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AppPresser Review: Can it Help To Build Apps with WordPress?


AppPresser is an innovative tool that seeks to address all your worries when it comes to building a mobile application out of a WordPress website, which is then wrapped in a native application wrapper and is published on the iTunes store or Google Play app store for distribution.

Apppresser Review

💙 What is AppPresser? Complete Review

AppPresser allows a user to build a WordPress powered application of any kind and type such as Membership apps, Buddypress apps, Woocommerce apps, Learndash apps, etc.

Once you review & figured out that you really need an application in addition to your existing website and it is not plausible at the moment to spend from scratch to hatch on app designing and development, AppPresser comes to the rescue!

What is Apppresser

No need to hire a developer, also there are no prerequisites except that you must own a well-established and running WordPress website, and despite having no app development skills you can manage to get a functional app integrated with WordPress delivered in a day!

Also, you may hire the AppPresser development team to build a fully customized mobile application for your business. It allows a user to use WordPress elements like theme and plugins to build a mobile app and it is as easy as it sounds.

😍 How To Build Apps With AppPresser?

  1. Must review the pricing plan of AppPresser before buying it, and go with the best-suited one as per your requirements.
  2. Install the AppPresser Plugin.
  3. Set up configurations and add-on extensions.
  4. Build the screen.
  5. Test the app, using the live preview option.
  6. Upload it on PhoneGap build service and you’re done!

💥 What Type Of Apps Can You Build?

Basically, AppPresser utilizes a suite of WordPress plugins along with a theme that functions like integration with custom plugins.

That is what is really unique about it and makes it one of a kind in the current market scenario. Once a user installs the AppPresser plugin and theme, the website remains unaffected and yet it becomes available inside the screen of a mobile app!

Apppresser Types Of App Can Build

The plugin integrates the WordPress site to the app features and extensions that are provided by AppPresser via Phonegap (which is a cloud build service for hybrid apps).​ The user might also need to switch to a faster hosting solution, as recommended by AppPresser for a high-performing mobile app experience.

For an enhanced and better presentation of the app, AppPresser offers additional extensions that are not available in the standard bundle. Any amount of changes done on the website are immediately reflected in the mobile app since it is a website packaged in the form of a mobile app itself.

Note​: AppPresser uses only a specific AP3 Ion theme​ when a website is shown in the app, the option to choose a custom theme for the app is not available.

🔥 AppPresser Pricing Plans & Features

AppPresser comes with a 14-day free trial period, during which a user gets to access the​ app builder, where he/she can build the app, get a preview and browse the app before testing.

If not canceled, the user will be billed as soon as the 14-day period expires. The catch here is, of course, you need to be on a paid plan in order to be able to upload/submit the app to the app stores.

Pricing plans hosted by AppPresser are very flexible and inclusive.

The set packages designed are as follows:

Apppresser Pricing

Standard Package

This package ensures a user gets to build an iOS/Android app using a visual customizer, have a login/register option enabled, be able to send push notifications (limited to 10,000 devices only), add social media sharing buttons in the app, support a language switcher/translator, use device functionality/features such as accessing phone’s camera within the app, using location to add a check-in, etc, have an ad banner in the app where pay-per-click ads can be run and lastly, store submission is chargeable in the monthly plan for $199 and has been waived off for the annual plan.

Not to forget, unlimited app downloads are inclusive in both monthly ($79/month) as well as annual plan ($59/month).

Professional Package

A professional package is the most recommended option by AppPresser, as there’s no additional fee ($199) for App store submission.

Apart from all that is included in the standard package, this package boasts of plus features like being able to send segmented notifications, wherein the user can choose divisions like sports, business, or even a specific country and then send separate notifications segment-wise and many more or if you want to review, it’s all features & benefits then you can visit the official site of AppPresser.

The user also gets to send notifications programmatically through their API. This helps in sending custom notifications from WordPress. And, this package supports teamwork, one user can share their access to the app on their login with unlimited developers or clients. Billed at $79/month for a monthly subscription and $99 for an annual subscription.

Advanced Package

Along with the standard features and plus features mentioned above, this package offers a revised limit of sending notifications to 1 million devices in a month and “In-app Purchases”, ideal for those who wish to monetize through their app, apart from just running ads.

Billed at $149/month for monthly subscription and $129/month for annual subscription, it’s a win win for app-based businesses.

Paid custom development is available in the Professional and Advanced package only.

Adding to it, the user can create 100% offline pages, and even allow media download for offline content. Certain pages can specifically be protected by asking the audience to log in to access them. And, most importantly the app can also be integrated with Google Analytics, to know how the app is performing and how people are using the app.

Other major inclusions in all three kinds of packages that are listed below:

  • Free 30 minute setup call with the support team at AppPresser.
  • A user may purchase additional 250,000 devices for push notifications at $20 per month.
  • Interestingly, the user also gets to purchase the subscription for another add-on app at a flat 50% discount!
Apppresser App Examples

👍 AppPresser Pros and Cons

Apparently, AppPresser is not just the baby steps in a journey of transformation from a website to a native mobile android/iOS application. It has expanded on the potential of WordPress as an application platform massively. Let’s review AppPresser Pros & Cons, it will help you to know its both positive & negative sides & get more insight in detail.


  1. Native app wrapper allows a user to access the features of their mobile devices such as contacts, camera, geolocation, push notifications and even log in via Facebook account!
  2. The user can create 100% offline pages, and even allow media download for offline content as well.
  3. The user can upload and distribute his/her app through iOS and Android app stores, which is indeed a huge platform to reach out to their audiences.
  4. When building an app, budget is always a constraint and AppPresser effectively reduces the market costs by laying such a strong foundation of native app development for the WordPress community.


Their pre-made extensions and bundle library is too small, which is where the user might have to learn to code and build in the functionality required on his own.

But if the user is familiar with Javascript, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, only a few plugins such as Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Learn Dash, Restrict Content Pro (and a few more) are officially supported in the app and no other than them.

🤗 Final Verdict Of AppPresser Review

To summarising, AppPresser is a brilliant attempt at allowing the user to build a mobile app that integrates with WordPress seamlessly and effortlessly.

And with the rising popularity of mobile apps, gives a head start to those wishing to have an app alongside a website without having the need to manage each of them separately. The future for WordPress bloggers turned app-based businesses surely seems very promising with AppPresser on the line.

Apppresser App Developer

🎁 Frequently Asked Questions

✌️ What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Once the subscription expires or is canceled, you can no longer access your account, which means the app will not function properly. You must be on an active subscription in order to have a working app.
Though they do provide a ‘neutral mode’ of subscription where you may choose to not have customer support but can allow your app to stay active.

🤔 Are there any other costs involved?

You must purchase your own Apple or Android developer accounts for $99/year and $25/year, respectively.

✔️ Can I upgrade to other plan?

Yes, you can review your plan before buying AppPresser & also upgrade anytime, from a monthly plan to annual or from standard package to professional.

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