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Busuu Vs Duolingo: Which Is Best For Language Learning?


When it comes to language learning there are several platforms. As they all have some specific features and structures in order to deliver the service. 😘

Busuu and Duolingo are such apps too. Both have benefits, pros, and cons which help users choose them as their learning partners.

Introduction to Busuu

Let’s understand more about Busuu and Duolingo to get the desired comparison so that users can pick what suits best to them. As learning shouldn’t be hampered by any kind of confusion in picking up the learning partner. So pick right after analyzing and boost up the learning.

What is Busuu?

Busuu is a private language learning platform that offers language courses in 13 languages. It was founded in 2008 by Bernhard Niesner and Adrian Hilti.

About Busuu

It has its headquarters in Spain and has more than 100 million users on board. Busuu has numerous features to make work simpler for users and offers services on android, ios, and iPadOS.

Pricing Plan of Busuu

Pricing Plan of Busuu

Busuu has the perfect pricing plan making the choice simpler for users. It provides access to all languages with a monthly subscription of $9.99 per month.

A longer subscription offers a better discount at a cost of an annual payment of $69.95. Also the two-year-long subscription costs around $129.84. So the longer and better you trust Busuu you will get rewarded with a discount.

The pay structure is comparatively less and serves as an edge to users depending on Busuu for learning languages. Also free trial is provided by Busuu to understand it better before paying any amount.

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Benefits of Busuu

Benefits of Busuu

Busuu has different benefits which make learning fun for users. These benefits lead to Busuu, the benefits it offers are as follows-



Busuu costs around $5.98 when paid for a longer subscription. That payment scale by such a globally recognized platform makes an impressive impression on users. As they can choose on picking up Busuu for learning.

Easy hiring

Easy hiring

Hiring on Busuu is easy but for sure the eligibility criteria have to be achieved in order to understand the functioning of Busuu. The requirements involve having education qualifications, devices, and licenses.

Offline mode

Users can also access the lessons by downloading them. So even in the case when the internet isn’t available, the teaching isn’t hampered. This is the major benefit of having a Busuu premium.

Free Trial

Free trial

To understand the structure of the platform better the free trial can be availed. This free trial makes it clear before paying any amount for a subscription. So that not a single user feels scammed and every payment feels justified.

These are the benefits offered by Busuu to pick it up over different platforms available in the market of language learning and have access to quality education.

#5 Key Features of Busuu

Busuu offers several features which divide the way of teaching and learning on the platform. Some of its major features are as follows –

Busuu certificate

By bypassing each course the users are rewarded with certificates. These certificates showcase the legitimacy of learning which can later be used in order to share it with any third party for professional purposes.

Grammar lessons

Busuu helps in building grammar slowly and in a better way. Interactive techniques are used to develop grammatical excellence in the concerned languages. The importance of grammar is high in terms of fluency.

Native Speakers review

The reviews by native speakers are shared with users. It helps in getting the best feedback and understanding the progress which is being made by the users. As anyone knows the language better than the native speakers of the language.

AI-powered review

Artificial intelligence is taking the game of learning up to accuracy with Busuu. The AI reviews help in finding the errors in the user’s execution. As it is unbeatable in terms of accuracy and perfection.


Vocabulary training is done on Busuu to ramp up the vocabulary. As vocabulary is the major factor in terms of developing fluency and desired excellence in the concerned language.

Hiring on Busuu

Hiring on Busuu

The eligibility criteria are very constructed to keep a check on the quality of teachers being hired. To become a live classes teacher on Busuu one has to have the requisite teaching qualification and expertise in at least one language that is listening on Busuu.

The internal scoring system of Busuu works on several aspects which showcases teachers’ profiles to students based on numerous parameters. The tutors are hand-picked by the platform to ensure excellence. All of the classes should keep the quality top-notch and not get the quality decreased anyway.

Pros and Cons of Busuu

👍 Pros

  1. It offers discounts on long-term subscriptions.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. It had a variety of languages to offer.
  4. One-on-one live classes are available.
  5. It is highly affordable.
  6. The platform serves worldwide.
  7. Conversational skills can be developed by talking with native speakers.
  8. Cultural tips are also shared by Busuu.
  9. Students can create their own study plans.
  10. Education based on different levels is distributed among students.

