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Pimsleur vs Rosetta Stone 2024: Which One Is Worth To Join?


This company offers suitable language learning programs to each and every kind of person and offers a range of various languages. 😍

What is Pimsleur?

Pimsleur is a platform that helps learners to learn new languages and to speak fluently with its own methods. It enables people to learn any other foreign language which they want to understand and speak.

What is Pimsleur

Its program is one of the best language programs available for online learners through which they can learn to even converse with native speakers fluently without any mistakes.

It provides its learning program for more than 50 foreign languages which allows learners to choose whatever language they want.

Pros and Cons Of Pimsleur

👍 Pros

  1. Offers a great variety of language choices.
  2. Affordable prices for different programs.
  3. Effective and quicker teaching methods can be understood by everyone.
  4. Provides a chance to learn even endangered languages.
  5. Arrange a conversation with native speakers to check yourself.
  6. Portable and flexible lessons help to utilize time.

👎 Cons

  1. Visual lack can affect the learning process.
  2. Lack of direct communication between tutors and students.

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What is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone is one of the best online language learning platforms which lets learners learn
and speak a new language fluently and also helps to build confidence within them to speak the
language without any confusion.

Rosetta Stone Review

It helps its students in every possible way to learn a language by heart and even arranges native speakers for them so that they can have a real conversation with them in their native language.

It offers lessons in 25 foreign languages among which its students make choices according to their wishes.

Pros and Cons of Rosetta Stone

👍 Pros

  1. Personalized methods suit learners in every possible way.
  2. Allows learning in a professional way to help with career-building.
  3. Guides to have changes whenever required.
  4. The availability of materials online enables students to learn anywhere they want.
  5. Engaging lessons with effective teaching methods.
  6. Targeted learning allows students to learn in a specific time period.

👎 Cons

  1. Can feel pressure because of target-based lessons.
  2. Because of its large user number, it can have glitches affecting the process.

Features of Pimsleur

Features of Pimsleur

Pimsleur’s language program has the best features available on any online language
learning platform.

Its features are unique as well as effective for any learner and its features allow them to choose different methods of learning that suit them and their learning necessity. Some of its effective features are as follows :-

Core and Reading Lessons

Core and reading lessons

Pimsleur’s methods of teaching a new language are quite different and effective which help each learner in every possible way. 😇

It provides the core lessons which include audio lessons each of 30 minutes and it can listen anytime and anywhere. Its audio lessons can even be broadcasted on Alexa which enables you to learn according to your schedule.

This feature helps in learning as well as reading the new language quickly and its functioning is quite advanced.

Vocabulary Practice

Pimsleur Core Vocabulary

For any language, vocabulary is the most important element and especially when you are learning a new language that is foreign to you then it needs special care of vocabulary.

Correct and precise use of words can help to learn the language quicker and for a prolonged. This program of Pimsleur checks vocabulary and teaches you the correct use of words. It makes you practice vocabulary frequently which speeds the process of learning.

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Flexible Learning

Pimsleur's Compatibility

Pimsleur allows to have live classes as well as to download the lessons that would have been broadcasted. It allows students to learn according to their convenience, they can choose to attend live streaming and if they fail to attend live sessions they can simply download and then listen whenever they are free or wish to listen.

This feature makes this program suitable for everyone and even a working person can learn a new language through its program.

A Bridge between Language and Culture

It is very important to have an idea about the culture of the language which one wishes to learn and speak. Pimsleur provides learners the required platform where they connect with a particular culture so that they can have a background language that will eventually make them confident.

Cultural knowledge makes learners aware of things which they need to speak with natives in their style and tone.

Features of Rosetta Stone

Features of Rosetta

Rosetta Stone being one of the best online language learning platforms provides you with enough features which can attract anyone.

Its features enable learners to learn quickly and easily without any complications which makes it a user-friendly language learning program. Its features are incredible which are as follows:-

Periodic Evaluation

Periodic evaluation

Rosetta Stone teaches its students foreign languages by using its effective methods and techniques and to check their level it has an option of evaluation. This evaluation of the level of students is periodic and students keep getting checked so that they can be taught according to what they are lacking.

