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MemberPress Review 2023: Is It The Best WordPress Plugin?


If you’re looking for a WordPress membership plugin then this MemberPress review can help you with that. 

Founded in 2012, the MemberPress plugin is one of the most reliable membership sites and allows you to curate very promising library content.


MemberPress has a global community of over thousands of experts and have reportedly generated more than a billion worth of business revenue. 

With MemberPress you can create and sell e-learning courses, paywall, digital downloads, set up your subscriptions. MemberPress is easy to use and beginner friendly since there is no need for active participation of coding skills. 😊

Why Do You Need To Invest In The MemberPress Plugin?

Membership site only allows your registered members to benefit from the uploaded data content. MemberPress can help you in a variety of ways for the same purpose. 

  1. You can seamlessly earn your constant income with the help of an easy payment setup. 
  2. MemberPress lets you offer customizable coupons to maintain engagement as well as client retention rates.
  3. You have full authorization over access rules along with highly customizable content protection features. 
MemberPress Review

Getting Started With MemberPress & How To Install It?

There are two ways through which you can properly install the MemberPress plugin. Follow the steps given below in order to do the same. Make sure you have already bought the MemberPress and by logging in to your account you can download the zip file of the plugin. 

Manual Procedure

  1. Starting up, you need to extract the file which you must have downloaded after logging in to your account.
  2. Connect your FTP Client with your website server.
  3. Next up, copy the following from your device; extracted /memberpress/ directory to the remote server /wp-content/plugins/ directory. 
  4. Let the files be uploaded and login to your WordPress dashboard once completed. 
  5. Go to the Plugins section and click on the “Activate” button present under the MemberPress plugin. 

Automatic Procedure 

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to the Plugins page, click on the “Add New” followed by “Upload”.
  3. Select the file which you must have downloaded from your memberpress account.
  4. Click on the “Install Now” button followed by clicking on the “Activate Plugin” button and you are done.

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MemberPress Key Features 

The MemberPress plugin designed for WordPress offers a plethora of useful features some of which are as follows.

1. Customizable Coupons – Coupons are a great way to attract and garner customers’ attention, collect emails, persuade current enrolled members to renew their membership subscriptions and more. Although the coupon codes are automatically generated, you can rename them and the discount percentages depending on your promotional campaigns. 😍

MemberPress Coupons

2. Access Rules – With MemberPress you have full authorization on access rules and granting members their roles and permissions. You can restrict what people can view and till when including posts, pages, categories, tags, etc.

MemberPress Access Rules

3. Drip Content – One of the ways to keep your social traction in impressive numbers is to use the drip strategy instead of giving away all your content at once. You can timely schedule your content releases along with the expiration date of accessing it. Drip content helps in creating a sense of urgency along with fear of missing out.

4. Premium Community Forums – You can create a community channel for your membership site to let all your registered users and customers interact and engage with one another. You can create something like VIP forums in order to restrict unauthorized access. 😇

MemberPress Community Forums

5. Affiliate Programs – Affiliates programs can be a great way to promote and help your membership site reach a massive amount of audiences. You can tie up and partner with your existing members, bloggers, vloggers, creators, and more. With MemberPress plugin and other third party integrations you can very easily create as well as manage your affiliate programs.

MemberPress Pricing & Plans 

The platform offers three different kinds of pricing plans which you can choose from according to your needs and requirements. The secured payment gateways supported by MemberPress include Stripe, PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Standard, and (AIM & ARB). 

The details regarding prices and available features of all the packages is given below. 

MemberPress Prices

1. Basic – The “Basic” package can currently be bought for $15 per month due to an ongoing offer whereas the usual cost of the plan is $25 for a month. With this subscription plan you have access to services for a single site and is effective for beginners just starting out. 

You can leverage the benefit of the following features; Drip Content, Powerful Content Protection, Unlimited Members, Email Automation,  Unlimited Courses, Subscription Management, Coupon Codes, Integrations, Advanced Publisher Paywall, Standard Support, etc.

2. Plus – The “Plus” subscription plan due to an ongoing offer costs $25 per month whereas the originally stated costs is $40 for a month. The Plus plan is a great overall package for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. 😚

In addition to all the “Basic” plan features, you have access to the following; Use on up to 2 websites, Advanced Marketing Integrations, Unlimited Quizzes, Sell Podcast Memberships, Developer Tools, Forums Add-on, Advanced Customization, Communities Add-on, Priority Support and more. 

MemberPress Pricing Plans

3. Pro – The “Pro” plan can be subscribed for $35 per month and is an excellent choice to go for if you have an advanced or pros membership website.

You can clearly get the desired results through Pro package features which include everything from Plus plan and more. Some of the exclusive attributes offered include Use on up to 5 Sites, Integration, Sell Gifted Memberships, TaxJar Integration, Premium Support, Sell Corporate Accounts, Free Three Months Access to OptinMonster, OptinMonster University and TrustPulse. 

