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6+ Best Duolingo Alternatives 2024: Which One Is The Best?


Duolingo is a massive language learning app as it is a master in delivering the best language learning to students seeking language assistance.

Duolingo is decorated with numerous features such as language options, short lessons, affordability, reliable customer support, etc. 😊


But Duolingo too has some cons which make people go for alternatives. These alternatives can be used by students to avail e-learning for languages.

Top 6 Duolingo Alternatives

Five of the best Duolingo Alternatives according to us among all the options out in the market are as follows.

  1. Yabla
  2. Babbel
  3. EnglishCentral
  4. Pimsleur
  5. Busuu
  6. Rosetta Stone
  7. Mondly
  8. Drops


Learn Language at Home

Yabla is a language-learning platform with video libraries in six different languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, English and Chinese). Each library provides an immersive language-learning experience featuring authentic videos with interactive controls, and exclusive games.

Yabla’s formula is simple: Watch a show, play a game, and learn a language. Yabla helps you to become fluent in your language of choice through immersive videos and engaging learning games. In fact, one of the things that sets apart Yabla from its competitors are the exclusive games it offers (e.g. dictation, comprehension, fill in the black, vocabulary review, pronunciation game).

Yabla Features

Interactive videos

Technology: Yabla’s Smart Subtitle technology allows learners of all levels to improve their listening and vocabulary skills. Features include one-click dictionary definitions, pitch-adjusted slow play, loop play, and subtitle toggling.

Content and Features: Yabla curates a library of authentic videos and produces original content, providing students with a range of difficulty levels, dialects, accents, and cultures. Students learn from the best tutors there are—native speakers using their language in everyday situations.

Yabla features thousands of videos in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and English; vocabulary games, personalized flashcard decks, email lessons, and an iOS app to learn on the go. All the libraries offer TV shows, cartoons, music videos, documentaries, news segments, language lessons, and more.

Language Learning Games

Yabla for Schools: Yabla works with many K-12 schools as well as universities, and offers volume discounts and features just for educators and schools. Teachers can assign videos and due dates, and can see their students’ game scores and viewing history. Students get their own accounts so they can access Yabla from anywhere.

Free trial and Pricing: After a 15-day free trial, users can subscribe to one of the following options:
One month: $12.95 Six months: $54.95 One year: $99.95



Babbel is the finest learning app decorated by Germany and has kept a check on numerous factors which are essential to platform development. Babbel was founded in 2008 and to this date has been the only destination for excellent language learning.

It is completely online and is a collective effort of 700 employees. Babbel is a private corporation that has features as follows –

Be practical

Be practical

Babbel believes in making students worthy of practical knowledge. This is the reason practicality has been the way of Babbel always. It assists students with expert services by native speakers.

As it will help students learn the core means of conversational skills as it decorates them with methods essential for clearance in terms of conversations.

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Short lessons

Lessons by Babbel

Babbel doesn’t believe in lengthy lessons as what it’s worth when no one can remember them fully? This is the reason lessons are kept on the cap of 10-15 minutes.

As soon as a student surpasses these lessons they get a review section where they get certain questions that review what they had learned and if they should relearn or not.

14 popular languages on board

Languages offered by Babbel

Most students seek linguistic abilities for making their professional game stronger. Babbel offers the very chosen languages which help in communicating in most parts of the world.

The languages which are offered are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, English, Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

What is the pricing plan for Babbel?

Babbel price and time

The basic plan for using Babbel is around $12.95 per month which sounds pretty affordable. As the users can avail the benefit of a discount by paying several months in advance.

The more advance they pay the more discount they get. The registration process is completely free and one who wants to check the quality of the platform can avail of the free lessons available. 😉

Pros and Cons of Babbel

👍 Pros

  1. Highly affordable to users not willing to pay so much for linguistic learning. As it gives users ample options to pay and have a course of their own choice.
  2. Short lesson lengths make work easier for learners. As these lessons can easily be taken without investing so much time in them.
  3. Interaction with native speakers helps in getting clarity related to the language more perfectly.

