PopCorn Time: Watch Your Favourite Shows on your IOs Devices

Good news for all the Apple users. Now you can stream your favourite TV-shows and movies on your Apple device without paying a dime. Now no longer wait for your movies to get downloaded .No-more trip to the DVD rental store, every-time you want to watch a movie.

Now you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies on your apple device.

This has been made possible by the creators of Popcorn Time app.

PopCorn time is a free browsing application that streams Movies, TV shows from torrents. And it has now been released for iPhone IOs, making it first release on any mobile OS

It is a multiple platform, which streams torrent using inbuilt media player and bit torrent client. Many people are using Netflix, but Popcorn time is way better then Netflix, plus it is free, which adds stars to its glory.

Windows, iOs and Linux users are no stranger to PopCorn time as they have been using it for a long time and their feedback for the app has been really great, as it is simple to use, faster and moreover it has a very light UI design.

PopCorn Time

It has been released in 44 different languages. Movies and TV-shows are organized on the basis of genres like animation, action, sci-fi which makes it easy for users to browse through their favorite genres. There is also a search bar in which you can search the movie or TV show you want to watch.

The most concerning part is some TV shows and movies are copyrighted and some are not ,so it’s up to you, weather you want to use it or not

There are many advanced features and settings like Subtitles, Trace it, User interface, Playback, Quality. Also if you are not comfortable with the default player of the app, you can use VLC to play it.

There is also a bookmark feature, which allows us to bookmark any page, title you want to watch later, you can access your bookmarked videos in Favorite tab

Steps to Use PopCorn time on iPhone and IOs

Popcorn time can be used to watch movies on iPhone, iPad and iPad mini devices.

  • Download Popcorn time app on your IOs device, and make sure your internet connection is strong enough, you can also connect your device to Wi-Fi
  • Open Popcorn time app, and then search for TV show or movie you want to watch. You can either use the search bar or can go through the genres
  • Now the searched movie title will appear, click on watch now button in RED COLOR and select the Media Player to play the video
  • Select anyone from the default video player or VLC from the list
  • You can select the video quality. Video will stream depending on the quality you chose
  • And now you have successfully played a video movie on your Popcorn time
  • You can click on subtitles button and select the custom .srt of that movie subtitle

Features of Popcorn time

pop corn time

There are many amazing features in this app. Here are some of the best features for you for better streaming and watching movies on Popcorn times

  • You can drag and drop the external torrent files.
  • You can save the files to watch later
  • You can also add custom subtitles, You can download .srt file for any movie or TV show and upload it to the player
  • You can also check all the information about the particular torrent
  • You can bookmark Movies and TV shows to watch later in your free time

Albeit, I find that the app is really helpful! Don’t you think

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