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[Honest] Teachable Review 2024: Is This LMS Platform Worthy?


We have different online education platforms for learners to learn the course and for course creators to create & host the course.

Among the list of online course creator platforms, Teachable is one of the prominent platforms where creative entrepreneurs construct their futures. 

Teachable is a platform that provides services from course creating to course hosting, and it is most helpful for content creators or entrepreneurs to share knowledge.

The Teachable review is to get to know how it is easy to create & host online courses and also to analyze how the tools are helpful while creating a course.

😍 What is Teachable?


Teachable is an online platform that allows you to create & sell online courses and also membership sites. It provides every tool that is necessary to create & sell courses with ease, and most importantly it is the place where creative entrepreneurs can build their future. 

Teachable Logo

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One can easily create courses either in written or video format and by using its pre-made template sell the course with the help of the Teachable Sales page.

Till now 100,000+ creators sold over $1 billion in courses at Teachable, and this platform has more advanced features that help to create a course or brand with ease. These advanced features at Teachable are the main asset that helps the course creators and the review will give an insight into these features.  

If you’re a course creator or content creator, then just transform your knowledge into an impactful way by engaging with online courses then Teachable is for you. It is a platform that you can get self-paced online courses, one-on-one coaching, and various inclusive programs.

One can create unlimited courses on this platform and unlimited students are allowed to enroll in the course according to their interests.

Teachable main 3 features

It comes up with unique payment options as it allows you to create courses according to your flexibility by using the tools it provides. 

Easy Access 

Teachable has an easy user interface that helps to create & sell the course and even the learners will get access to the course without facing any trouble. While creating the course, there is no need to use any technical skills and without feeling any stress you can create courses easily. 

Teach the Way you Learn 

Teach the course as you learn in a fun way to the learners and with the help of the customization tools at Teachable allows you to curate and personalize the content. 

Get Paid for your Courses

While creating a course, if you feel any stress and the business didn’t go well (selling the courses), then don’t worry Teachable will look into it and helps to grow your business online. Yes, it is a platform that covers everything from payouts, affiliates, authors, and taxes and it is responsible for everything, now you can focus on your things. 

πŸ€” Key Features of Teachable 

Teachable features

Teachable is a platform to create and sell online courses with ease, just once create the course then next this platform will take care of everything in growing your business more. 

πŸ‘Š Customization and Design

Teachable customization

The Teachable main focus is to make customization painless and so one can handle their business with ease. Of course, without any requirement of technical skills, you can proceed to create the course at Teachable. 

Use Teachable Domain to Connect to Your Own

Use Teachable custom domain by linking your official existing website for example Just add your website link to this platform with ease and it is applicable to all the plans it offers to us. When you add your website link to Teachable then it looks more professional. 

Add your official website link to the teachable custom domain to look more professional for example The process of linking the website to Teachable is easy and this feature is applicable to all subscription plans. After adding your website link to Teachable and see how it looks from the visitor’s point of view.

Customize Online School Experience 

The power editor tool at Teachable will helps to create engaging videos of multimedia lectures, and coaching sessions. Under the site section of the main sidebar at the Teachable dashboard, you can review the various customization and design options. From this, select the theme and design with colors, fonts, course pages, and many more as you want.  

Utilize Any Tool that You Want 

Share your video lectures, courses, and everything to all social media platforms, whereas Teachable is ready to integrate with the various sites. So, it is easy to share your content, multimedia videos, and all to all platforms that you want. You have the freedom at Teachable to utilize any tool to create and host the course. 

Track Sales 

Teachable Track sales

Right in the Teachable dashboard, look into the student insights to review their progress and report their learning process. Even it allows you to track the sales, as the numbers will give you an insight manage how to get more sales and how to attract the students to get interacted with the lecture for a longer period of time. 

Sell Courses 

The flexible page editor at Teachable helps the creators to create excellent and money-making sales pages. With the help of a page editor at Teachable, create the course in video lecture format as well as in the written format and later sell the course. 

Make as a Team Effort  

This platform allows you to manage team members, authors, contributors, and assign roles under the user’s section. This means Teachable allows authors or others to collaborate and publish your courses and it is ready to pay them for you as this feature is available in the business plan. 

😘 Learning Management Tools 

Teachable Learning Tools

With Teachable, teach the students the way you learn by creating the online courses and provide coaching to the learners with the help of the student-side features.  

Get Everything Unlimited 

When you hear the word Unlimited in life, it brings so much excitement and with the Teachable online platform, you’ll get unlimited video bandwidth. Along with that, the course creators have the freedom to create unlimited courses and unlimited students can enroll in your course. 