👎 Cons

  1. Lower count of language courses being offered because one should get choices once they have made the payment.
  2. The free version is highly disappointing as the basic version is of no use and allows no work to be done.


EnglishCentral is an AI-powered English learning platform specifically designed to help you improve your spoken English. It combines the highest quality live teachers, human-machine learning interactive videos, and the best-in-class curriculum development. 

You can enhance your grammar, pronunciation, conversation, and vocabulary skills with EnglishCentral. The platform offers 25-minute 1-on-1 live lessons with professional teachers, enabling you to discuss the videos you’ve watched, practice your speaking skills, or explore topics of your choice to enhance your English proficiency. You can study using more than 20,000 AI-supported videos, covering over 50 topics that you can select to match your interests and English proficiency level.

Over 20 million people have chosen EnglishCentral to learn English. Download the app and start your English learning journey with top-quality videos and teachers!

Sign up for free and receive a free 1-on-1 live lesson with one of our professional teachers!



EnglishCentral offers a four-step formula to help English learners enhance their language skills:

Watch, Learn, Speak, GoLive
  1. Watch: 
  • Choose what you’d like to watch from a library of over 20,000 video lessons.
  • Explore various topics, such as Business, Media, Travel, Social, Academic, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Useful Expressions.
  • Click on any unfamiliar word to access its “in-context definition” in both English and Turkish.
  • Listen to the correct pronunciation of the word and its phonemes.
  • Easily toggle transcripts on/off.
  • Use the slow speak function to better understand difficult lines.
  • Assess your video lesson with a “Comprehension Quiz.”

2. Learn:

  • Review the “in-context definition” of words while engaging in a fun and game-like activity
  • Learn the featured words as well as the other unfamiliar words you encountered in the video

3. Speak:

  • Speak the lines and receive instant feedback on your pronunciation and fluency.
  • Click on words you didn’t pronounce well and compare your pronunciation with that of a native speaker.
  • Receive a speaking score for each spoken line.

Chat with MiMi, EnglishCentral’s AI-powered Chatbot:

MiMi is the world’s first AI-powered, conversational English learning tool. Learners can freely express themselves and receive instant feedback on vocabulary, grammar, nativeness, fluency, and more. Unlike other chatbots, MiMi allows users to engage in natural conversations, just like speaking to a human.

4. GoLive!:

  • GoLive! is a service offered for members of Per Week packages. Our paid members can choose the number of private lessons per week and book a 25-minute live lesson with a teacher. 
  • You can plan your GoLive! lesson 24/7 by logging into your account at any time.
  • GoLive! sessions are held through Zoom or Skype as video calls. 
  • After you sign up for EnglishCentral, you earn a free 20 minute 1-on-1 live lesson with a teacher you want.

The EnglishCentral Difference

  • The largest collection of authentic videos used for English learning anywhere (the “YouTube for Language Learning”), leveled into 7 CEFR levels, and covering over 50 topics and learning goals.
  • Customized study plan for each learner with a proven approach to increase English level in 3 months.
  • Level Test and Level Up Tests included to measure improvement.
  • IntelliSpeech Proprietary Speech Technology – a unique and interactive AI-powered speaking tool giving instant feedback on pronunciation and fluency.
  • Fully integrated with live 1:1 tutoring in an AI-powered bilingual classroom.
Join English Central Community

Pros and Cons of EnglishCentral


  1. Flexible Scheduling: You have the freedom to schedule live lessons with your preferred teacher at any time, as our instructors are available 24/7.
  2. AI-Powered Support: You can engage in conversations with MiMi, our AI-supported chatbot, and receive instant feedback on fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary proficiency, and grammar accuracy.
  3. Free Lesson: Upon registration, every user receives a complimentary 20-minute one-on-one live session with a professional teacher.
  4. Budget-Friendly Pricing: Affordable prices that fit any budget, enabling you to achieve your language learning goals without overspending.
  5. Personalized Learning Plans: Tailored study plans are designed to keep you motivated, and personalized notifications help you stay on course.
  6. Vocabulary Tools: Our platform offers in-text word definitions, and you can reinforce your vocabulary with quizzes, allowing you to study up to 50 words at a time from your chosen word list or question type.
  7. Mobile Accessibility: You can access EnglishCentral conveniently through your mobile browser or the EnglishCentral app.