Evaluation has been proved a very good feature offered by Rosetta Stone as it makes students as well as software aware of the lacking which needs to be fulfilled within a period of time. 😚

Body Gesture Lessons

Body gesture lessons

While learning any new language, it is important to notice body language to make your learning better and more appropriate.

Rosetta Stone offers you this feature which is only available on this platform where you will be taught gestures too which will make your language look precise and accurate to the front side.

Body language plays an important role while speaking any language and this provides the platform to learn all these things which add to the perfection of the expression of words in a new language.

Suitable Program

Rosetta Stone learning style

Rosetta Stone provides different programs depending upon the category of learners. It has designed its program in a flexible way that serves everyone’s choice and it even offers different discounts according to the category ranging from students to militants.

Providing variety is another best feature of Rosetta Stone as it enables learners to choose according to their preferences which suits their needs. This feature allows everyone to choose what they want and what they need.

Bite-Sized Exercises

How does Rosetta Stone works

This feature of Rosetta Stone includes exercise in the form of stories, phrasebooks, and audio lessons that helps learners to learn step by step in a detailed way.

These small exercises cover a lot of things for the process which allows learners to learn a language in an easier way that doesn’t feel like pressure. It’s a fun feature of Rosetta Stone that allows students to access the learning through these small exercises.

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Pricing Plan of Pimsleur

Pricing plan of Pimsleur

Pimsleur’s subscription plans are easily affordable and you can have Premium all-access for only $20.95 per month which gives access to all languages available on the Pimsleur.

Its Audio subscription rates are $14.95 per month which is a specific feature of Pimsleur in which you can have access to audio and even can download them for listening in your free time.

With all these plans, you get the option of a free trial which makes the subscription plan affordable and trustable. Its subscription plan never expires and one can have access to it for life once the plan has been purchased.

Pricing Plan of Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has very structured subscription plans which can be afforded. It provides amazing language lessons at these prices which suit everyone’s pocket. Its costs depend upon the duration of the program such as 3 months programs or 6 months programs and so on.

Rosetta Stone Pricing Plan

For 3 months duration, the subscription costs only $36; $66 for 6 months subscription; $96 for 12 months duration and then comes 24 months subscription plan which costs $144. The subscription is super affordable and you can choose a plan which suits your pocket and need. 😊

How to use Pimsleur?

Step 1: Check the official Website of Pimsleur or download its application.

Step 2: choose the language which you want to learn and then proceed.

Step 3: Once you select a language, you need to choose the plan and pay for it.

Step 4: After the details filing and payment, your free starts which is automated, and then
your subscription duration starts.

Step 5: Once you pay for any plan, you become entitled to the lessons for a lifetime.

How to use the Rosetta stone?

How to use Rosetta Stone

Step 1: Check the official website of Rosetta Stone.

Step 2: Now the language needs to be selected according to the learner’s wish.

Step 3: After the language selection, one needs to choose the plan which varies depending
on the duration.

Step 4: Once you choose a plan, provide the required details like email and payment details.

Step 5: After the payment, you can have access to the lessons and can learn accordingly.


Conclusion Pimsleur vs Rosetta Stone

With the introduction of platforms like Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone, online learning of new languages have become easier for people coming from different backgrounds and cultures. Pimsleur has some of the best features which makes it the first choice of students and its methods and techniques are unique too.

Rosetta Stone has the best tutoring methods which makes it the best for quick learning. Each platform has its features that make them suitable for different categories of learners and they both are equally competent to teach the best lessons in their ways which are designed by their experts. 😘

These platforms have made things easy for learners and they also allowed students to have flexibility in the learning process as they can now listen and learn the lessons anywhere & anytime which suits their schedule.

FAQs 🤔

What type of platforms are Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone?

Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone, both are online language learning platforms that offer different programs depending on the category of learners.

How many languages are available on Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone?

There are more than 50 language programs available on Pimsleur and 25 language programs
on Rosetta Stone.

Is there any free trial available on Rosetta Stone?

Yes, Rosetta Stone offers a 3 days trial period in which you can test accordingly.

Does Pimsleur allow lifetime access?

Yes, once you subscribe to any program you can get its access for a lifetime.

What’s the common among their teaching methods?

Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone do have a common teaching method which is evaluation, Rosetta Stone evaluates learners’ levels periodically and Pimsleur to checks vocabulary status of learners.

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