Rocket Languages Spanish Review 2021: Is it Worth To Buy?

These days, learning an extra language creates new job opportunities, helps in conversing while traveling, and is also considered as a person’s intelligence quotient. Spanish is one of the widest used languages in the world and from Mexico to Columbia and of course, native Spain, it is the first language for many people. One of these platforms that I’ve come across to learn Spanish is the Rocket languages Spanish Course.

It allow users to learn the widely-spoken language in the form of audio lessons, workbooks, quizzes, games, and many more things. The course helps in learning Spanish straight from beginner to advanced and the platform provides a learning experience with native Spanish speakers which makes it much better than other online courses.

rocket languages spanish review

There are many courses in the market that have earned a hype but this course isn’t just about this, there’s a lot more to it. What are its features? How does this work? And is it good enough? In this Rocket Spanish Review, you’ll find answers to everything.

Rocket Languages Spanish Review 💭

The course is an online method of learning Spanish and saves the time of going to classes. Out of courses that the Rocket Languages company has created, this one is the most successful. It is the best course if someone wants to have a conversational Latin-American Spanish knowledge.

This course mainly focuses on grammar and vocabulary, rather than the things that don’t hold much importance. In order to make the language more functional, the lessons move one by one and detail everything in a way that a person thoroughly learns it. There’s no hush over here unlike other courses, and it breaks down content so that it’s easy to understand. It is nowhere near to the other courses that promise a thousand things and give out nothing. Let’s take a look at its features now.

Rocket Languages Spanish Course Features ✨

The entire course has 4 things to learn with and 2 platforms to check out throughout the day. Here are the things that the course consists of:

Why Rocket languages Spanish is best?

1. Interactive Audio Lessons:

At first, the course has audio lessons to start with. These lessons are very similar to podcast-style courses that can be downloaded on phones and one can directly listen on the computer as well. There are around 31 interactive audio lessons, and each of them lasts for around 20 minutes. The speech is in a very conversational tone and it’s quite informative.

Two hosts have recorded the audios, and both of them break down the entire course so that it helps in practicing the pronunciations. It starts with basic terms such as how to introduce yourself and other conversational sentences. Slowly, the lessons go in-depth and even teach “how to ask for a coffee”.

Theory can’t fulfill everything and as a reason, they’ve launched Audio lessons for effective pronunciation and understanding. Each lesson covers lots of grammar and vocabulary points and it makes learning very easy. The audios are well-prepared and everything is accurate and on-point.

2. Language and Culture Lessons:

After one is done with those 31 audio files, then come the Language and Culture Lessons. There are a total of 33 lessons present in this module, and each of them works accordingly. Each lesson has something related to the audio lessons and is meant to be gone through simultaneously with every audio file. Now let’s break down the language and culture sections:

  • Language:

A perfect example of a traditional course, they focus a lot on the learning part. These are like the textbooks we use for learning anything, only more interactive and attractive. Everything is comprised of these lessons and is very straightforward. Also, they cover all building elements of Spanish which makes it very informative and productive.

  • Culture:

Now, this might feel like the course is focussing on a specific area’s Spanish, but this isn’t the exact thing. The language somehow varies from one place to another and might have different dialects. What is spoken in Argentina might not go for Columbia and the dialects would be different for Spain. So, this course doesn’t focus on any cultural dialect and in fact, one learns everything that isn’t specific and is cumulative of any country. Barely anyone joins a course specifically for a regional dialect, and the lessons are great, which is the most important part.

3. Rocket Reinforcement Tools:

After both language lessons and audio lessons, there comes the third-most important component. This isn’t a core element, but it is crucial and frames the structure of this course. Each lesson comes with a few ‘Rocket Reinforcement’ tests to make sure that there is nothing left behind. These focus on Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Recall.

The tests are like games that help in learning things that are troubling you and you can’t learn. Many courses run very fast and there’s no room for learning properly, this disrupts a course’s outcomes. These exercises challenge a person and increase their will to learn something they’re facing problems with.

There are things such as a flashcard game and self-graded tests present on the Rocket Spanish eLearning Platform. The tool tells whether the answers are right or wrong and these also have difficulty levels from ‘easy’, ‘good’, and ‘hard’. But if someone doesn’t want to learn one thing again and again then they can skip it.