👎 Cons

  1. Limited language courses are offered by Busuu.
  2. Chinese language courses aren’t given such high preference by students.
  3. Accuracy is doubtable.
  4. The grammar shared by the Busuu app isn’t top-notch.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo, an American creation that offers online language teaching to the world, is one of the finest platforms available.

About Duolingo

It offers 106 courses in 41 languages. With more than 41 million users it had a huge base of users. It was founded by Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hecker.

Under CEO Luis Von Ahn and 500 employees, it serves worldwide. It is a public company with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. 

Duolingo has some exciting and grand features to make it stand firm in the market. Showcasing lovely responses to users connecting with Duolingo.

Pricing Plan of Duolingo

Pricing Plan of Duolingo

Duolingo offers many benefits and services on a free basis too. Also, a 14-day free trial is given to check whether the app is worth it or not. Duolingo makes the pricing plan of $ 6.99 per month and a longer subscription generates a discount. 😉

The subscription makes users access Duolingo plus which means access to the complete version of Duolingo including all 106 courses.

It has got the perfect pricing and also isn’t so expensive which makes paying easier for users. As pricing is an essential factor when choosing the platform over any other language learning app.

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Benefits of Duolingo

Duolingo too has access to a ton of benefits that makes learning fun for users. The benefits of Duolingo are as follows:

Benefits of Duolingo


Duolingo offers access to 106 courses in 41 languages which is one of the most in terms of choices. The users get access to all of it by paying the fees and having a premium account in order to have all kinds of languages. 😇

Simple games

Duolingo learning involves several simple games. These games help in boosting the learning pattern. The major edge of having these benefits is that it offers such simple games which can be played in any spare moment.



The focus is put on making the learning of context. Once the context regarding the language then learning becomes more easier and powerful. As memorization isn’t the best way out there, understanding always works better.

Reward system

Reward System

As already mentioned Duolingo involves games which is the reason the reward system is developed. With every level being passed the rewards are given which can be used on the platform. This develops a competitive feeling between the users as it works as a motivation.


The major version of Duolingo is free. As the users don’t have to pay anything in order to access limited features of the platform. This makes access to the app more frequent and helps in picking up Duolingo as a learning partner. 

These are the benefits of one of the most used platforms in terms of language learning: “Duolingo.”

#3 Key Features of Duolingo

Features of Duolingo are as follows which help in boosting the language learning experience. Some of the major features are as follows –

Organized lessons

The lessons only get unlocked when the platform thinks that ample progress is being made by the users. This promises well-organized learning which is well chronologically.

Small lessons

We all get some quick but really short breaks in between our daily schedules. This is the reason why really short gamified lessons are kept so that users can clear them easily and as soon as they find the place and time to do so. 😍


Quizzes are made available for users as passing them leads to the next level too. This boosts the strengthening of the learning experience. The more accurate quizzes are passed the more development happens in terms of 

These are some of the core features of Duolingo which lead to the betterment of the learning process.

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Pros and Cons of Duolingo

👍 Pros

  1. One of the most affordable and reliable tracking software for the affiliates.
  2. Voluum is a cloud-based platform with easy navigation and beginner friendly interface.
  3. Voluum offers various API & Manual Integrations with third-party applications, supports A/B testing, detailed tracking pixel, collaboration tools and more. 
  1. 106 courses are offered in 41 languages.
  2. AI-powered reviews are the backbone of Duolingo.
  3. The grammar teaching of the app is top tier.
  4. The learning is gamified by the platform.
  5. The learning is divided into small parts to fix it with routines.
  6. Cost-free version is also highly efficient.

👎 Cons

  1. Speech recognition software still needs proper development.
  2. Translations are not always 100% accurate.

Conclusion – Final Say

Busuu and Duolingo are two top-tier platforms that deliver the best learning experience in terms of linguistics. The pros and cons are part of both Busuu and Duolingo. 😚

In several aspects, both of them beat each other in numerous ways and it’s on users to decide where they got an upper hand only then a perfect choice can be made. So boost up learning with any of the platforms and ramp up the game of language learning.

FAQs 🤔

How many languages can be learned on Busuu?

In total 13 languages are offered by Busuu.

How many languages are offered by Duolingo?

In total 41 languages are offered by Duolingo.

What is the price range of Duolingo and Busuu?

For a single-month subscription, Busuu costs around $9.98 dollars and Duolingo costs around $5.

Is there any free version of Duolingo?

Yes, there is a free version of Duolingo available.

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