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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under $200 Of 2023


Numerous options are available in the market with regards to active noise cancelling headphones. There are many below $50 as well and even a real under $200 budget as well. To ease your confusion, below are 8 of the best noise cancelling headphones under $200.

Guide to noise cancelling headphones under $200

8) Sennheiser PXC 250 II Collapsible Noise Cancelling Headphones

There is no doubt that Sennheiser has brought in a multitude of premium products right since its inception. This particular model is no exception to the grand list. With a price of nearly $120, this Sennheiser noise cancelling headphone for money is a must have if you are ready to walk that extra mile and make an investment that is worth the purpose.

  • If you are yearning for an audiophile performance then the Duofol diaphragms and Neodymium magnets, can ensure you of the same.
  • With the current technology of Noiseguard, this model is going to successfully eliminate all background noise that may pose as an interfering element while you are engaged in listening to songs.
  • With one AAA battery, the active over-the-ear headphones will run along for 50 hours at a stretch. Hence there is hardly any issues faced when you have a long train journey and need your set of favourite songs to accompany you for the travel.

With a design that looks sleek, modern and very much in fashion, this model is going to take you up for a ride indeed. With up to 80% noise cancellation capability, get ready to go undisturbed.

7) H501 Active Over-ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Coming under $90, this model will serve you with active noise cancellation properties and ensure that you hear clear crystal sound without having to face any external disturbances.

  • Nearly 92% of outside noise is cut down. Moreover, advanced technology guarantees that your ear gets protection from the high sound frequency, at the same maintaining your preferences of sound volume and mode.
  • The 40mm drivers of these stereo headphones under $200 offer exceptional quality music.
  • The ear cups are rotatable and soft muffs ensure that you are comfortable throughout the day.
  • Even if you wear it for long hours, there is hardly going to be any discomfort felt. You can connect these wireless noise cancelling headphones to your iPhone, iPad, laptop, PC and more.
  • A detachable mic is present, but its compatibility differs with device connections.

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Both the appearance and functionality of the device are top-notch, and you can guarantee yourself a great time ahead with such smart over-ear noise cancelling headphones. Hence a one-time investment on this model is going to serve you for quite some years, depending on how you manage and maintain it. With a classy shade of silver and black ear muffs, you can easily opt this device. 

6) Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling

Under a budget of $100, this economical headphone for music is truly a great piece if you want to hear your favourite classical music at peace, without being disturbed by external noise.

  • If you are looking for excellent background reduction services, then this model serves you with 90% of the same possibility.
  • With a neodymium magnet, the 40mm drivers are going to dish up a high fidelity music environment and a significant bass boost.
  • If you intend to travel, this model is a big recommendation because of it’s incredibly light weight and high-class fashion sense.
  • Even if you are on air, there is a special adapter to connect to the flight system and listen to your favourite songs.
  • The rotating ear cups are great for super long comfort. No matter how many long hours you are wearing it for, there is hardly any uneasiness that is going to be faced.

Ask for nothing more. With a design that looks super fresh and carries classiness as well, an investment on this will surely be worth it.

5) Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones WH-CH700N

 Your active noise cancellation requirements are solved, with this model at hand. The leather ear muffs are comfortable, and you can wear it throughout the day without having to face any skin irritation.

  • Compatibility mode is great, and it works with iPhone, Android devices and even with PC and Mac.
  • If you are making Skype calls, then with the noise cancellation mic, there can be nothing better than this noise cancelling headphone with mic.
  • With excellent sound clarity and elimination of outside noise, it serves substantially, in particular with the 40mm drivers and HD quality sound that you are guaranteed.
  • With nearly 90% of active noise cancellation, you are sure to hear every tune clearly and without any distortions of course.
  • The stereo is gold-plated, and there is a flight connector as well so that your plane travel comprises of the right music you want to hear throughout long journeys.

 With a style that is classy and chic at the same time, there is no facing any disturbances when you hear songs, no matter where you are.

4) COWIN E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

With a model that comfortably comes under the $100 budget, you are going to have a gala time with this headphone plugged in.

  • With two quad speakers inserted in both ear muffs, the music is going to sound heavenly to your ears.
  • The over-the-head earpiece is adjustable, giving you day long comfort throughout those long car drives and travel plans.
  • With separate flight adapters and a microphone, you are sure not ever to miss a call while immersed in the 90’s rock jam.
  • It comes with a standard 3.5mm cablevided. Now if you are keen to study or solve those complex math problems in a room full of shouting relatives, this model is going to serve the purpose.
  • You can continue with your work effortlessly without being affected by outside noise. The active noise cancellation properties supply the best of its purpose.

