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4 Best Ad Networks 2024: [1st One is Most Preferred]


Advertising is a very vital aspect of every business. Before the advent of digital advertising, businesses marketed their product via print and broadcast media; or by word of mouth.

Print publishers often have specialised advertising sections where people can purchase for front cover, half page or full page ad slots to market their deals. This means they have to reserve their slots with the publication in advance and pay a particular amount for the entire print run.

Best Ad Networks

In this age of digital marketing, online businesses still need to get advertising slots from publishers in order to market their products.

This is where ad networks come in. An ad network acts as a mediator between publishers and advertisers to help them accomplish their ad campaign goals. It links advertisers looking for websites to run their adverts with publishers seeking to host adverts. 

As you can guess, there are numerous ad networks available out there. And in this article, we have compiled five of the best choices for bloggers and publishers of all sizes. You can monetize your content in a variety of ways using these companies.

While some only offer conventional display advertising, others can also assist you share recommendations for paid content and insert connections to contextual advertising. 

List of 4 Best Ad Networks 

  • AdMaven
  • Adsterra
  • HilltopAds
  • RevenueHits

1) AdMaven

Since its establishment in 2010, AdMaven has been providing absolutely amazing services. It adheres to a networking system that includes publishers and advertisers. It ensures that both the advertisers and marketers benefit. 


A total of 10 thousand marketers use AdMaven to promote their brands and boost their income. AdMaven provides the best ad formats to monetize your website or blog. These formats really make AdMaven worthwhile because they have good features.

AdMaven offers different types of advertising. Direct links, pop up windows, in-page pushes, push alerts, and AdBlock bypasses are a few of them. You can choose whichever one you prefer.

Key Features 

  • AdMaven has really good customer support. They provide all publishers 24hrs assistance. Account managers are also assigned to each exclusive publisher to help them with their queries and clarifications to ensure that they reach their ranking.
  • You typically receive payment at the end of each month under the regular payment term of 30 days. AdMaven also accepts a wide range of common payment methods.
  • AdMaven has a wide span of audience. The company guarantees its advertisers a global reach, assists them in locating their target market and boost sales.
  • By optimizing their Return on Investment, AdMaven fulfills the expectations of their clients. Their ROI is increased by 30% and it also helps them attract all the quality leads.
  • Publishers receive reports through their online reporting channel. This makes it easier to keep track of growth and performance.
  • As a publisher who uses AdMaven, you have a great opportunity to monetize their traffic. 
  • AdMaven ensures the safety of your brand by looking out for unsuitable malware. You can be rest assured that your brand will be protected with AdMaven.



Adsterra is one of the most well known ad networks. The company boasts of over 13 thousand advertisers and 28 thousand publishers. They also claim to have a fill rate of 100% which ensures earnings for publishers who generate traffic. 

Adsterra has a wide range of ad format options which include Native Ads, Banners, Pop Unders and In-Page Push  Notifications. This ad network company is perfect for publishers looking to monetize their traffic but haven’t yet attained thousands of visitors monthly. 

Adsterra is prominent for its skilled and knowledgeable team, a diverse selection of advertising formats, three dimensions of anti-fraud protection, global direct traffic and a variety of advertising formats and payment options. 

With its quick approval and three-tiered security check, the service launches fast. Advertisers have the option to choose between working with a personal manager or an easy to use self platform with automatic onboarding and support via live chat.

Adsterra Verticals

Key Features 

  • Adsterra has a wide range of payment options which include Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, WebMoney, Capitalist, Yandex Money, Bitcoin, and Wire Transfer.
  • Adsterra uses manual services, internal and external malware detecting technologies to give publishers a secure experience. 
  • Adsterra offers automated options to publishers who do not want to use managed services. This makes it easier for publishers to start a campaign, create ad codes, monitor data, and make any other necessary changes.
  • The ad network takes pride in offering their partners highly customized and prompt service. Publishers have access to the internally generated design concepts from Adsterra. 
  • Adsterra has created their own anti-block solution which has raised publisher revenue by 20%.
  • The tool evaluates your website traffic and selects the most lucrative offers that best suit your target demographic. 
  • The parameters for your ad feed are all customizable, and you can pick and choose which verticals to display.


HilltopAds is an advertising network that focuses on helping agencies, bloggers and advertisers expand their online businesses. 

To monetize traffic, HilltopAds offers its own ad server solution and a cutting edge self service portal for advertisers to quickly launch ad campaigns. For the biggest result, profitable payment types are linked with your advertising campaign goals: CPC, PPI, CPS, CPL, CPA, CPL, and CPA.


Each month, this ad network serves more than 73 billion ad impressions, the majority of which originate in North America, Europe, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, and South Eastern Asia.

HilltopAds is an advertising network situated in the UK. It was established in 2013 with the aim of assisting businesses in increasing their profit while also helping publishers and bloggers in boosting their income. The following niches saw the highest traffic from HilltopAds: downloads, dating, entertainment, sweepstakes, video streaming, gaming, file hosting, and pin submits.

They also provide advertisements for all geolocations but you’ll earn more money if your site receives more traffic from regions like the US or the UK.

Key Features 

  • HilltopAds has a very easy to use and straightforward dashboard. Users can effortlessly locate what they are looking for because it is designed to offer a smooth user experience. 
  • HilltopAds also provides the option to switch between multiple platform languages, making it an appealing choice for users from other countries.
  • Advertisers can follow the development of their campaigns in real time with HilltopAds standard reporting system. This feature enables advertisers to quickly make adjustments to their campaign for greater outcomes.
  • HilltopAds has a feature called Real-Time Bidding System that enables media buyers purchase ad impressions in large quantities. Using this RTB option allows advertisers to have more influence over their media buying process because they can purchase ad slots in real time.
  • HilltopAds provides a variety of targeting options to assist its advertisers optimize their campaigns. The targeting options comprise geographic, mobile device brand, operating system, OS version, mobile carrier, internet service provider (ISP), connection type, browser, language, device kind, IP range, and app.


RevenueHits was established in 2008 by Intango LTD to assist web publishers in monetizing their digital assets and attaining the highest possible price for their ad space. 


They have since collaborated with over 20,000 publishers and 5,000 marketers. The company asserts that it can provide a 100% fill rate across all geographies with more than 3 billion impressions per day. They also provide an ad blocking solution that helps publishers in recouping the money they have lost as a result of customers installing ad blocking softwares.

RevenueHits also exclusively uses clean advertisements; visitors won’t see any objectionable ads or those for unsuitable content, hacking, gambling, or other activities on the website.

RevenueHits provides an extensive array of display ad formats for both mobile and desktop devices.

Key Features 

  • There are 11 ad formats to choose from such as display banners, buttons, footers, sliders, pop-up advertisements, dialog boxes, shadow boxes, top banners and interstitials.
  • Their A1 driven technology employs an algorithm that lets publishers show only the ads that are pertinent to their visitors while identifying the best performing ads for publishers. 
  • Their self publishing platform offers tracking revenue, tracking and monitoring analytics in real time.
  • You may be confident that your website or blog won’t start showing advertising for any form of obscene or dubious things because this network does not permit any adult-themed adverts.

Conclusion  – Final Say

Things are really getting better with new technologies coming up here and there. If you have read through this content, you will heartily agree with me that ad networks have really helped the digital marketing world scale new heights.

We cannot overemphasize the fact that an ads network is a must-have for people who do business online. You can choose any of the platforms listed above to monetize your content and gain more revenue. They all have great features that will enable you to achieve your goals as an advertiser or a publisher. 

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