Rocket languages Spanish Course

4. Improving Pronunciations:

After the learning process is completed, the course then moves forward with improving pronunciations. The course teaches how to improve the way every word is pronounced and is dedicated to getting on the right track. With a new language, everyone doubts that they shouldn’t pronounce anything wrong, therefore, they assure that everything is thoroughly understood and call this process as ‘Rocket Record’.

In every audio example, this course lets one record their pronunciation and after that, the system gives out a score out of a hundred and tells if anything went wrong. There are more than 2,600 voice comparison phrases present on the platform. At times people face this problem while learning anything online, and this course has an effective solution to it.

5. Forum:

Now, this is the best part of this course. Although this is an online platform, one somehow gets a classroom atmosphere with this forum. They can ask questions and raise their doubts over here. It’s also very easy to practice pronunciations with other people and correct if anything is wrong. All members are present and they are always present here to get and give desired clarifications.

6. Badges, points, and more:

When people get bored and disappointed with a mainstream course, they lose their motivation and interest in the same. That’s why the course has launched games and quizzes that grant points and badges if the answers are correct. This helps the student get going with the course and keeps them motivated. These games are online multiplayer or one can even play on their own. If it works, then play one daily and brush up language skills like a pro!

Who should take Rocket Languages Spanish Course?

Although this course is suitable for everyone, here are the people who’d truly need it:

learn spanish with rocket language

1. For people who don’t have the time for traditional classes:

At times people can’t take out time for any extra class or can’t move out of the home due to some of the other reasons. This class is ideal for them and they can learn anytime they want to, throughout the day. There are absolutely no limitations when it comes to timing. Also, this makes things very easy and one doesn’t have to run and catch up each and every class. Just stay home and relax!

2. If someone is traveling to a country where people speak Spanish:

Language is the only barrier if one wishes to travel to a specific country, and taking a traditional class for a trip makes absolutely no sense. To learn the language in such cases, this class is the best option. They teach casual and conversational Spanish that one can use if they’re traveling somewhere. This will also help in learning everything in a short span of time. In a flight en route to the destination? Check the course online and learn anytime!

3. Who want to learn Spanish as a hobby:

Many people have a craze of learning new languages, and it’s pretty good. If someone wants to learn things just for enjoyment, then they can always go for this course, and the games and everything makes it even more interesting. The audio lessons are also in an interactive and conversational tone and any new learner will enjoy the points and examples.

4. Someone who wants an extra aid in learning the language:

If someone is already enrolled in other Spanish classes be it in college or school, they can use the Rocket Spanish eLearning Course. At times it’s not easy to understand in classrooms and there’s no room for queries. In such a case, it is always suggestible to take an online class that acts as the perfect aid. If there is any doubt or confusion, one can always check out the lessons from ‘language and culture’ or can even ask on the forum. This platform will help reach a solution in any case.

5. Older Kids, Teens, or Senior Citizens:

The game culture is rising every day and people love playing games while learning. Apart from kids and teens, even senior citizens are gaga behind this entertainment format. If anyone of them wants to learn Spanish, then this could be their go-to platform at any time of the day.

Here, they can engage themselves in audios and also play games when they gain sufficient knowledge about the language. It is very enjoyable and has a user-friendly and interactive interface.

Rocket Spanish Course Pricing packages 💸

There are three packages existing and all have lifetime access. The packages are:

Level 1-$99.95:

Rocket Spanish Course Price

This level helps beginners in reaching to the intermediate level. It includes:

  • 134 hours of Lesson Time.
  • 2,666 phrases with the feature of voice recognition.
  • 33 Language and Culture Lessons.
  • 34 interactive audio lessons.
  • A bonus survival kit.


Level 1 and 2-$249.90:

Rocket Spanish Course Price

This one takes one straightaway from beginner to advanced and is cumulative. This includes:

  • 244 hours of lesson time.
  • 5,807 phrases with the feature of voice recognition.
  • 56 Language and Culture Lessons.
  • 66 interactive audio lessons.
  • 2 bonus survival kits.


Level 1,2 and 3-$259.90:

Rocket Spanish Course Price

This is cumulative of everything possible and makes a person typically PRO. This includes:

  • 370 hours of lesson time.
  • 10,004 phrases with the feature of voice recognition.
  • 87 Language and Culture Lessons.
  • 98 interactive audio lessons.
  • 3 bonus survival kits.


Rocket languages Spanish: Pros & Cons

Here’s a list of the things that are great and also some points that aren’t:


  • Smooth and fast understanding.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Holistic learning platform.
  • iOS and Android Application.
  • No monthly fees.


