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Babbel vs Rosetta Stone (Comparison): Which One Is Best?


Learning a new language is a pretty easy task because we have various resources and language learning apps in the market.

Due to many reasons like shifting to a new place means it is important to learn the language for communication purposes. For some people learning a new language is a hobby, these language learning apps are very helpful for those people.

Now, Babbel and Rosetta Stone are the two language learning software which is leading at the top and it is loved by their 1000’s of customers.

Babbel Vs Rosetta

To learn the language, just compare both the platforms and decide which one has more scope to learn & understand the language quickly. 

😇 What is Babbel?


Babbel is one of the language learning platforms that offers training for 13 different languages. At Babbel, you’re just not only learning the language but you’re going to use it actually for a lifetime of conversations.

The Babbel app is designed according to the people’s goals and one can understand, learn, speak, listen, and write the language that they learn. 

Babbel is designed by the Professionals of over 100 linguistics and moreover, the lessons are structured in a realistic way. Interactive dialogues are the best way a learner can learn the language and also can speak confidently.

The time taken by each lesson will be around 10-15 minutes, and it allows you to learn any language on any device. Babbel provides feedbacks so that you can analyze what you have learned, and what you have to learn.  

💫 Pros and Cons of Babbel 


  • Training provided in a realistic way
  •  Trains with Interactive dialogues
  • Coaches are native speakers and experts
  • Speech recognition feature
  • A simple explanation of the lessons
  • Time is taken for each lesson content 10-15min


  •  Not having a free trial and free version
  • No live tutor option

🤔 What is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is also the language learning platform that provides training for nearly 25 languages. It works differently because you’re going to feel the real experience, from the first lesson start tuning the pronunciation. Its TrueAccent speech-recognition engine helps you to pronounce the words. 

It is a complete professional learning platform and to speed up the learning, it allows you to interact with native-speaking coaches.

If we consider the stats of Rosetta Stone, as of now millions of learners use this platform. Over 12,000 corporations, over 9000 public, non-profit organizations, and over 22,000 educational institutions are picked to learn on this platform.

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☄️ Pros and Cons of Rosetta Stone


  •  Offers free trial period for 3 days
  • TrueAccent speech recognition feature
  • Coaches are native speakers
  • Downloadable lessons
  • Lessons are available in high-quality audio
  • Courses are available for lifetime access


  •  The pricing plan is based on language

🤗 Languages Offered [Babbel vs Rosetta Stone]

Babbel & Rosetta Stone, both platforms offer different languages to train the learners and the list of the languages of individuals is mentioned below. 

⚡️ Babbel

Languages offered by Babbel

As mentioned, Babbel offers 13 languages to learn such as French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Indonesian, Danish, and Spanish.

✨ Rosetta Stone

Languages offered by Rosetta Stone

Coming to Rosetta Stone, offers 25 languages to learn & speak and they are Spanish (Latin America), French, Italian, German, English (American), Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (British), Filipino (Tagalog), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Latin, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. 

😋 How Babbel & Rosetta Stone Works?

Babbel and Rosetta Stone, both are learning language software applications but coming to a working approach both of them have some slight differences. We can see in detail how actually they work individually. 

✔️ How does Babbel Works?

Babbel is having almost 150 linguistic and experts who are always provide training for the learners of their respective language that they want to learn. 

Babbel platform is completely designed as same as the real-world conversations and the native speakers are voiced the courses that are available on this platform. The main agenda of Babbel is to hear the language how to pronounce and how to speak. Once after completion of training, you’re going to speak the language like a native speaker.  

Speech Recognition Software

Babbel’s next theme is to provide more practice for the learners and so they can easily grab the language. So, it offers speech recognition software for learners, and one can easily learn & practice the words how to pronounciate them. You can practice more and more until you speak confidently from the beginning of the program. 

15 Minutes for Each Lesson

At Babbel, learn the course lessons regularly a bit for a period of 15 minutes and this approach is to learn more effectively. Learning more at a time is really not good to understand and also difficult to remember the words, this short-term learning approach is the best part of Babbel. 

 A Review Manager 

Babbel Review Manager

Babbel has a review manager that really helps to keep a long-term memory when you learn the language words and phrases. The review manager system looks into the progress on which words and phrases that you learn, provide a report on the next day.

From this, get to know in what areas are weaker and practice those words & phrases. This kind of approach provided by Babbel to its learners is a great opportunity to convert short-term memory into long-term.

The Approach of Goals and Methods 

The goal of the lessons at Babbel is to deal in a communicative way and the learner after completion of the course will earn like a real-world skill. Of course, the teachings at Babbel provide real-world knowledge to the learner. You can use the words and phrases of the language as a native speaker. 