  1. No Dedicated Live Lesson Tool: EnglishCentral relies on third-party tools like Skype and Zoom for live lessons, as there is no proprietary platform for this purpose.


Pimsleur is the result of hard work by Dr. Paul Pimsleur who has dedicated his love to language learning. It was founded in 1963 with a division type to publish courses.

Introduction to Pimsleur

It has a hold on the world market as it serves globally. Pimsleur offers well-structured language courses to people all over the world. Pimsleur has been driven by Mary Green & Tom McLean teams.

Some of the features which make it stand out are as follows –

Compatibility with system

Pimsleur's Compatibility

Pimsleur has compatibility with almost every type of system. No matter if one has been using the app or the desktop mode they can easily go for Pimsleur as it promises a glitch-free experience.

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Students can ask Alexa to turn on Pimsleur lessons. Pimsleur is opted by Alexa too this feature facilitates them in learning.


Pimsleur Organic Learning

In case a person is busy they can simply switch to the drive mode of Pimsleur as it allows taking up lessons while the students drive to their destination.

Pros and Cons of Pimlseur

👍 Pros

  1. Multiple language courses are part of Pimsleur. So the students get numerous choices on the same platform.
  2. Pimsleur is easy to use and buy as rates aren’t rocket high. This attracts those seeking cheap and quality services.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.


Busuu is based in Spain and offers language learning in 13 languages.

Introduction to Busuu

Busuu is a private corporation having its headquarters in the United Kingdom. 100 employees work hard to make it stand firm in the market. Some of the features offered by Busuu are as follows –

Busuu certificate

Busuu doesn’t let your time spent go in vain. For sure the learner will become well equipped in terms of linguistic abilities but with each level passed Busuu will provide certificates to the students which can be further used as proof of excellence.

AI-powered review

Busuu Review

Getting AI reviews assists in using criticism as a motivation to improve. As the review is constructed by AI it stands accurate in terms of reliability.

Grammar lessons

Busuu Grammar

Grammar lessons by Busuu give it an edge over other platforms. The learners who have been part of Busuu are comparatively more grammatically correct than the students using Busuu alternatives.

What is the pricing plan for Busuu?

Pricing plan of Busuu Japanese

Busuu costs around $69.99 if paid in advance for a yearly subscription which means the user is spending a total of $5.83 per month to avail of the services. Also, the free version can be used for limited access. 😇

Pros and Cons of Busuu

👍 Pros

  1. The free version too facilitates learning so those not willing to get the paid version can easily use Busuu.
  2. Focus on grammar generates excellence. Busuu ranks grammar over all of the other factors of a language.
  3. AI reviews are always accurate and based on facts. The learner will not have questions regarding the accuracy of AI reviews.

👎 Cons

  1. Lower language courses count is one of the biggest disappointments. Busuu doesn’t have much to offer in terms of languages available to be learned.
  2. Sometimes Busuu also offers incorrect corrections which if cross-checked generates doubts for students.
  3. The Chinese Lesson hasn’t got any kind of good reviews that narrates its poor quality.

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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the most dynamic language learning platforms available to students.

Rosetta Stone Review

Rosetta Stone was released in 1992 which clearly denotes the high reliability of users.

Rosetta Stone has a proprietary license for computer-based language learning. Some of the features which decorate it are as follows –

Dynamic Immersion

Get immersed

Rosetta Stone has this major difference from its alternatives. As it uses Dynamic Immersions which has the exercise involved saying that the learner pairs text or sound to one of several images to learn them. This is quite interesting for users as they never feel bored of opting for it.

Microphone evaluation

Students having a microphone as part of their systems can avail this benefit of Rosetta Stone. They can simply utter the words and the AI of Rosetta Stone will check the pronunciation. This is supported by the speech recognition engine, true accent.

