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10 Best LMS For Small Business in 2024 (Complete Guide)


To learn something new we have various online education platforms in the market and you can choose the best one based on what you want to learn.

On the other side, these online education platforms are not only for learners to learn the course, as they are also for the creators to create the course. 

Best LMS for Small Business

In order to do this, there are different Learning Management Systems to create, host, and sell the courses. Yes, of course, one can experience a classroom environment learning portal with the learning management system software. Now, choose the best LMS for small businesses from the list mentioned below.  

😍 Top 10 Best LMS for Small Business

Nowadays we can see that many small business owners looking for the best LMS software solutions. For those businesses, we brought the top 10 best LMS for small businesses and decide which one is best for your requirement. 

✅ Teachable 


Among the best LMS for the small business lists, Teachable is one of them where you can create, host, and sell the courses. The best part of Teachable is, it allows you to create unlimited courses of any niche and also offers unlimited student enrollments to the course. 

If you don’t have any technical skills or coding skills to create a course, then nothing to worry about it when you have Teachable with you. Yes, you can create the course easily without tech skills, and moreover, it is a platform where entrepreneurs, business owners, creators build their future careers.

From this, we can understand how it is a dominant LMS platform in the e-Learning industry. And one and only reason for its dominance is it just not only to create the course, but it builds a brand for your small business. 

Key Features

  • The customization and monetization process is painless and to look your website more professional you can link it to Teachable.
  • Has sales tracking option and also it provides deeper insights
  • Authors, contribiutors, Affiliates, and team members, anyone can promote your online business.
  • It has various learning tools
  • Provides great secutity to your data along with your students data

Pros and Cons


  • Teachable is an ease of use LMS software
  • Offers sales pages
  • Create and sell your courses painlessly
  • Custom certification is provided to the students
  • Affiliate marketing is allowed
  • In-built marketing features are available
  • Integrates with Zapier and other add-ons


  • Transaction fees
  • Drag and drop builder is not available

Pricing Plans 

Get a free plan when you signup and the basic plan is $39/month, for an annual payment of $29/month. $119/month is for pro version monthly payment and $99/month yearly. The business plan is $299/month and  $249/month respectively for monthly & yearly payments.

✅ Thinkific 

Thinkific Review

Creating and selling the courses is easy with Thinkific, and today in the market it is one of the best LMS software comes in the list for small businesses. With this platform, you can share your knowledge as well as track all the sales activities of your business too. 

It provides support to any business niche and also it allows you to create as many courses as you want with unlimited student enrollments. Overall Thinkific platform is designed for your business that builds a brand and also can run for the long term. 


  • Easily customize the courses like you want
  • Allows you to design the website in a creative way
  • For marketing purposes, it offers various business tools and also can sell the courses.
  • It helps to reach your business to various people around the world because it has advanced marketing tools.
  • It provides high security to protect your business all the time.

Pros and Cons 


  •  No need of any coding skills to use Thinkific
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Integration is possible with any app
  • Track your sales regularly
  • One can easily scale their business
  • Customizations options are good
  • Increase your audiences


  • Bit Expensive pricing
  • Chat support is not available

Pricing Plans

There are limitations in features of a free version, and there is a given time for a free trial offer for paid plans which is 14 days also provides 30 days money-back guarantee. The basic version plan costs $79/month, and for yearly payment $69/month. The pro version is the most popular plan that costs $149/month and yearly $119/month. Premium monthly and yearly plans cost $399/month & $319/month.    

✅ Podia 


For the creation, and selling of the courses we have another best LMS for small businesses on the 3rd position i.e, Podia. Even you sell membership sites, webinars, digital downloadables too at Podia. It comes with different marketing tools so that you can easily promote your courses easily. 

Now, without any worries, you can sell all your digital products with Podia and over 50,000 creators choose Podia, the numbers say everything that Podia is the finest online education platform for small businesses. 


