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Top 10 best free messaging or SMS apps for android


The world has become a global village. Today friends, family, relatives and colleagues may not be close to you physically but there is no way you cannot connect to them through modern technology. Our laptops and smartphones coupled with the power of the internet allow us to connect to our loved ones through apps and tools which let us text them, message them and even video chat with them at any place and at any time.

There is a host of apps in the android market which provide such connectivity. They allow you to sendtext, send files of any format and also take part in audio and video conversations. The only thing you need is a good internet connection.

Among these innumerable apps which one are the ones which you can rely on? Which ones are the best?

Here I have compiled a list of the top 10 best free messaging or SMS apps for android

They are ranked based on the engagement they offer along with their features. Let’s check them out.

1) SnapChat


SnapChat has grown in popularity as one of the best free messaging or SMS apps available in the market. It banks on its unique feature which allows you to share images quickly and privately. These pictures are automatically deleted after some time and thus, memory is kept free which boosts mobile performance. You can also edit the images you are sending to some extent.

2) Go SMS Pro

go sms pro

The theme list of this app is exhaustive although a lot of them are available at a price.  The cool feature is that with the free version of the app you can schedule the messages to be sent according to specific times. How cool is that? You can also set up auto-reply and block spam messages. Such unique features make the free version on the best free messaging or sms apps in the market.

3) Chomp SMS


Chomp is all about giving the user all the freedom he wants by the making the interface very customizable. Offering over 800 emoticons, Chomp sms surely comes off as one of the best free messaging or SMS apps. You can also adjust the font. Just like Go SMS pro, you can schedule your texts and even stop a text while it is being sent.

4) Hello SMS

hello sms

If you are into simplicity then you will love Hello SMS. It very minimalistic and thus scores top points on the clarity. You can very well call it the Gmail of sms apps. Also see Allbenchmark site



Another customizable app of feature in our list of best free messaging or SMS apps, TEXTRA is based on material design. You can choose your colour themes; set dark mode, request delivery reports,   videos and images to your phone and a lot more.

6) Whatsapp


Undoubtedly Whatsapp is the most popular app when it comes to the best free messaging or SMS apps for android. It is certainly the first app which comes to mind when you think about a text app. It is the biggest app in the arena and the recent takeover by facebook and propelled its popularity to exponential proportions.

With an annual subscription fee of $0.99 per year, the app has to be popular. It supports all the basic features which you can think about. You can send text, pictures, videos and voice messages. Group chat is also available. The best thing is that there are no usernames, passwords or pins as the app works with your mobile number. It is highly customizable and very easy to use.

It is very difficult to find limitations in Whatsapp!

7) Kik

kik message app

Kik has massively grown in popularity over the recent few years as one the best free messaging or SMS apps across all platforms. With over 80 million users today, it is surely flying high in the sector with some interesting features to offer. Most of the features are similar to Whatsapp. Interesting features include downloadable emoticons, the ability to create memes and photobomb your friends.

8) Hoverchat

hover chat

When it comes to functionality, Hoverchat will impress you a lot. It provides link bubbles to your SMS app. So when you are using any different tool, a new SMS will pop up in front of you and you can tap on it to view it or drag it across to see it later then.  I will have to give it top points on allowing this kind of multitasking.

9) Handscent


If you are looking for modern simplistic designs then you will find this app to one of the best free messaging or SMS apps. It more like an alternative to other SMS apps. With the recent updates and numerous awesome themes the app is growing in popularity in the android market.

You can easily customize the way of handling incoming and outgoing messages including scheduling messages to go out at specific times although, this feature comes only with the paid pro version.

10) Skype


After ruling the desktop as the biggest tool to connect with people over voice, text and video, Skype has become very popular in the mobile market too. It has grown massively popular as one of the best free messaging or SMS apps. Although many of the features come with the paid version, the free version doesn’t disappoint on many counts.

Instant messaging is fully supported along with audio calling, audio conferencing and video calling. You can send over any kind of files to your contacts and even implement group messaging.

The versions best work with Windows operating systems as it has recently become a completely owned subsidiary of Microsoft. You can merge it with you Microsoft account and avail a unique username and password which will sync to all your devices.

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