Get scored

The learners can simply check how well they have learned. As soon as a student clicks on the answer they get to know whether it is right or wrong. This instant scoring feature helps them in developing.

What is the pricing plan for Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone Pricing Plan

The subscription rate differs in terms of duration. For the duration of 3 months, charges are $36, for 6 months it is $66, for 12 months it is $96 and for 24 months it is $144.

Pros and Cons of Rosetta Stone

👍 Pros

  1. A Voice recording system helps in the betterment of pronunciation. This helps in developing the accent like native speakers.
  2. Subscription charges are also not sky-touching which makes it pretty affordable for users not having or willing to invest more.
  3. Repeating with the platform itself helps in getting the audio practice of the same word or phrase.

👎 Cons

  1. The method of learning may confuse and show late effects. As Rosetta Stone uses different teaching methods it somewhat becomes confusing.
  2. The meaning which is being understood by the learner of the word flashing can be checked on the platform itself.
  3. Limited explanation of context bothers the learners too as they don’t get to know much about different uses of languages.


Mondly is a platform full of several free and paid language courses.


All of them are well structured and help in making Mondly a top pick in the market. It was founded in 2014 to serve worldwide. Some basic features of Mondly are as follows –

Record your voice

Mondly -lifetime learning

The voice recording feature is part of Mondly too as the users can record their voice while learning to get their pronunciation checked.

Daily set of lessons

Mondly languages

The users get different lessons with different sets of activities daily. This helps them practice more and get the desired excellence rapidly. 😍

Quiz and monthly challenges

Mondly Chatbot

The quizzes and monthly challenges by Mondly help in boosting up the confidence of students and offering honest reviews. These quizzes get unlocked by passing through daily lessons.

Pros and Cons of Mondly

👍 Pros

  1. Record your voice features helps in getting accurate reviews regarding fluency. This feature of Mondly is all about making the learners capable of speaking what they have learned so far.
  2. The quizzes being unlocked by daily lessons work as motivation. This works like a game format where each level is a surprise and a reason to stay excited.

👎 Cons

  1. The app was launched in 2014 which clearly shows a lack of experience when compared to its alternatives present in the market.
  2. Even after paying the fees of around $10 one can get access to only a single language.
  3. The distribution of level doesn’t look justified as the beginners level offers the same content as of higher level.


Drops are created by Estonia to support the language learning industry.

Introduction Drops

It was founded in 2015 by Daniel Farkas and Mark Szulyovszky. It is private cooperation and is available in 42 languages. Some of the features which are part of Drops are as follows –


No ads are coming to bother the students while they crave to learn. The offline features also allow access to the platform without being connected to the internet always.


Vocabulary topics are discussed with students which helps them get a better hold over the vocab factor of the change which is being chosen.

Question by Drop

The platform of drop asks questions regarding why one has to learn the language by which it constructs a special kind of teaching for individuals.

Pros and Cons of Drops

👍 Pros

  1. Fun and interactive activities help majorly in developing the habit of practice. The users don’t get bored because of these super fun activities.
  2. Easy use of the format of the app helps those who aren’t highly professional in terms of technology.
  3. Simple visuals attract the grand user base for drops as the learners find simplicity as a reason to stay connected.

👎 Cons

  1. The vacuum of speaking and pronunciation activities. The learners may become good at writing but these factors being untouched directly impacts their survival.
  2. Images somewhat become difficult and unrelated to users as forward they move in the learning process.
  3. Drops can be counted as good for vocabulary learning only as it majorly focuses on the same.

Which One is the Best Alternative to Duolingo?

In terms of numerous factors, Babbel wins the race of being the 5 best Duolingo alternative. As it treats customers with powerful assistance in e-learning and treats them with numerous benefits and pros. All such lead to a situation being a top-tier alternative to such a powerful app Duolingo. 😚

Conclusion – Final Say

Duolingo can be a good platform and apt for language learning. But like everything it too has got some alternatives which help in providing options to students from worldwide platforms. Babbel is tagged as one of the best alternatives after considering all of the pros and features it offers to students.

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