The super sleek design and sheer classy appearance make it an individual investment. The silver colour exterior of the earmuffs and jet black bands makes it a final match for the fashion statement you want to carry forward.

#3: Monoprice Noise Cancelling & Reduction Headphone

The Budget headphone under $100, it has been a model to reckon. With 50 hours of battery time, there is hardly any song that you are going to miss out. It has the much coveted active noise cancellation feature making sure that even the slightest noise disturbances do not occur.

  • The Neodymium drivers of 40mm ensure that you have a great music experience with complete sound reproduction.
  • Any song will almost feel like listening to a live stage performance. With the least possibilities of distortion in the latest models of headphones under 200 dollars, you can engage in your music in peace, while travelling or even studying.
  • Now if you need to make or receive calls, you can do that comfortably with the three-piece remote.
  • It is compatible with Internet calls, iPhone and the iPad as well. You can indulge in Facetime and Skype too.

The design is well crafted and built for the modern user. Carry it anywhere you want and be comfortable with it throughout. Features, in a budget as such, is alluring and worth a shot if you are ready to make an investment that is worth of every penny you pay.

2) COWIN SE7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones

Effective noise cancellation along with high-definition sound quality make this model an excellent purchase. At $130, it is more than standard compared to a majority of its contemporaries.

  • The design is exceptional and quite different from what most regular type of headphones look.
  • Carrying it around is bound to give a boost to your fashion sense. With excellent noise cancellation features and premium sound quality for high fidelity music environment, the audiophile in you is going to be euphoric.
  • For hip-hop, R&B, Dubstep and rap lovers, it is the best experience one can get.

Sound clarity is more than decent and at a price which is less than $200; this model is a sure shot winner. If you are a lover of good bass sound, it is the perfect fit for you. The bulky look of the headphone covers your ear completely, providing an excellent music experience devoid of external noise disturbances.

1) Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint Noise Cancelling Headphones

This is by far the best model you can have under $200. Priced under $150, it has up to 95% external noise cancellation properties. Hence if you have a doubt about how such smart headphones with noise cancelling technology works, this model would be the perfect fit to experiment.

  • It is by far the best you can have on a budget as such. There are three kinds of noise cancellation modes.
  • For the office, workplace and in-flight journeys, you are going to be serviced with the same standards.
  • For crystal clear sound and a high fidelity environment, the 40mm drivers are there to make your experience the best of a magical musical ride.
  • The ear cups and memory foam works extraordinarily well to provide a comfortable zone throughout the time you wear it.

The in-line mic allows you to receive calls while being immersed in songs. Hence there are no external interventions until you want one. With an extra thrust of Bass, it is the perfect over-the-ear headphone model you can purchase within a budget range of $200.

With a design that looks and feels beautiful, there is no denying that you can buy it for the sheer class, appearance and high range functionality.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones- Your personal Entertainment Tool Of 2023

All these latest noise cancellation headphone  models of 2023 are much in demand and are ready to give you the best experience you have had. Whether you like an extra dose of bass or stereo, all modes are provided, with the best possible noise cancellation techniques.

Hence no matter which option you have chosen, it is surely below the $200 budget and with features much more than you imagined. With excellent looks and advanced technology incorporated, these active and wireless noise cancelling headphones under $200 are no doubt, the most premium in the market. Go ahead with any of these choices to get active noise elimination advantages at your disposal.

When you are about to get ready for a long vacation with your family, making road journey plans in advance is necessary. If you are a music lover, the need of active noise cancelling headphones is a must.

Travelling with family is fun for sure, but at times, you need your peace and personal entertainment. Listening to your favourite song is the best way you can deal with a car full of screaming cousins while grandparents are playing those old songs that you are in no mood to hear.

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Once you plug-in these best music headphones for 200 dollars, you are ready to go. No more outside noises, whether it is traffic or any other disturbances. However, there is one vital question to be answered.

Apart from giving you a dose of your favourite jam, will the headphone be capable of eliminating outside noises and limit distortion so that you can have premium quality sound effects?

If so, then you have a golden product in your hand. Here we are providing you list of noise cancelling headphones under $200 for an amazing music listening experience.

No distorted tunes with these noise cancelling headphones for 200 dollars

With attractive music headphones for 200 dollars being equipped with more and more features every single day, no doubt you want to have one that suits your preferences the best and also that comes within your pocket range. If you are not on a very strict budget and can comfortably stretch the limit to a $200 restriction, then you can assure yourself of getting some attractive and user-friendly products.

The big reason why noise-reducing music headphones are a priority nowadays is that of the high-end music quality you get along with no external disturbances to intervene with your favourite song.

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