  • The Language and Culture Lessons are slightly longer.


  • Smooth and fast understanding:

The course is extremely detailed and helps in learning everything way faster and smoother than one would have ever thought of. If someone has very little time to learn and go through the language, then this course is the perfect one for them.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee:

If someone’s not able to understand what the course is trying to tell and they aren’t satisfied with the content, then the company always understands it. They provide a 60-day money-back return and if someone can’t go through it, they can always ask for a refund. The Rocket languages Spanish is not at all like the other courses which are running after money.

  • Holistic learning platform:

Just like any other traditional course, this course also focusses that the students get holistic and detailed learning. They specifically take care that the testing tools work in the following directions: Speaking, Reading, Writing, Comprehension, and Recall. They are dedicated to your learning unless you’re not thorough with everything.

  • iOS and Android Application:

It’s not compulsory that this course can only run on Computers or Laptops, it can be also accessed on tablets and mobile phones. In this time where everyone is on their phones, it is tough for everyone to carry laptops everywhere. The company has a free to download Android and iOS application where one can find the content any time of the day.

  • No monthly fees:

Once a person has purchased the course, then that becomes their one-time investment. The company will never charge for anything extra and spend extra money. All future updates in the modules and applications are free of cost and if once paid, then its paid for life.


  • The Language and Culture Lessons are slightly longer:

This is the only thing that needs to improve in the entire course. It’s tough at days to go through such theoretical content, despite the fact that everything is very easy to understand. This module feels a bit outdated and a typical form of traditional studies, but it’s yet manageable.

Rocket Languages Spanish Reviews & Testimonials

rocket languages Reviews & Testimonials

Rocket languages spanish reviews & testimonials claim how the mentors have been there for the students in case of any need or doubt. Also, they are truly amazed by how much they learn throughout the course. They claim that it is even manageable to hear these lessons while taking a walk or doing any other thing.

The Rocket Spanish eLearning Platform has made it very easy to learn the language at any time of the day based on their comfort. To stimulate regular learning, they go through the daily scoring games and competition to check their progress and growth. It has helped them learn the language ‘Rocket Fast’ and has helped them in easily understanding each and every word. Overall, there’s no way that a person can’t understand the course or face any issues, at least the testimonials claim.

Final Review: Should You buy it? 💵

Yes, if you ask us, then the course is truly worth the money and helps a person to learn Spanish in ways one would have never thought of. The one-time investment makes it worthwhile for everyone to learn the language based on the time they wish to learn. Also, the platform is extremely supportive and there for the students throughout the day, they make sure that no one faces any problem in learning.

Hope you like our rocket languages spanish review, it’s not like other online courses that make the entire thing tough to learn and even aren’t there for their students at all, this course is not the one that’ll step back in times of need. For early learning, this course is the best as one can learn the language base very quickly. One can freely go for this course without any doubts or fears.

In Conclusion

When a person thinks whether the course is providing every detail in an entertaining manner and easy to understand the content, then the Rocket Spanish Course is a ‘Check’ in every case. The audio course is great for building a person’s confidence, the language and culture lessons are well detailed and explain everything, and the testing tools are great for putting everything in head.

Hope you like our rocket Overall, this course fulfills every criterion and produces effective results by teaching important and essential content first. If there’s someone traveling to a country where Spanish is the first language, they’ll be very grateful and appreciative of this course. If we consider the number of tools that come with the course, the outcomes of the material, and great prices, this course is the best and the most effective one in the market!


Does the Rocket Spanish Course cover everything?

Yes, this course covers everything possible and moves step by step so that a person can learn with time.

Can a person buy individual levels of the course one by one?

Yes, they can buy individual levels, just check below the pricing section on the page and you'll find the answers. They can also check the advanced Spanish 'Travelogue series over there.

Does the Rocket Spanish Course have a free trial?

Yes, the Rocket Spanish Course has a free trial. Just check the page and while signing up, there'll be an option of a free trial.

Are their annual or six-month packages of Rocket Spanish Course?

Yes, one can buy the course for six months together and save around 28 dollars a month. Check it out on the page, opt for the six months plan, and enter code ROCKETDEAL.

Is the Rocket Spanish Course Value for money?

Yes, it offers a way more than what any other course would deliver. Also, no course comes with such details and interesting formats. This course is a total value for money and worth it.

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