privately held corporation headed by Arne Schepker (CEO), Thomas Hall (CTO), Geoff Stead (CPO), and Julie Hansen (CEO Babbel, Inc). Babbel is roaring in the industry of e-learning platforms and also has experienced a tremendous boost in the count of users.

What is Babbel Spanish Course?

About Babbel Spanish Course

Spanish is one out of fifteen languages offered by Babbel. The Spanish teachings are handled with care by the teaching staff so that students get to understand every aspect of Spanish very well and not just the top layer of basic/easy learning.

Brilliant Spanish teachings are given by Babbel to satisfy the cravings for the Spanish language among numerous students.

Well distributed Lessons

Lessons by Babbel

Learning a language can’t take place in a moment or a matter of seconds. As it has to be done by following a specific order. Babbel has the finest structure in terms of delivering the teachings of Spanish. The process involves different teaching levels. 😇

Each level consists of 2 to 6 courses which involve 5 to 15 lessons each. The duration of these lessons is around 10 to 15 minutes. This distribution helps in learning step by step and having a smooth learning experience.

Live Classes

Live classes by babbel

Only recorded sessions aren’t the only offerings by Babbel as it also delivers live classes. The pricing gets higher for the students who wish to avail the advantages of live classes. The students who are interested in having it have to apply much faster as only 6 students in each class get a chance to have it.

Discussion about Spain

Spain and it's language

The classes which go live have a specific edge over normal classes as they involve discussions about the culture of Spain. The students get a chance to relate more to the language by understanding the basics of its culture and history.

It involves a 60-minute long lecture which helps in getting the roots of holidays, architecture, and other art forms of Spain. The more one learns about the art of a nation the more they feel connected to the language.

Drills of Learning

Get a review with Babbel

Numerous fabulous drills are part of Babbel learning which helps in understanding the roots of Spanish. These drills make the learning process easy and super exciting. The drills transform the practice rhythm into a super fun process.

Once an individual gets hands on the terms of practice and makes it part of their routine then excellence becomes super easy. The drills and techniques are very interactive which is one of the reasons Babbel is becoming dominant in the market.

Get a Review

Babbel has particular reviews every time a student visits it back.  Babbel believes in understanding how well the teachings are working for an individual. Students have to review the words they had learned in the previous lesson this works like a mini-test. 😍

Drills of learning with Babbel

The students themselves can keep track of their progression. Once students know their progression then they can easily decide on their pace whether they want to learn more rapidly or they need a revision.

English Support

Multiple times it happens that a student just needs a hint to reach the answer. Babbel has taken care of it very well while doing the drill or revision reviews.

Babbel Support System

The students can see the hints in the English language which indirectly leads to the answer. This feature helps in building up the confidence of students as they get to know that they do know the answers. Only what they need are the basic informational hints to reach the answer. 

English is a global language and making it part of a language learning app is going to be very helpful to deliver explanations.

Grammar Support

Grammar is the soul of any language; one who doesn’t know the right grammar can’t get the right creation. Babbel pours in the best grammar testing and even in the right proportion.

It doesn’t get students on their toes while checking the grammar as harsh grammar checking can be annoying to some students. Still, the essential grammar is maintained in Babbel so that students don’t get the wrong learning.

This showcases the vision of Babbel as how it helps in understanding the easy learning format by eradicating the burden of perfection.

Pricing Plan for Babbel Spanish

Pricing plans of Babbel

The pricing factor of Spanish learning makes sure every penny is well deserved and no one feels conned. For one month’s course, the charges stand at $12.95 monthly if anyone seeks a three-month plan then it comes with a discount and collective cost of around $26.85. 😚

This is the factor that helps excite more audiences toward Babbel. This is also affordable from a student’s point of view and also does nice marketing for Babbel helping in making it reach the top.

#5 Key Benefits of Learning Spanish by Babbel

1. Perfect Paced Lectures

The division of lectures is done by considering the pace only. Every student has a different pace in terms of learning but still, the structure can offer an average pace which makes sure that learning is neither chaotic nor slow.

Both of them can go negative for students. This feature gives the benefit of a beautiful learning experience to students. Moving at your own pace is better than someone deciding your pace.

2. Level Distribution

The level is distributed more finely so the chronological order is maintained. Level distribution helps in getting in travelling the journey of basic learning to advanced methods. Babbel has divided lessons into multiple pre-levels too which helps in supporting the idea of learning and achieving brilliance.

3. Quick Lessons

Babbel Spanish language learning courses don’t cost you all day and disturb the routine. Babbel has kept the length of lessons pretty short as each lesson ends up in the period of 10-15 minutes only. This lesson length helps in getting the work done in a better place. This quick lesson structure gives an edge to Babbel.

4. Language Reviews

Language learning is reviewed perfectly by the app regularly. Each lesson is reviewed regularly which helps in getting an insight into the learning process. Whether the review goes in favor of the student or not they still get to see the reality which helps in getting the correction done more efficiently.

5. Live Classes

Live classes deliver a better doubt-solving round. The size of classes is much lower which helps in getting more attention from an individual. The class size for live classes is 6 students. This feature is also different from many other apps offering language learning.

How to Register for Babbel Spanish Course?

The registration isn’t a tough nut to crack when the service provider is perfect like Babbel. It helps in understanding the idea of smooth registration as an individual simply as to add their details. Details involved the specific personal information of an individual.

Babble Log In And Sign Up Process

These details are not shared with any third party and it is just part of the registration process. After enrolling the user has to enter their payment mode to pay. As soon as payment is done one can easily avail of the services of Babbel.

Also if anyone is interested in live classes then they have to keep a tap over notification as seats are not so many and get filled super fast. After paying some extra pennies one can get hold of these extra classes.

What To Expect From Babbel Spanish Course?

Babbel Spanish serves the finest learning experience to users. The way it is structured delivers the best chronological learning experience enabling users a very smooth experience. At Babbel, you grow as a perfectionist in the language.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Babbel

Babbel Spanish has got several pros which makes it a top-notch language learning app. Babbel helps in well-paced learning too which serves the expectation of a better understanding platform. It is so quick with lessons too which end the craving for fast completion of the course without compromising the quality.

👍 Pros

  • Well-balanced grammar checking neither creates a mess nor eradicates the value of grammar.
  •  The review checking helps in keeping the track of an individual’s performance.
  • Level distribution helps in getting a well-structured development from basic to advanced. 😊
  •  Length of lessons helps in wrapping the course more quickly contributing to fast-paced learning.
  • Numerous interactive drills help in making the practice a fun activity.
  • Live classes eradicate the doubts and give a boost to individual learning.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

Conclusion: Should You Join This Babbel Spanish Course?

Yes, Babbel is flawless and it has numerous benefits which make it the top pick of students. The sense of Spanish gets into students mind by an understanding of culture related to the language.

It helps in getting a finer way of learning with numerous features. Still got some cons as any app will have but tried to be considering all of the factors which are important in terms of making it a good choice.

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