Best EaseUS Data Recovery Software To Recover All Lost Data

EaseUS Data Recovery is a brilliantly designed software which helps each and every IT professional with excellent features. It is the best recovery software and highly preferred by top professionals to recover and manage the data.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software consists of robust data utilities which are well designed to meet all the expectations of IT engineers, moreover, the EaseUS Data is best for every individual who values their data the most.

Why EaseUS Data Recovery Software is Best?

EaseUS Data works seamlessly for both Windows as well as Mac computers. Now you do not need to worry about any loss of deleted files. It is very helpful to recover both accidentally deleted files as well as erased file due to programs.

Apart from that, you can make use of EaseUS Data to get access to non-mounting or corrupted partitions without any hassle. The IT professional highly prefer EaseUS as it has the powerful feature to recover the data from the servers as well as RAID storage seamlessly.

Top Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

  1. Best User Experience

When it comes to the user experience, EaseUS data recovery software free to use with it’s best recovery utility and is ranked among best recovery software for the year 2017. The entire interface is great and the performance is up to the mark. The biggest benefit is the supportive network.

  1. Format Recovery

The brilliant EaseUS Data Recovery Software allows the users to restore files from any formatted drives, card and also partitions. It also includes recovery of files from raw and inaccessible hard drives.

  1. Helps to recover system crash

EaseUS data recovery software works seamlessly in all scenario that also includes recovery of data from the system crash, errors in hard drive, unexpected power shut down or virus attack.

  1. Loss of partition

The data can be recovered from loss of partitions, boot manager, incorrect clone, reinstallation of system or disk accidents.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software provides complete support to below-mentioned file formats

  1. Documents including words, excel, PDF and powerpoint.
  2. Image files like JPEG, PNG, Photoshop, Illustrators and also RAW
  3. All Audio files like MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC Ogg.MPEG-4, QuickTime, AVI, WMV video files.
  4. The archive files like zipping, Gzip, RAR, Stuffit

Apart from this, the EaseUS supports all file systems like

FAT and NTFS for windows.

HFS and HFS+ for Mac

Removable storages like ExFat

EaseUs Pricing & Licensing

The EaseUS allows you to recover data from your computers at a cheaper price. It is a pocket-friendly option for both Windows as well as Mac user, moreover, it can also be used to recover software for all Android and iPhones.

The user can also available the trial version of the software and the same can be used to recover 2GB of data on a computer system.  The trial helps you to understand whether the lost data can be recovered fully before the purchase of software since the trial version follows only 30-day refund policy and is not applicable to the no technical scenario.

EaseUS Recovery Process

The user experience of recovery process with Windows as well as Mac is similar. After executing the application the user needs a single step picking in a scan location. You can select a desktop, external partition, window libraries or any particular partition to get started.

If you want to recover any non-mounting or a deleted partition you can get the adequate help from EaseUS recovery by retrieving the information from the partition table. Thankfully, you don’t need to run the entire hard disk scan and then pull the information.

EaseUS offers less choice as compared to the Stellar Phoenix and the EaseUS also doesn’t provide any option to scan the whole hard drive. You have to select the desired partition and click on the scan option.

Once you do so, the Data Recovery Wizard gets executed and launches the scan, post that it software launches a deep scan.

When the scanning begins, a progress bar is shown on the top of the application along with the countdown to have a quick idea about the remaining time of completion. The EaseUS allows you to have a quick preview of files and you can browse the file before the completion of scanning.

After the completion of the entire scan, you can return the content from the file tree by searching with the file name. You can search via the extension name like .txt, .jpg .

If you have deleted any content knowingly you can retrieve it from the recycle bin folder, if you have deleted the file via some other options like programs you can check for the special folder which is marked as more lost files.

It is very easy to recover the content, you just need to click on the checkbox and tap the recover option after selecting the recovery location. The location should be in a particular drive and you also need to select the external drive.

EaseUS Review + Testimonial

EaseUS Customer Support

When we see the support option, EaseUS is the best tool as the overall service provides options like a downloadable user manual, support articles and best video tutorials. It also provides the live chat support option for quick solving of problem.

The live chat is available during the business working hours and you can get an immediate response from the team. If you have any queries apart from the business timings you can also drop them a mail.

Cons of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

  1. The only demerit is EaseUS Data Recovery Software is , it cannot beat the Stellar Phoenix or Prosoft Engineering since it is unable to scan the entire hard drive.
  2. All the feature of EaseUS looks impressive but they lack features like the ability to clone the hard drive. Creation of bootable disc or USB when the system is not starting.
  3. The feature of adding new recoverable file types and recovery of files from CDs and DVDs is missing from EaseUS Data Recovery Software


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