Tailored and Structured Lessons 

The courses at Babbel are tailored according to the learner’s native language. For example, the American Person can learn the Spanish language by using their native language American English.  

Grammar with the Help of Dialogue 

The grammar at Babbel was introduced as naturally as possible through the dialogue format learning with different exercises. From this, the learner can figure out before they provide explanations and it builds confidence in the learner’s while they go through the sessions. 

Babbel Grammar

Scientifically Proven as an Effective Platform 

Babbel was verified by multiple top universities, and it is an effective one to learn the language in a conversational way. One of the top universities – City University of New York studies shows that one of the beginners who trained for the Spanish language at Babbel was improved the speaking level in two months. 

Core Values 

The diversity makes stronger at Babbel, as it has 600 employees of different nationalities and they represent the content not only in the written format but also in images. This is to represent the people of different backgrounds, ages, and other criteria as it wants to show the world what the Babbel platform is. 


The teachers at Babbel are knowledgeable, linguistics, passionate, and experts. They create content that empowers millions of people by providing training based on the learner’s native languages.  

✔️ How does Rosetta Stone Stone Works?

Rosetta Stone is a complete solution to learn a new language as it provides everything you need. It is one of the leading learning platforms and is preferred by millions of people across the world.

Rosetta Stone, not yet done but its professionals, linguists, and other engineers are preparing the product to be more perfect with up-to-date content. To know how effective it is, give it a try by choosing any language that you want to learn.   

The teachings at Rosetta Stone are you can learn the words, phrases, and concepts within the surroundings. With a carefully designed sequence, the words and images are introduced and it helps the learners to build the language exceptionally on what they learn continuously. 

How does Rosetta Stone works

Overall, the learning procedure at Rosetta Stone is like a natural way from deciding to learn a language and then stepping ahead to the course everything happened naturally. The words become sentences and the sentences become conversations, it is the process one can experience learning structure of a language at Rosetta Stone. 

The pronunciation of words and speaking the words at Rosetta Stone takes to another level. It comes with an advanced speech algorithm as it has the capacity to compare your voice to other 100’s of samples of native speakers.

On the other side, it instantly gives feedback by comparing and analyzing sound waves, spectrograms, and pitch contour to make perfect your pronunciation. You’re just learning a new language but you’re going to speak like a native.

The online live native tutors is another advantage to fine-tune the language, so you can schedule the sessions and learn with real conversations. The native speakers help you to learn in every aspect as you’re going to speak in your learning language throughout the entire session. 

The best part is you can connect and communicate with the people who are learning your language. Along with this, you can play games, read stories, and many more things as its one and only main agenda is to speak the language with confidence.

It empowers you to do things like never before you imagined as it is ready to provide training in a conversational way no matter what is the reason to learn a new language.  

😛 Babbel vs Rosetta Stone – Learning Style

We can see that both learning language apps are having different learning styles. The details of the individual learning style are mentioned here.

✌️ Babbel Learning Style 

Babbel Learning style

Learning a language at Babbel is completely in a visual format with images, and letters. It is one of the best ways to remember things for a longer period of time. Not only this, even it provides training through audio lessons, and written context.

Overall, one can learn the language to earn the four skills like reading, writing, listening, and speaking. No matter whatever the language that you want to learn, it provides training effectively, so that you’re going to achieve everything with Babbel. 

If anyone feeling trouble understanding what the native speakers speak, then check out babbles conversation of trainers. In order to improve the reading skills, Babbel provides short texts with tests to understand the language with few questions. 

Worried about spelling? the word you learned at Babbel you’ll see on the platform and then write based on the memory, it is like a test. Babbel is a platform that lays the foundation to learn any language from grammar, vocabulary to pronunciation. 

👉 Rosetta Stone Learning Style

Rosetta Stone learning style

Rosetta Stone offers training to learn a language in a week. Yes, what you listen to is absolutely correct and it provides the lessons at different levels. In the first level, Unit one, you’re going to learn the language basics.

On the second day, you’re going to match the words to the images and on the third day, the training is provided like playing a game or activity. By performing this activity, you can earn points, and on day four learn the sentence formations.

On the fifth day, based on the image learn the language, on the sixth day interact with the tutor by scheduling a session and learn more in-depth language. On the final day, there will be a scene displayed on the screen, and look into it and describe it as the partner will place the items according to what you say. 

❣️ Customer Reviews – Babbel vs Rosetta Stone 

The users of Babbel vs Rosetta Store are given their responses on how they provide training of the respective platforms. You can see the individual reviews on their customers react on the learning platforms.