Live Interactions with the Students 

Teachable live interaction with students

At Teachable, you can interact with the students on Live and also run one-on-one sessions. Therefore, the student & teacher interactions will help the students to learn the concepts easily & get the doubts cleared.

The Live interactions are possible when you integrate the Teachable account to YouTube, Ustream, Twitch, Live Stream, and other live streaming platforms. 

Host and Schedule the Online Classes 

Integrate the Teachable account to Calendly to schedule the lessons for the students or clients, to access the course to learn. It is a very helpful feature especially while pre-selling the course and this feature is also available in all the pricing plans of Teachable. 

Get Certified 

Add quizzes, tasks, and assignments on a regular basis along with the course, then the students will attempt to know how much they learned. To access this feature, you have to pick a pro plan or higher than that. Teachable allows you to provide certification for the students who completed the courses, check the Teachable certification templates, and pick that suits your course.

Feedback and Reviews

To know how your student feels about the course, then simply integrate Teachable account to third-party forms, and surveys. These forms and surveys will easily gather student feedback, and these reviews will help you out to develop the course that you created at Teachable. 

Zapier Integration 

If you are relying on various third-party integrations then it is simple, just connect with Zapier with the Teachable account.

Zapier will take the support of other applications with ease like Zendesk, Intercom, Olark, and many other teams. We all know that Zapier is a popular platform for integration purposes and this feature is available for the paid plans. 

πŸ€” How Teachable Manage Pricing Options?

Teachable Monetization

When compared to other course-creating platforms, Teachable puts more effort to provide features that are useful for course creation. Today, it is one of the sources that will help the course creators to earn money to make their lives easier. 

Flexible Pricing Options 

There are multiple flexible options at Teachable to charge the students and clients to buy your courses. Along with the free courses, Teachable provides one-time purchasable plans, memberships, subscriptions, bundles, and also offers coupons to use during the checkout process. 

Word of Mouth 

You have the opportunity to use the Affiliate marketing tools at Teachable, and the main usage of this tool is to help others to spread the word about your business or courses and it will pay them too. You can see this feature in the Pro plan only and pick the pro plan if you are likely to sell courses across the world. 

Teachable Logo

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Go Globally and get Payments

This platform accepts payments across the world up to over 130 currencies and also it offers a PayPal payment mode, so the students will pay for your online courses easily & safely. It is a reminder that Teachable does not offer any transaction fees in Pro and Business plans. 

Follow the Payment and No Troubles in Taxes 

It is a platform that can handle every piece from affiliate payouts, author, first & last touch attribution, to conversions pixel support. Teachable automatically processes collecting US sales tax and EU-VAT when the sales happened to the courses. 

πŸ€— Hosting and Security 

Teachable Hosting and Security

Teachable will took your business seriously as it provides security to the people who trust to put their business on this platform. The team of Teachable will fight with the guys like cyber crimes or from any other malware attacks on behalf of you. 

  • To protect all your valuable information, it provides seamless hosting services. 
  • Teachable does not look into your information, as the data is will be known for you only. 
  • This platform will always keep an eye on your valuable data 24/7 
  • There is no need to wait for a longer period of time to install the latest features, as it always notifies and upgrades them automatically. 
  • The Teachable platform keeps a 2048-bit SSL certificate, so the student’s information is also will be secured when they are login and checkout process.
  • All your and your student’s data are safe & secure because it works with the payment provider PCI Level-1 compliant.

Many features in Teachable will cover everything that is required to create & sell courses online and helps to grow the revenue of your business. The best ways to grow your business are 

Grow your business - Teachable

Ready for First Sale of your Product 

Creating a payment account at Teachable is so simple, it will take 2 minutes of time and everyone can finish the set-up with simple steps. 

Payment Methodology that Tailored to your Customers 

Teachable accepts all the major payment methods including credit card, debit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. So, the payments will be done easily and safely. 

Reliable and Easy Checkout Procedures 

The team members of Teachable always look into the optimal checkout performance. If there is any technical issue or inconvenience then they address and solve them immediately. 

Fraud Protection and so Focus on Business 

Teachable is there for every business to handle and prevent fraudulent purchases and protects every part of the business. So, you can focus on running a business successfully without any hassle. 

Earn more Income your Way

You’ll have flexible payouts options at Teachable payments. So, get all your payments daily, weekly, and monthly as your choice on a regular basis. 

πŸ’₯ Best Courses at Teachable 

Teachable Courses

Teachable allows you to create courses of different categories like Art, Marketing, Music, Food & Drink, Home & Garden, Travel & Languages, Business, Course Creation, Health & Fitness, Tech & Programming, Lifestyle & Hobbies, and Photo & Video.