  • Provides support to create and sell courses of any niche that you want
  • From ebooks, PDFs, presets, and others are easily downloadable with Podia
  • The different marketing tools help you to boost your business with complete flexibility
  • Earn more money by hosting the classes with the help of livestreaming and webinar sessions
  • It is ver easy to create and send automated email campaigns, also can track all the email activities
  • On-page live chat option helps you to message your audiences and this build a long-term relationship with them
  • One can easily build a website with Podia’s designing and customization options

Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for the beginners
  • Offers good customer support
  • Free trial offer for 14 days to all paid plans
  • Pricing plans are affordable
  • It does not collect any transaction fees
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited student enrollments
  • Customize your course or website easily


  • No free plan
  • Few features in the basic plan or Mover version

Pricing Plans 

Without providing the credit card details enjoy 14 days free trial offer, and the details of paid plans are Mover – $39/month, and $390/year. The Shaker plan is $79/month and $790/year. Earthquake plan costs $179/month and $1790/year. 

✅ iSpring Learn 

iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is another LMS and with this, you can create and launch your complete training programs in no time. This is because of its superior technology and on the other hand, the learners & training administrators can experience an easy user interface. It will take just three steps to create an account, upload content, and provide training or share knowledge. 

At iSpring Learn, it automatically manages all the activities from training deadlines, setting reminders, tracking the activities, and many more. 


  • Manages all your content and also allows you to create interactive longreads
  • Reporting and different customization options
  • Custom & design options, analytics and reporting
  • Manages all the training activity
  • Integrations are allowed to any other software applications
  • Exercises for every lesson with advanced online exam builder

Pros and Cons 


  • User interface is easy
  • Provides powerful and flexible tools
  • 14 days free trial offer
  • Great marketing tools
  • In matter of hours create and launch the course
  • Offers free demo
  • Suitable for beginners and starters
  • Affordable price


  •  Prices may vary based on active users

Pricing Plans 

For 100 users $3.66 

For 300 users $3.00

For 500 users $2.82 

More than 500 users contact the vendor

✅ Talent LMS


Talent LMS is another LMS for small businesses among the other LMS systems that helps to grow your business smartly. One can create courses in the form of videos, presentations, PDFs, and other documents easily from scratch with its flexible options.

Designing the course is so simple as it has a drag and drop builder and on the other side, you can sell your course without putting in any effort. With Talent LMS, more than 70,000 teams achieved great success by creating and selling the courses. So, it is also one of the best LMS to choose for small businesses across the world that allows hosting live sessions. 


  • Drag and drop builder that helps to design the course easily and deliver the high-qulaity content.
  • Allows to host the live class sessions for your learners.
  • Engage with your students by conducting assessments, quizzes, tests, etc.
  • Manage your learners and also track every activity.
  • Scale your business at the same time analyze everything.
  • Allows integrations with other apps including Zapier support.

Pros and Cons 


  • Free version is available to use
  • Analytics and reporting is available
  • Community support is appreciable
  • Has the ability to manage various courses for your teams
  • One can experience learning in a gamification way
  • It is a complete intuitive platform
  • Email support is available
  • No limitations for course creation


  • No free trial offer for paid plans
  • Limitations in free version
  • There is a lack in providing real reports sometimes

Pricing Plans

Standard plan – $59/month, and $79/month annually. 

Basic – $129/month, and $159/month annually 

Plus plan – $249/month, and $329/month annually 

Premium – $429/month, and $529/month annually 

The active plans of the starter version are $129/month, and $159/month annually 

Basic – $239/month, and $299/month annually 

Plus – $349/month, and $449/month annually

Premium active – $479/month and $599/month annually 

✅ LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds Review

Learnworlds is also the best LMS to look into and it is perfect for small business owners to create, promote, and sell online courses. The courses that you build at LearnWorlds can easily catch the attention of your audiences which leads to more engagements as well as sales.

It offers the creators to perform live video interactions with their learners, and also you can provide assessments including key elements for note-taking as these are the major attractive points at LearnWorlds. It has in-built marketing tools that help to promote your courses and on the other side, you can look into the analytics of how your sales on your LearnWorlds dashboard.