Babbel Testimonials 

Babbel Customer Reviews

One of the Babbel customers, Carolyn wrote, “Babbel is almost like an immersion as the practical dialogues are more advantageous part to learn easily and it is useful during the conversations in the Italian language”. 

Another customer Helen wrote, “It is a genius platform, as the bite-sized lessons and very clear learning language design are the attractive parts”.

Rosetta Stone Testimonials 

Rosetta Stone Customer Reviews

The customers love Rosetta Stone, the total reviews of the app store ratings are out of 5 gets 4.7. Total 49,605 ratings are given by the learners are given to this app.  

One of the customers Amir Hessam wrote, “It is a perfect one” as he learned the Arabic language on this platform and was also given a five-star rating. 

🎁 Babbel vs Rosetta Stone – Pricing Plans

Now, you’re just one click away to learn the language that you want, and let’s compare the pricing details of Babbel and Rosetta Stone. Babbel does not offer any free trial period or any free version, but coming to Rosetta Stone, it offers a 3-day free trial option. So, choose the perfect plan and start learning. 

Babbel Pricing 

Babbel Pricing

For one month, Babbel costs $12.95/month, for 3 months costs $8.95/month and total $26.85 by saving 35%. The pricing for 6 months is $7.45/month and the total cost is $44.70 which means you’re going to save 45%. The best value for the yearly subscription price is $6.95/month and the total cost is $83.40 as you’re going to save 50% of the original amount. 

The payments and transactions are carried over an SSL-encrypted connection, so nothing to worry about as it is a completely secure payment. If you do not satisfy, just write or connect with the customer service for a full refund and get it within 20 days. Till now, over 10 million subscriptions were sold across the world.  

Rosetta Stone Pricing

Rosetta Stone Pricing

At Rosetta Stone, the pricing plans are structured for three months, 12 months, and Lifetime. No matter, which language do you want to choose to learn at Rosetta stone the pricing for three months is $11.99/month. If you want to learn 3 or more languages then it is good to choose 12-month programs that cost $9.99/month.

For a lifetime, it costs $179 and you have to pay for one time only. It offers a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can purchase the plan that you want confidently.

At Rosetta Stone, binge more with unlimited languages as the courses are

  • The available courses are tailored according to the goal, and the optional plans are added structure to the learning.
  • Get instant feedback of the accent according to your pronounciation of the words and phrases.
  • The bite-sized lessons are manageable, so you can easily learn at your own pace.
  • The lessons are immersed according to the real-life scenarios.

💥 Final Words – Babbel vs Rosetta Stone

Babbel and Rosetta Stone, these two language learning platforms are good at their pricing, services, and training for the language learners. But still can’t decide to pick the better choice among them means just go ahead 

Select Babbel if:

  • Offers training for 13 languages
  • One can learn language for real life
  • Does not have any free trial
  • Affordable payment
  • Courses are available in realistic explanations
  • Interactive dialogues
  • Babbel lessons takes 10-15 min

Select Rosetta Stone if:

  • Offers 25 languages which is more compared to Babbel
  • Has 3-day free trial
  • Has coaches of a native speaker
  • Live tutors
  • Can communicate with other learners
  • Has multi device capability
  • Comes with TrueAccent voice recognition software
  • Offers pricing for a lifetime access
  • Pricing may vary according to target language and learning period.

👀 Frequently Asked Questions 

🤞 Can anyone really become fluent after learning a new language at Babbel?

Babbel is one of the language learning apps that offer from American English to Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, and many more. According to the experts, one can learn a new language as soon as three weeks. The exact period of time completely depends on the learner.

✌️ Babbel vs Rosetta Stone, which one is better?

As we know that both Babbel and Rosetta Stone are good language learning platforms and coming to the comparison of which one is better means Babbel is more focused on providing conversational skills training and on the other side, Rosetta Stone provides Live tutors.

👊 What is the benefit of investing time in learning a new language at Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone has great content for learners of different levels like beginners and advanced. If anyone is serious about learning a language means Rosetta Stone is the right platform.

👍 How can you know Rosetta Stone works?

Once you signed into Rosetta Stone, then at the top right corner on the screen you can look into the My reports. Now, drop down the menu and see the progress of each level, lesson, and unite of the language that you pick.

👉 What is Rosetta Stone Live?

Rosetta Stone Live is all about learning and practicing the new language with a set up of small groups in real-time. The complete sessions are scheduled by the coach or live tutor who is a native speaker. With the help of a microphone headset, you can communicate with the coach and the other learners.

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