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Busuu Review 2024: Is It Best Language Learning Platform?


Languages do a favour to humanity by allowing them to communicate. Communication is the key bridge which allows the transfer of ideas and emotions from one person to another. πŸ˜‰

Introduction to Busuu

The idea of the whole globe being a single village will not survive in the absence of languages. Simply think how powerful the existence of language is as it allows the existence of morals like unity.

Multiple languages are part of this beautiful world and knowing them is one of the finest skills to exist. Busuu is the platform for those who seek language learning from the comfort of their homes. 

What is Busuu?

Busuu is aΒ  language learning platform having its roots in Spain.

It is awesome in terms of structure and features. Busuu helps in getting the power of 12 languages to your profile. It is a private platform which assists in the learning process worldwide.

About Busuu

Busuu requires registration by students which is free to allow access to language learning. Busuu has 100 employees to deliver the best teachings. It was founded on 16 may 2008 and has been active till the date. 

What To Expect From Busuu?

Expectations from Busuu

Expertise in language can be expected by Busuu. It has the finest staff and structure to deliver excellence. The features of Busuu with its premium account narrate the delivery of academic brilliance from teachers to students. 😚

Even the basic and free versions offer ample support to students. Busuu has also got an experience of more than a decade which assures quality service to students seeking language learning in the specific 13 languages mentioned on the platform. 

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What is the Pricing of Busuu?

Pricing plan of Busuu

Busuu’s pricing plan has been well placed and taken into consideration the idea of financial competence into account. Busuu offers free courses too with a basic plan that can be unlocked by simply registering.

The premium account of Busuu acts in favour of students seeking more decorative language learning with extra grammar supportive tools. The ratings are $9.99 per month as it goes down if the students enrol for annual plans. The rates are affordable which contributes to making Busuu a perfect pick. 

Features of Busuu

Busuu offers splendid features to become one of the finest platforms in the language learning industry. Busuu has got these features in place to attract a loyal user base which showcases their determination towards becoming better.
Some of such features are as follows –

Free Account

Free Account on your mobile phone

The free account of Busuu doesn’t unlock the whole capability of Busuu but still, students can get track of the app. This free account can be used after registration by filling in the requisite details. It never offers whole data in the free plan.

The trial period is available only to understand the working of the platform by accessing some techniques of some languages. If one wishes to get full-fledged learning then they must go for a premium plan of Busuu. 

Language Bank

Language bank of Busuu

Languages offered by Busuu are 12. These languages are some of the most used ones in the world. As Busuu doesn’t offer a tonne of languages, the ones it offers are decorated with excellent teaching.

These languages involve Arabic, German, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic, Chinese, English, Polish and Portuguese. Brilliance in all of these languages makes Busuu capable enough of teaching some of the finest languages to students. πŸ˜

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Vocabulary Training

Vocabulary Training

Vocabulary is the core of the language. One has to get a strong vocabulary in terms of getting fluency in reading-writing-speaking of a language.

The vocabulary training feature of Busuu helps in understanding more and more words with many interactive techniques which boosts up the way to powerful vocab. These techniques are based on expert opinions and scientific methods only. 



A weird pronunciation can affect fluency heavily. The way of speaking narrates a lot about an individual’s hold over the details of the language. The key motive of a language is to make someone communicate.

And verbal communication has so much influence in the century we will  So the focus on pronunciation is high on the Busuu app with help of multiple lessons focused on specific brilliance.

Lessons Distribution

Busuu has the perfect distribution done in terms of lessons. The students get to know the language in an order which isn’t tough to handle. The chaotic learning is tough as it creates confusion. The complication in a language can only be learnt, when one knows it from the basics.

This journey from basics to advanced has to well paced as very slow and very fast both can backfire in the domain of learning. 

Live Tutors

Busuu Live Lessons

The live classroom affect can’t be missed if one seeks academic brilliance. The board of 10,000+ live tutors is present to assist students on Busuu. Nothing can match the clarity standards live tutorial provide and the way it is formed by Busuu makes it more fun. πŸ˜‡

The live tutors are present 24Γ—7 and students can reach to them via premium accounts. This gives an edge to the students as it removes doubts regarding the learning. 

Native Speakers Involvement

The involvement of native speakers in the learning process helps in checking the progress more easily. The community of over 120 million people on Busuu makes it easy to get connected to track the progress and get the reviews.