  • Easy to build courses with excellent and quality content.
  • Promotions and sales are easy as it offers different tools to do so
  • To create a course at LearnWorlds, you don’t need of having any experience in coding skills
  • Offers various temeplates that are customizable
  • Get insights with in-depth analysis on how your course is performing

Pros and Cons 


  • Offers 30 days free trial period and use it without providing payment details
  • It does not collet any transaction fees
  • The pricing plans are affordable to invest
  • Various customized templates
  • Can integrate to other tools
  • No limitations to create courses
  • Marketing funnels to get more sales to your course
  • Live interactions and webinars



  • Customer support response may be late
  • Need improvements in few features
  • Starter plan has very less features

Pricing Plans 

30 days free trial period, starter plan $29/month and $24/month yearly. Pro version $99/month, and $79/month yearly payment, and the popular version Learning career price is $299/month and $249/month for yearly payment.

✅ Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS

When we talk about the best LMS then Tovuti LMS is a must and should be on the list. It allows you to create and sell the courses online to provide training to your teams by engaging with them. Easily and quickly, you can create the course at Tovuti LMS and one can experience amazing learning by tracking the progress up to date. 

Without any limitations, one can create any type of course of any category that you want as it is an easy LMS software. So, at Tovuti LMS, one can create a training program, get the audience, and run your business successfully.


  • Create unlimited courses with assessments and other activities
  • With the help of a tutorial library provide training to the learners
  • Send reports of the students learning process
  • Access to multiple imntegrations to make easier for your online training programs
  • Schedule and send automated emails to your students
  • Experience intercative learning and virtual classroom training
  • Award badges as an achievement to the students after completion of the course

Pros and Cons 


  •  Customizing and designing options
  • Powerful automation tools
  • Corportae training experience
  • Learn on native mobile app
  • Fun training software throughout the learning process
  • Rewards like certifications
  • One can groom their skills
  • Event management tools


  •  No free trail period for paid plans

Pricing Plans 

The core version price is $450/month, and the cost of the pro version is $700/month. If you’re looking for any additional services, then proceed A La Carte version and contact the salesperson. 

✅ Kajabi 


To build and sell the course with LMS, we have another good choice and i.e Kajabi which helps many small businesses. Without having any experience in coding skills, create a beautiful website for your training business or any that looks more professional. 

Right on the dashboard, you can manage all the activities from the creation of a website, products, and others. To promote your products it has various tools and with Kajabi you can clearly focus on business only.


  • Product generator to create online course
  • Build integrated and customized website
  • Payment options are with safe and secure environment
  • Pipelines to automate your business
  • Collab with Affiliate marketing
  • Offers attractive landing pages to get sales and leads

Pros and Cons 


  • 14 days free trial offer is available at Kajabi
  • Customer support is good
  • No transaction fees
  • Offers email marketing tools
  • Promote your business easily
  • No need of expereince in coding skills or tech skills
  • Sell your products on mobile phones


  • No free version

Pricing Plans 

Basic – $149/month, $119/month – yearly 

Growth – $199/month, $159/month yearly 

Pro $399/month, $319/month yearly

✅ Coassemble 


To grow your business & to create a course Coassemble is at the last in the list but don’t forget this is the list of best LMS for small businesses and the main goal is same but the difference is features, support & pricing. It is a good LMS that allows you to transform all your digital content into an interactive and engaging online training program. It offers various tools to design your course and also for formalizing your course training to your team members. Without any experience in tech-related skills, you can do anything at Coassemble.


  • Various drop templates for lessons
  • Customization options that helps your business to build a brand
  • Caertifications after course completion
  • Automated integrations is provided
  • In-depth data insights, reporting and clear analytics

Pros and Cons 


  • No need of any tech support
  • Easy workflow
  • Suitable for smaller organizations
  • Offers various necessary tool for marketing purposes
  • Interactive learning
  • Create unlimited course material


  • Only 25 users allowed in starter plan

Pricing Plans

There is an access to free version, and Starter – $49/month, $490/year 

Pro – $399/month, $2900/year

Premium – $799/month, $4900/year

Final Words

The above all are considered as the best LMS for every small business looking to start courses & training programs, but the main thing here is which one to pick.

Yes, of course, all of the above-mentioned Learning Management Systems are good at providing their services for small businesses.

Also at the same time, we can see that there are some slight differences such as some of them mostly concentrated on designing the course and some of them are providing more promoting tools.

Even the pricing plans are more to consider and look into every aspect and analyze which one is more suitable for your business.

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