At Teachable, some of the courses are available for free and some of them are featured and on the other side, this platform will updates with new courses too. 

If you’re likely to expand your skillset, then proceed to the check-in Live workshops provided by Teachable. Yes, the Teachable course creators will conduct the Live workshops, and the learners can interact with them as it helps to improve the skills.

Within no time, learn skills and become successful in your career as a professional when you start learning courses at Teachable. 

πŸ€” What to Discover with Teachable Newsletter Signup?

Teachable Newsletter Sign up

Every Thursday, get a dosage of motivation to discover the things like 

  • Know the details on how the real Teachable creators are finding success. 
  • Get business tips that are helpful to gear toward online entrepreneurs. 
  • Know the upcoming events and promotions conducted by Teachable. 
  • Know about the latest updates and product releases at Teachable. 
  • To build a successful and profitable online business, Teachable provides insider strategies. 
  • It offers exclusive discounts and partner perks. 

❣️ Customer Reviews on Teachable 

The students and the course creators have shared their reviews about this Teachable platform and tell how it transforms their lives and the courses are worthy.

One of the course creators said that “95% of the income comes from online courses as they are the perfect source.

They’re scalable, fun to make, and Teachable help lot of people and don’t normally get obsessed with tech but obsessed with Teachable”. 

Teachable customer review

πŸ˜‹ Pros and Cons of Teachable 


  • It has easy to use interface
  • User friendly to create courses
  • Sales features
  • Payment options
  • Has in-built email marketing tools
  • Other marketing features
  • Integrate with Zapier
  • Certificate after completion of the course
  • Free Courses
  • Unlimited courses
  • Sign Ip for free
  • High converting sales pages



  • Not supports mobile device
  • Pricing plans are little bit expensive
  • Handles Sales Taxes for US and VAT for EU
  • In basic plan, offers 5% transaction fee
  • No drag and drop builder
  • Some extra features are available in professional plan

🎁 Pricing Plans of Teachable 

Teachable pricing plans

The students can learn unlimited courses on all paid plans and the pricing plans are 

Basic version for a first online course -$39/month and for annual version $29/month (Billed Annually)

  • Student enrollments are Unlimited 
  • Transaction fees costs 5% 
  • Coaching & Course products 
  • Community for members 
  • Instant payout options 
  • Two user admins 
  • Support any product
  • Support user domain 
  • Drip content 
  • Integrate with third-party applications
  • Coupon code features

The Most Popular Pro version costs $119/month and for annual billing – $99/monthΒ 

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Get everything in the basic plan including 

  • Zero fees for the transactionΒ 
  • 5 user admins 
  • Advanced reports & quizzes 
  • Course Compliance & Certifications
  • Unbranding website

The business version costs $299/month and for annual billing, it costs $249/month.

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Get features of the Pro version includingΒ 

  • 20 User admins 
  • Student imports in a manual process 
  • Theme customization options 
  • Coaching via group calls 
  • Student enrollments in a bulk 
  • Custom user managers and roles

Some of the features included in all the plans are:

  • Unlimited videos, hosting, courses
  • Quizzess are basic 
  • Free courses 
  • VAT taxes are applicable 
  • Student tracking and reporting 
  • Lecture comments and feedbacks

πŸ”₯ Final Verdict

Today, creating & selling courses is one of the easiest ways to earn income and Teachable is one of the platforms is for you. It offers different features, if you’re a great content creator, then Teachable is a more exciting platform to choose for creating and selling the courses.

Yes, Teachable offers various tools that help the course creators to create the course easily and quickly.

The Teachable platform easily integrates with third-party applications/tools and you can share your video classes to social media & Live streaming platforms.

Create a course at Teachable, it will customize, monetize, the course with the tools it offers to us. The pricing plans at Teachable are a little bit expensive and yes, it is worth investing in it, even collects taxes for the US and VAT for the EU, and also offers a 5% transaction fee. 

If you’re serious about creating courses, Teachable is the right platform and the advanced features allow you to create a course and to provide video coaching with ease. In conclusion, once you start creating & selling the course at Teachable, it will keep growing for the long term.

🀠 Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ€” Is it possible to make money with Teachable?

Yes, it is possible to make money when you have an audience who likes your content then you can sell the course and provide coaching. Many of the people are using Teachable and earning passive income than ever before.

🀞 Does Teachable is free to use?

Yes, it offers a free version for limited features and it is suitable to create a mini-course. Sign up for free today, and experience the features that offer.

✌️ To whom exactly Teachable is useful?

Teachable is for everyone who is likely to create courses online and sell courses. The entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income, and the other Tiago Forte are used Teachable online platform to sell courses to many students.

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