These reviews help in understanding how well the students has got the language yet and what kind of changes are desired by the same. 

Portfolio Dashboards

Portfolio dashboards are about keeping the track about the developments based on stats and numbers. These portfolio dashboards work as an insight feature in which one can see how things are going and what kind of changes should be made to get it better.

This management is an important factor when one wishes to get better results in terms of learning a new language.

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Pros and Cons

πŸ‘ Pros

  1. Busuu carry has numerous prod which makes it what it is in the linguistic industry. It has pure features and assist in making work easier for studentsΒ 
  2. Advantage of native speakers review helps in getting valuable suggestions by speakers.
  3. Live tutors eradicated thousands of doubts one can have while learning something new.
  4. World famous 12 languages can be learnt on Busuu making it capable enough to give a turn around to the whole career of someone.
  5. Interactive techniques assist in learning in a fun way and get the desired perfection. 😊
  6. Vocabulary banks also get boosted up with Busuu as it gets the strongest vocabulary build up process.
  7. Ace the speaking by getting the fluency on track as it it’s important for perfect speaking.
  8. Chronological order learning helps in getting a well paced learning experience.
  9. The experience of Busuu gets the work done for students by becoming trustworthy to them.
  10. 24Γ—7 customer support handles the doubts of customers like a pro and never let the mess begin.
  11. Top performers are also admired by Busuu and special care is done of those seeking more help in the learning.
  12. Busuu has got a free plan too which helps in getting proper insight into the process by which Busuu works.
  13. Pricing plan of Busuu isn’t so much which makes the whole difference in terms of affordability.

πŸ‘Ž Cons

  • No Cons found.

What are some Benefits of using Busuu?

Busuu had several alternatives but still manages to beat them all and become one of the favourite of customers. The core reason behind it is the benefits offered by Busuu. Some of the benefits are as follows

1. Affordability

The pricing plan of Busuu is lower than many of other linguistic learning apps. This gives it an edge of staying affordable to students coming with weak financial support. This also includes the basic plan of Busuu which gives an insight with itself for students to get the better and smooth experience with the paid plans.

2. Live tutor advantage

Not many platforms offer a live tutor advantage to students. But Busuu believes in having a much greater impact on students in terms of learning. Once someone is clear with their doubts then there is a larger space for learning. The way Busuu offers 10,000 live tutors on board worldwide clearly shows the vision it carries in terms of live tutorship in the domain of linguistic learning.

3. Interactive techniques

The core skills of speaking, writing and reading need a tonne of practice. Practice means repetition of activities and it may become boring after a while. But this isn’t the case with Busuu as it has all of the interactive techniques in place to help students learn better. The way it is structured shows how fun the learning process can become with the right platform.

4. Option of Offline learning

Busuu also offers an option of offline learning which gets the confidence of students boosted up. As life behind the screen is completely different and exposure into the real world is needed if one seeks excellence.

5. Trust of world class brands

Many of the top brands from all over the world trust Busuu for language training and assistance. Once someone bigger in the game makes a pick then it becomes a rage to choose it. And the following Busuu can’t be matched by anyone easily. This shows the trust of top-tier brands on Busuu which let students think why not Busuu?

6. Top languages

All of the languages offered by Busuu are the top languages from the globe. All of these languages carry a effient weight in terms of communication. Once a student is brilliant in more than two languages from the offered course then they become capable enough to shake the boundaries of communication gaps easily.

Conclusion – Final Say

Busuu is the best platform out there which makes the work super easy for students seeking academic brilliance in linguistic learning. From the registration process to pricing all has been handled with care by Busuu.

About Busuu

The different advantages of Busuu, its also add up to its fame and help it compete with its several competitors. The experience of Busuu is unbeatable and makes sure that students don’t get scammed in terms of linguistic learning.

FAQs πŸ€”

What kind of platform is Busuu?

Busuu is a language learning platform which majorly offers online course to students.

How many languages does Busuu offer?

If counted then around 12 languages are offered by Busuu for students.

Is the live tutor advantage part of the basic plan too?.

No, the live tutor advantage isn’t part of the basic/free plan.

Is Busuu free?

No, but it offers a free registration which unlock some of the features which can be availed for free.

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