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Top 10 Best Video to Audio Converter for Android At Free


Having troubles keeping up with your unique music demands, or have a tune from a movie trailer that is humming in your ears? Under such circumstances, I can only find a video converter to be the need of the hour. There are already plenty of video to audio converters available for Windows and Mac PCs, but android supported apps are the less known ones.

Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

Today I have created a list of the following audio to video converter for android devices. Download and install links to most of these have been provided in the body, especially those that can be searched on Google Play. Read on to find out the Top Video to Audio Converter for Android.

Video Converter Android

The all in one expert Video Converter Android is freely available on Google Play Store, for every android based handheld devices. The app smartly scans the entire system or targeted folder for any trace of video, extracts it and then transforms it in the desired mp3 or aac format. If you wish, the Video Converter Android can even convert a portion of the video to an audio file, on specifying the exact duration of the clip.

video converter free Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

But the reason why I called this app an all-in-one is because of its flexibility to function as a converter from video to video and also a video to audio. The vast background FFmpeg library empowers your android device to convert almost every video format into mjpeg, MPEG 4, h264 videos, mkv, mov, ogv, webm, dv4, DivX, m2v, m4v and many more that I can continue to mention.

vca2 Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

So, instead of using a separate video player for the variety of formats stored within the phone/ tablet, you can just switch to the Video Converter Android as a single platform and play almost any video via players with a hardware accelerator.

On selecting the ‘audio only’ format, the software will automatically convert any fed audio or video file into mp3 or aac format. Providing with such default option cuts out on a lot of processing time and adds swiftness to the task.

While converting the video formats that you commonly come across, Video Converter Android keeps its users updated with the progress by displaying the essential video and audio information. For a detailed overview, the process is always open for being viewed in the advanced mode. Switching to this mode will enhance the briefing to specify video/ audio bitrate, codec, arbitrary Resolution and many other things under the manual profile.

vca3 Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

I was stunned when I found out that Video Converter Android is extensively capable of compressing video files, and can reduce them to fit into an SMS. So, juggle through any video file, have it converted to desired audio format, monitor every considerable aspect, and suppress it to be sent as a message.

You can do just anything with the video, without actually losing its original copy. It truly preserves the authenticity that each video carries.

vca1 Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

The currently running version 1.5.8 of Video Converter Android requires a minimalist space of 967 Kb of your phone and is only supported by Android 2.0 and later ones. Follow this link to be redirected to the Google Play Store and download the app directly. However, a paid version to the application can also be purchased for an ad-free forum to work in.

The Video Converter Android Pro can be installed by going to ‘menu’, followed by ‘help’ and the clicking on ‘GetPro’. This generates the Pro version key, that can be fetched at the requisite part for a successful implementation.

In case if this professional application fails to please you with its performance, then follow these steps. Go to ‘Menu’, followed by ‘Help’, and then ‘Feedback’. At this point, you can submit your complaint or query to have it resolved in a limited timing.


Turn your android device into a mobile cinema with the VidConvert video converter. Perpetually convert every common format of video into audio, no matter what the demanded output format may be.

vidconvert Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

The supported video formats include mp4, Flv, MOV, Avi, Wmv, Rmvb and many others. So, instead of using video players with software video decoder, make it easier on yourself with the smart VidConvert for android.

The audio portion of the proposed file can be readily extracted into mp3 format, and proves to be handy while setting up some innovative ringtones. I utilized this feature to create my favorite mp3 playlist from the videos, that otherwise remained unused for most of the times in my laptop.

The best part is that you get to keep the original video unhampered, even if you are performing a video to video format conversion. As such, VidConvert supports two conversion modes and is also capable of compressing file size to reduce on your data expenses and facilitates with easier ways of sharing.

The interface is very user-friendly and keeps the entire operation tidily organized so that you don’t lose track of the videos that have already been converted or the ones that are undergoing the transformation.

dnd Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

The methodology is as simple as ‘drag and drop’ the desired video file on the editing board, before applying any tools. Normal and High-quality preset commands have already been provided to automate the video conversion and feel like joining dots for the beginners.

Use the ‘Crop and Trim’ tool from the Advanced panel to bring any additional customization during the video conversion process. However, the tools to this premium software are regularly updated and the features may further be improvised to offer potential tools extending to Preview, joining/ stitching files, customizing default settings, and much more to keep things as seamless as possible.

Before feeding the video to its mechanism, VidConvert lets you trim the requisite video length and convert only the selected region. You can monitor the essential aspects at any point of time with the Info panel, and calculate your ways through any video conversion.

burn Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

The displayed indicators brief you about the expected remaining time and the functions that it offers otherwise. The swiftly acting software can then be utilized to burn DVDs at hand, which is another thumbs up on its time management.

Although, the freemium version is not void of advertisements and regularly displays other relevant products. However, it didn’t bother me much and presented some great things to look into.

mp4 Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

VidConvert is currently available in over seven International languages for providing a familiar ambiance for anyone who wishes to give it a try, including the popularly used English, Dutch, French, and the list continues to be upgraded.

Any handheld device with an Android 2.2 and above configuration is rapidly supported to bring out some of the finest collections for you.

