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Nexcess Review 2024: Is This Managed Web Hosting Worth it?


If you are here, I am just going to assume that you have an online store or site you wish someone can manage for you or wish to open.  

Nexcess is a part of the Liquid Web family of brands and offers fully managed e-commerce hosting, which makes the task of handling your store or site easier.  

In this Nexcess Review, we will be analyzing the e-commerce hosting provider on the basis of pricing plans, features, core products, contact support, performance, etc. 

Nexcess Overview 

Nexcess, a subsidiary of Liquid Web, has been in the business for more than 23 years providing hosting solutions for small businesses, enterprises, non-profit organizations, designers, developers, and many more. They manage over five hundred thousand sites currently. 

Nexcess Experience

Three core products offered by Nexcess have fully managed WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento hosting. Some of the exclusive products that Nexcess provides to their users are WPQuickStart, Sales performance monitor, Plugin performance monitor, WooCommerce automated testing, and Safe harbor for MI EOL. 

Nexcess Core Products

Features offered by Nexcess  

Let’s review the features that Nexcess has put forward for their customers. 

Application Stack  

It is a software system that consists of an operating system, a programming language, a web server, and a database. It is a necessary part of hosting as it supports and runs the website on a server. Application stack offers functionalities such as the open-source platform built on OpenStack, high-performance HTTP server, Nexcess cloud, backend application cache, memory-backed data store, industry level application compatibility, lower memory footprint for better performance, and cloud containers.

Nexcess Applications Options


Nexcess is a PCI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 provider. PCI DSS basically ensures customers that their personal card information which they are providing to the site is safe and the company follows industry-standard protocols for secure transferring, processing, and storage of these details. 

Domain Name System & Registration 

DNS is an Internet phone book that maps the human-readable site name to an IP address. So, every time a website address is searched on the browser, DNS translates it and the visitor ends up on that particular site.

Domain registration

Nexcess has a network of 15 DNS servers distributed around the globe and the Nameserver IP addresses are broadcast from multiple locations, therefore accelerating domain resolution. More than eight Nameservers have 100% uptime and reduce first-visit time load.  

Nexcess DNS severs locations

Users can register for their Domain on Nexcess and the validation process is a 15-day period in which the user has to reply with affirmation by clicking on a link sent to their respective e-mail.

Website Migrations 

A site migration consists of moving your whole website by switching the hosts. Nexcess offers free site migrations too and from all hosting solutions with minimum downtime.

Nexcess Products & Services along with pricing plans 

General Hosting Features 

  1. WordPress Features: All the plans are eligible for WordPress core and plugin updates, visual regression testing, email hosting, stencils for quick site creation and one click staging site. 
  1. Performance Features: All the core plans include PHP 7 & 8 compatibility, Nexcess integrated content delivery network (CDN), built-in image compression, image lazy loading, staging & production sync, multi-layered caching and Plugin performance monitor. 
  1. Security Features: It incorporates free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, malware monitoring, automatic daily backups and access to iThemes security pro. 

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting  

Nexcess provides performance, security features, smart tools, and automatic updates to optimize a WordPress website. 

Nexcess offers 7 types of subscription plans suitable for businesses of different sizes and needs on a monthly and yearly basis. An introductory offer has been introduced through which customers are eligible for a 30% discount on the prices for 3 months. The minimum amount one has to pay for WordPress management services costs around $13.30 for 3 months. They also offer 14 days of managed WordPress services for free without any credit card information, so that’s a plus point. 

The customers are entitled to a 100% hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. 

WordPress Pricing Plans

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Fully Managed WooCommerce Hosting 

Nexcess improves the WooCommerce store performance by smart monitoring tools, and keeps it secure and efficient by auto-scaling. 

Nexcess offers 6 types of subscription plans suitable for WooCommerce hosting users with varying purposes and necessities. The customers are entitled to receive an Introductory offer along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

Some unique features encompassed in this managed hosting are ElasticSearch (enterprise plan), Sales performance monitor, WooCommerce automated testing, tutorials, Glew reporting, a few WooCommerce extensions, and design features such as Astra pro, feature-rich product listing, and Beaver page builder with over 60 additional modules.

WooCommerce Pricing Plans

Fully Managed Magento Hosting 

Nexcess provides on-demand performance testing for improving site speed, advanced caching for fast loading, auto-scaling functionality, proactive and robust security measures, nightly automatic malware monitoring, and deploying progressive web apps. 

Nexcess offers 6 types of pricing plans for fully managed Magento hosting starting from $34.30 for 3 months along with an Introductory offer and 30-day money-back guarantee benefits.

Magento Pricing Plans

Drupal Cloud Hosting 

Nexcess provides extensive tools for scaling up a Drupal cloud solution dynamically through Nexcess cloud accelerator with features like database scrubbing, in-depth server analytics, SFTP access, SSH access, and development tools like GitHub, Composer, etc. Customers can opt from any of the six pricing plans starting with $29 per month.

Drupal cloud hosting Pricing Plans

Sylius Hosting  

Sylius hosting solution provides custom integrations, the rapid development of sites, auto-scaling, daily backups, integrated email hosting, client portal for managing multiple users, PCI DSS and SSAE-18 compliant environment, e-commerce scalable tech stack which incorporates flexible PHP versions, backend caching, etc. For Sylius Hosting, Customers are presented with 6 varying pricing plans starting with $49 per month.