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MemberPress Features

How To Navigate & Configure The Plugin?

Well, after you have successfully installed the MemberPress Plugin and connected it with your website, a MemberPress section is included in your WordPress dashboard. With the help of the “Option” tab you can set up the basic information needed for your membership website. You can configure the following settings.

1. Pages Tab – The “Pages” section lets you create, customize and handle all your basic membership pages. It includes Group and Membership Page Slugs, Reserved Pages and more. The reserved pages are required for proper functioning of MemberPress operations and it includes Thank You, Account and Login pages. Group Pages Slug is the text used for all your MemberPress Group Pricing pages whereas Membership Pages Slug is used for registration pages. 😉

2. Accounts Tab – This section lets you configure various aspects related to your members information as the following. 

Permissions – You have four permission criteria for members which includes disabling the WordPress admin bar, preventing members from accessing the admin dashboard, allowing users to cancel or pause and resume their subscriptions. 

Registration – You can enable or disable the password strength meter, cancel the standard wp registration form, allow coupon field, mandatory field for entering email id as username, etc.

Login & Logout – Enable wp to use MemberPress login page, redirect users to another URL after login/logout, show welcome page.

3. Fields Tab – The Fields tab lets you configure options to enable and disable various fields, creating custom fields on the user account pages and registration forms, making a clickable checkbox and multi-select options, etc. The user user information fields have two categories by default which includes Name and Address. 

MemberPress Fields Tab

4. Payments Tab – In the Payments tab you have to specify all the payment gateways through which your users can pay through. The currently available payment gateways include  Stripe, PayPal and

5. Emails Tab – Everything to do with emails from adding custom fields to configuring email settings to sending alerts, you can do via Emails Tab. 😘

The MemberPress sends out emails on your or membership site’s behalf in general or some triggers based on particular conditions. Some of the email subjects which are tackled on your behalf include welcome email, payment receipt notice, canceled, upgraded or downgraded subscription, failed transaction, credit card expiration and more.

MemberPress Email Tab

You can also set up admin notices and emails which are received by admins when an event occurs. Examples of notices include New Signup Notice, Recurring Subscription, One-Time Subscription, Refunded Transaction, Resumed Subscription Notice and more. 

6. Marketing Tab – In this tab you can configure and connect your email marketing software application with your MemberPress plugin. Some of the currently supported third party marketing integrations include  GetResponse, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, MailPoet, AWeber, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, Drip, and Mailster.

7. Information Tab – On this page you get to enter your address in order for MemberPress to calculate the accurate applicable taxes as well as to finalize the business address. You can enter details like country, state and postcode.

MemberPress Info Tab

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MemberPress Integrations 

The platform is compatible with numerous third party applications some of which are as follows Zapier, LearnDash, VdoCipher, ThriveCart, Paystack, SamCart, AffiliateWP, Post Affiliate Pro, WP Affiliate Manager, AvangPress, TrustPulse FOMO, Mailchimp for WordPress, MailerLite, Integrately, miniOrange MemberPress Integrator, Pebbly Connect, MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking, etc. 😇

Pros and Cons of MemberPress

👍 Pros

  1. Ridiculously Easy Setup – The MemberPress plugin offers tons of features but is still able to keep its overall navigation and usage beginner friendly and easy to configure.
  2. Multiple Payment Gateways – You have multiple payment options for gateways you can integrate with your membership sites.
  3. Affordable Subscriptions – The platform offers very affordable pricing plans which currently starts from just $15 on a monthly basis.
  4. Top Notch Functionalities – The platform offers tons of functionalities which includes Paywall Power, Coupons, Community Builder, Pricing Pages, WordPress Affiliate Plugin, WordPress Subscription Plugin, Extensive REST API, Built-in Tax Calculators, etc.
  5. Drip Feed Content – One of the most important features offered by MemberPress plugin is drip content. You can schedule your upload timing of content to maintain high engagement rates.
  6. Multiple Integrations – The plugin is compatible with tons of third party integrations. 

👎 Cons

  1. Few Outdated Elements – Some of the front-end elements of MemberPress plugin might seem outdated and less eye appealing. 

MemberPress Contact Support

MemberPress offers an immensely extensive and comprehensive knowledge base consisting of detailed articles on installation, license issues, creating and managing memberships, etc. 

MemberPress Support Ticket

You also have access to regularly uploaded blog posts, FAQs, MemberPress status, change log and more. You can contact the MemberPress support team by submitting the ticket or using email services. 


Wrapping up our MemberPress review by concluding all that we have discussed so far. MemberPress comes jam packed with very useful features for a membership site. The pricing plans range from $15 to $35 per month currently. You have access to number to third party integrations which you can use and connect with your membership site. 

MemberPress Help Center

The platform also offers pretty elaborative self help support articles and documentation. You can reach out to the support team using tickets and email services. So on and all, we’d say, MemberPress is worth investing in.

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