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Pinpointe Review: Best Cloud Based Email Marketing Services


There are a number of email marketing solutions for the small as well as mid-size business available online. Their main aim is to create an email campaign and enhance the business.

They are made for the profit of small business and most of them have a user-friendly interface but they lack robust automation.  These solutions sophisticate your business by automating your marketing campaign.

Pinpointe Review Best Email Marketing Service

Small businesses need robust features to gain more profit. These advance automation and targeting capabilities will definitely enhance the business experience and that’s why we need “Pinpointe”.

Pinpointe tracks, optimizes and measures the marketing campaign. There are several plans available for the different sized business along with lots of different features. With the combination of all these features, Pinpointe can easily improve your business techniques.

About Pinpointe

Pinpointe is a cloud-based email marketing solution which is made available for the small as well as mid-sized businesses. B2B companies can make use of its feature-rich software solutions. Its award-winning features are plus point of this remarkable tool. Its automatic marketing solution to mid-sized and small business is awesome.

They provide you with affordable plans and you can choose them according to your business. You will get scalable dedicated infrastructure which benefited its customers.

It has got a huge library of tested email templates which are mobile friendly. So you can try different kinds of an email campaign. These features make this tool one of the best marketing solution for mid-size business marketers, digital agencies and enterprises.

Its permission-based email communications, you will get better results. Talking about comprehensive features, it has improved targeting, segmentation, and drip marketing campaign.

Features of Pinpointe

Pinpointe is made for those people who are looking for efficiency and versatility. You will get different unique features and simple interface along with Pinpointe. In this article, we have made a perfect set of features of for the users. The tool has some spectacular features that will assist you to grow your business which are as follows:

  • It has got a good set of templates which will make your campaign different.
  • It has its faith in permission-based email marketing solutions and they believe in feedback loops.
  • It has got 96% – 99% inbox delivery for the quality customer rates.
  • It has got auto responders which can maximize your marketing efficiency with the help of automated emails.

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Working of Pinpointe

The best part about this awesome program is that it will definitely benefit your whole business. This tool is used to make a better email campaign. This program is specially designed for the B2B companies. Its most effective part is that it has got lots of templates which are different from others. So you can make use of these templates to make your campaign different from the other one.

If you are running a mid-size or a small business, then this the most effective tool for your business. It has already benefited lots of business with its email marketing campaigns. So if you are willing to automate your businesses email campaign then you must try this tool.  


This tool is very much popular among mid-sized as well as small business. The large business can also make use of its email campaigns.

  • It is an overall automatic marketing solution which benefited millions of people. With the help of its thousands of template, we can make each and every campaign different.
  • Talking about its customer support, they have a satisfactory solution. People can contact with then via email or chat.
  • Pinpointe has different plans and you can choose any of them according to your business.
  • Its user-friendly interface has benefited lots of new people who don’t know how to use these tools.

Plans and Pricing

Pinpointe Plans and Pricing

Pinpointe has got three different plans or you can say packages. These plans are Professional, Enterprise and Agency. The numbers of the active subscriber on your account differentiate these plans.

The package start from $49/month (5k contacts) and monthly email send is about 40,000 and it will definitely go up to 2,00,000 contacts ($898/month). You can also get a discount of 10% when you pay for six months at a time.

The prices of the plans are mentioned below in the article:

  • First Plan costs you about $49/month for 5k contacts & 7.5k monthly emails sending limit.
  • Second Plan costs you about $54/month for 10k contacts & 150,000 monthly emails sending limit.
  • Third Plan costs you about $150/month for 25k contacts & 375,000 monthly emails sending limit.
  • Fourth Plan costs you about $245/month for 50k contacts & 750,000 monthly emails sending limit.
  • Fifth Plan costs you about $365/month for 75k contacts & 1,112,000 monthly emails sending limit.
  • Sixth Plan costs you about $480/month for 100k contacts & 1,500,000 monthly emails sending limit.

You can also visit the Pinpointe Plans & Pricing for more details about the plans.


Pinpointe is one of the best marketing solutions available in the market and millions of people are still using this tool to enhance their business. If you are running any business then you can try any of the aforementioned plans. Its user-friendly interface will guide you to reach your customers. Its features are quite unique and reliable. So don’t hesitate while using this awesome tool.

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