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Technology Trends to Get Excited About in 2020

2020 is one of the wildest years in modern history. The world faces huge challenges in every aspect, and the situation looks like it’s going to worsen before it gets any better. The COVID-19 pandemic activated a domino effect that affects each one of us. While this year doesn’t look promising, some of the gadgets that made the market do. Many companies introduced cool high-tech gadgets that will make all gadget fans smile. So, on this note, let’s take a look at the technological tendencies that have been made this year.


You might argue that cybersecurity is nothing new: everyone knows about it to an extent. The fact that many people and enterprises touch only the surface of the defense mechanisms is a major issue. Limited knowledge that people have is exactly the reason behind repetitive data breaches, ransomware attacks, other types of exploitations.

However, while enterprises look for professionals to fill in the shoes of cybersecurity specialists, the pool of candidates is shallow. Many people interested in technology and innovations turn to other spheres, leaving a major gap in cybersecurity. People find it much more interesting to explore machine learning, AI, data analysis, and other booming fields of study. Hence, if you feel like protecting people and working on solutions for companies is a great career, do not hesitate to start learning. Since the demand is high, you are very likely to get profitable offers.

Privacy-oriented Market Booms

Despite the decline in cybersecurity labor, privacy-preserving apps continue to change the online landscape drastically. First of all, more and more companies and regular netizens choose to disable unnecessary settings, use end-to-end encryption, and store account credentials in password managers. Besides this shift, people appear to be more interested in Atlas VPN protection that is seamless and liberating. A Virtual Private Network serves several purposes. First of all, it encrypts traffic and transfers it through a secure tunnel. Then, all users’ browsing becomes private, with hackers unable to intercept or misuse exchanged data.

Edge computing to improve cloud storage

Edge computing dates back to 1990, but only now is it adopted by businesses more commonly. At its core, it refers to a boost to cloud storage technology. It minimizes network latencies, gives enterprises a competitive edge, and increases productivity.

Hence, many organizations prefer optimizing network capacity and performance by avoiding latency during the transmission of data to public cloud-based apps. According to a report, edge computing is the most applied for IoT, content delivery, and smart manufacturing. However, there are some disadvantages to making a move to edge computing. Enterprises delay such changes due to the potential difficulties in app management across multiple edge locations.

New Gadgets on the Market

1.     Samsung SERO TV

There are many TVs these days: 4k versions, Oled TVs, and other options for all budgets. Of course, Samsung is one of the leading names in the TV industry, and the company decided to push things a little further than anyone expected. The new Sero TV is not 4K or LED; it’s a TV you can switch between horizontal and vertical views.

It’s a QLED TV that’s already available in South Korea. It features a 43-inch screen that resembles a huge phone when placed in the vertical position. The idea is to give users a big TV screen that doubles as a massive phone screen they can use to watch videos and mirror the screen from their favorite apps. So, if you like using TikTok, this TV is a perfect choice.

2.     Alienware Concept UFO

Many of us grew up playing Gameboy and other hand-held video games. These small devices lost their function because most smartphones offer a similar experience today. But you can’t play PC games on your smartphone, and Alienware used that loophole to come up with a super powerful hand-held computer designed for gaming.

It’s a game controller with an 8-inch screen that allows you to play any PC game remotely. We still don’t know when the gadget will become available, but what we do know is that we’ll get one as soon as it does.

3.     Razer Tomahawk

We all know what desktop computers look like, and Razer Tomahawk is definitely not one of them. The company came up with an idea to create a modular PC you can build in seconds. All of the components have their place, and all you have to do to replace them is to press down on the parts. You don’t need any tools to get this baby running. While it may not look like much, it’s got a beast under the hood. The entire device is designed primarily for passionate gamers who like a minimalistic design without any wires. It’s also designed to be as portable as possible, allowing you to quickly pack it up and take it with you.

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