Sylius hosting Pricing Plans

Flexible Cloud hosting 

Nexcess provides cloud hosting solutions for businesses of every kind and size. They offer development tools for dynamic site flexibility, PCI compliance, resources for scalability, and features like email hosting, visitor tracking, server analytics, billing integrations, automated backups, and cloud hosting control panel. 

Six plans are put forward by the company and users can choose from them according to their needs ranging from $49 to $849 per month.

Nexcess Cloud Hosting Pricing Plans

Enterprise Hosting 

Nexcess enterprise hosting not only helps users to create their server but along with that it helps with day-to-day management, maintenance and comes with an enterprise support group (ESG). It offers 99.99% uptime, PCI compliance, 24/7 support, flexible infrastructure, and the cluster architects guide customers through the selection process and help them decide the size according to their needs. 

The subscription plan of Enterprise hosting can range from $1499.95 to $8999.95 on a monthly basis. 

Auto Scaling  

There are times when an online store sees a rise in traffic more than it does on usual days which could lead the website to overload and either slow down or inevitably crash. This is where the auto-scaling feature comes in handy.  

Auto-scaling analyzes a user’s website and triggers a scaling event whenever the surge in traffic begins to surpass simultaneous user capacity. It adjusts the PHP workers limit and seamlessly adjusts to the incoming visitor’s load.  

Auto-scaling comes pre-configured and enabled in all the plans with WooCommerce, WordPress, and Magento Cloud solutions. The feature is free for 24 hours a month and after that, a user has to pay $.10/minute in 30-minute increments, with a $3 minimum charge. 

Nexcess also has released an Advanced Auto Scaling product which allows users to plan for more concurrent visitors during periods of significant traffic surges. Users can easily increase PHP worker’s limits for days, weeks, or months on end. It costs $99 per month.  

SSL Certificates  

Standard SSL certificates represent the fact that a website being visited is safe and secure and ensures the protection of private and sensitive information. Nexcess offers a number of SSL certificates according to the validation level. Domains with SSL certificates are authenticated by web browsers and improve the site rankings. 

The certificate options available are namely, Standard, Premium, EV, Wildcard, Multiple Domain, and Multiple Domain EV. Each of the certificate levels has a certain warranty value associated with them and follows standard 2048-bit encryption except Multiple Domain EV which follows next-gen 2048-bit SSL.

SSL Certificates Pricing Plans

Development Sites 

Nexcess provides dev sites that provide a sandbox environment to users where they can run and test their newly updated code without affecting the production site which holds the real effective code. Simply put, it delivers a platform to developers through which they can implement and execute their logic and strategies while writing the algorithmic codes. 

Nexcess offers 4 dev site plans ranging from $5 to $50 per month. 

Development Sites Pricing Plans

Nexcess StoreBuilder 

The StoreBuilder enables users to create an e-commerce website or store quickly, providing a unique homepage along with themes and plugins options.

It offers premium features, provides 24/7 support, and does not charge any transaction fees. A user has to pay $19 dollars per month for this product.

Pros & Cons of Nexcess

   Nexcess Pros  

  1. Follows and provides extensive security measures like SSL certificates, PCI DSS, SSH access, 2048-bit encryption, iThemes security pro, brute force protection and optional functionalities like two-factor authentication, access control lists, etc. 
  1. Provides 14-day free trial of website management and their other services. 
  1. Investing in Nexcess’ pricing plans are worth the money for the services and features they offer. 
  1. Offers excellent performance and uptime with the help of attributes like auto scaling, dedicated CDN, etc. 

Nexcess Cons 

  1. No money back guarantee after 30 days. 
  1. They do not provide free domain names. 

Nexcess Customer Support 

Nexcess offers extensive and in-depth documentation and FAQs regarding their services and products that include applications, website management, control panel tools, billing, email hosting, file management, etc.

Customer Support

The company representatives can be reached out via 24/7 live chat, email, and telephonic support. You can also connect with the Nexcess team through social networking communities like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

Nexcess Review Summary 

Let’s wrap up our Nexcess review by summing up all the points that we have covered so far in this guide. 

Nexcess provides fully managed hosting services for applications like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento along with a few others.  

The industry-standard security measures are provided such as SSL certificates, 2048 encryption, 2FA, and iThemes security pro which incorporates brute force protection, scheduled malware scanning, reCAPTCHA integration, file change detection, and secure login.

It is a dependable and reliable host that offers features like Domain registration, dedicated Nameservers, free site migration, 100% uptime, 24/7 help support, auto-scaling, dev sites, StoreBuilder, containers, CDN, automated backups, flexible infrastructure, etc. 


Is Nexcess good? 

Nexcess definitely is a good option if you are planning to opt for fully managed hosting providers. They offer some outstanding features and products for the price they charge. 

What is advanced Auto Scaling? 

Nexcess Advanced Auto Scaling feature monitors the changes in the site traffic and accordingly scales up or down the limit of concurrent visitors. This functionality helps in avoiding the conditions like slowing down or crashing of the site. Users can enable it for $99 per month.

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