Despite owing a host of features compressed in a single package, it takes up only 9.1MB of your phone storage. But don’t feel any deception about this tiny package, as VidConvert still allows its users to perform multiple background task along with options to share your work online with the world.

Primarily it is a video converting software capable of converting videos into over 200 different formats, that range across AVI, MP4, MKV, iPAD, WMV, etc.

freemake Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

As for streaming and downloading online videos, is a complete master of this skill. Including YouTube, the website can record videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other portals that count for over 50 sources, and convert them to mp3.

This sophisticated application is a cross-platform performer and sustains operating systems like Apple and Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10). Luckily it also works for Android devices as well, thus proving to be an all-time reliable resource.

freemake Top Video to Audio Converter for Android supports major International languages, to make the step by step process even easier. It will require you to install the ‘YouTube to Mp3 Boom’ converter package, in order to extract the audio directly from YouTube.


Guzzling on an abundance of over 200 built-in profiles, the WinX is capable of converting videos as per the norms of major android or non-android mobile phones. It claims to be compatible with Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus and extensively many other brands. So, if you are looking for a video to audio converter to work even on a low-rated phone, then you might want to try WinX.

winx Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

The master application can run files in MKV, WMV, AVCHD, MOV, FLV, M2TS and in many other formats, to help you choose the best quality available. Try it for your android phone, tablet or any other handheld device that runs on different resolution and screen sizes.

You can extract the music directly out of the chosen video file and then select the output format through the list of options. While saving with the ‘Save As’ option, the system can be regulated to produce MP3/ ALAC/ FLAC/ AAC audio formats.

win x Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

Once you have the music or audio of your choice stored in the system, WinX tools can be enabled to edit videos at various levels. Some of the extensively used commands found in this software are Merge, Crop, Trim and even adding external subtitles to the downloaded movies. Now that’s something new.

The speed delivered is claimed to be 15x faster on the real-time conversion scale than most of the competitive names in the online market, that too without compromising on the audio-video quality.

As a sum total, WinX gets you with over 200 profiles for diverse smartphones, covers over 60 kinds of android and WP8 handheld devices, plus it provides with an exclusive speed of 15x faster conversion rate.

Convert, compress and send HD/ 4K/ 8K quality videos to your loved ones WinX, all at a purchase rate of $49.95, which is often available at holiday discounts for $35.95. Before you rush to buy WinX from the following link redirecting to its homepage, here is how to implement the conversion process.

  1. First, download and install a copy of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe on the system.
  2. Say for an Android Tablet Samsung Galaxy Note, click on ‘+video’ for adding HD videos to the input.
  3. Go to the ‘Output Profile’ to choose ‘to Android Pad’, with the major output format being ‘to Samsung Pad Video’.
  4. Further, choose the Profile to be ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1’.
  5. Now save the converted video after browsing through the desired disc location, for transferring it later to the tablet.
  6. If no further adjustments are needed, then just click on ‘Run’.
  7. It is highly probable that the converted video will be supported on the android devices as well.

Video Converter Free

For those of you who just want to cut through all the technicality and wish for a more basic application to support your needs, ‘Video Converter Free’ is your thing. This lightweight and freely accessible application is equally great at extracting audios directly in an ‘mp3’ format.

video converter free Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

Use it to cut clips out of a movie and even extract videos as frame per seconds. Not bad for a basic level gig, as it pays back more than what it is expected. The list of its supported output file formats includes 3GP, MOV, RMVB, FLV, MP3, MP4 and RM.

The application is compatible with android version 2.3.3 and later ones, with good feedbacks on almost any android device. You can follow this link that redirects to Google Play and download Video Converter Free for your smartphones. Upon getting downloaded, it only occupies a mere 13MB of file space and fulfills all your basic essentials.

Convert Video to mp3

Convert Video to mp3 is another simplistic video converting tool that gets your music out of videos in no time. The file format can be controlled to give out either of mp3 and AAC audios. You will find Convert Video to mp3 as a very portable and user-friendly equipment for some instant results.

Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

So, feed in the video or an entire movie, and set it to give out favourable audio format and quality. I found it to be highly compatible with the visual editor and is even capable of partial conversion. You are only needed to set the duration with time stamps, and only the specified region will be processed.

Within two to three clicks, you will have the video converted for yourself. By complying with the advanced settings, Convert Video to mp3 makes itself customizable with bitrate. The bitrate can be set from 8/ 16/ 24/ 32/ 64/ 128/ 192 and 256 kbps. Have the target directory set, to save the mp3 in the location of your choice?

Click on this link to be redirected to the Google Play Store and freely download the Convert Video to mp3 on your system. The steps for implementing the conversion is like cha, cha, cha. Select the file you wish to extract the audio from, click on convert and enjoy what comes next.

video2mp3 Top Video to Audio Converter for Android

Convert Video to mp3 is a great choice for android smartphone users, especially if music & movies fancy you to set them as ringtones. The extracted item is automatically saved in the music library by following the set path.

However, online video conversion to audio is not an option, so it is a waste to experiment with YouTube. But, what else could you possibly want out of a fast and free application? In-app purchases are also up for grabs and will provide you with the loophole to skip the ads.

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