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Stephen Curry MasterClass Review: Should You Give It A Try?


Today, sports have become known to everyone and people are showing interest in games which they like.

Traditionally sports were only limited to the upper class but in modern times, sports have become familiar to every class of society.

Stephen Curry MasterClass Review

What has become familiar to everyone in modern times?

With the growth of urbanization and industrialization, the world has become very small and things are changing continuously and so trends are changing.

In earlier times, the only study was a medium to have a successful career and life but with the improvements, people are having their career in fields of their interests. 😚

When we talk about sports, the game of Basketball clicks in our mind in Nanoseconds, it is an interesting sport that is enjoyed by people across the globe. It is now being played professionally and if you are interested in learning tricks and tactics of Basketball who could be better than Stephan Curry.

Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball Handling, and Scoring through his lessons on MasterClass where he shares his ideas and methods to encourage your talent. If you want to become a professional and successful player of Basketball, Stephan Curry is the right and the best choice for you and your career.

Who is Stephan Curry?

Wardell Stephen Curry II popularly known as Stephen Curry or Steph is an American Basketball player who led the Golden State Warriors.

Who is Stephen Curry

He has always been interested in sports and he was from a sports background as his father, Dell Curry was a champion of Sharp Shooting.

Stephen Curry is a successful basketball player and his experience is like a treasure to the sportsperson. He has also won the title of MVP two times which makes him super talented and eligible to be called a champion.

Stephan Curry is not only a champion player but also a good educator who can teach you the best about the game. He has won so many titles in Basketball matches and has also won the title of NBA Sportsmanship Award in 2011.

What Includes Stephen Curry MasterClass?

Everyone knows that Stephan Curry is the master of Basketball and he can teach the players the best. His MasterClass includes 17 video lessons, in which every lesson contains very valuable lessons. He will get you introduced to the game and its techniques which will help you in matches. 😇

He is a champion who knows better than the champion itself, so if you get a chance to learn from him, be tension-free because you are going to learn the best. Each of his lessons is for 10 to 20 minutes which will provide you with enough knowledge about the game.

Stephen Curry MasterClass Lessons Plan

You will get to learn in a unique way where he will teach you what to do in the match as well as what not to do. It is an important aspect of any game, one should be aware of things that are not supposed to be done. So in his lessons, you will get the whole idea of matches and leagues which is very useful and help you to have a successful career.

Lessons of Stephen Curry MasterClass

MasterClass offered by Stephen Curry consists of video lessons that are explained as:

1. Introduction: Write Your Own Story – In his very first lesson, he gets you introduced to the game and himself. He will describe his career in Basketball and how can you learn from his experiences

2. Shooting: Stance, Alignment, and Mechanics – In the game of Basketball, the methods and technique of control matter very much and in this lesson, you will get to know how you can shoot the ball.

3. From Shooting Practice – The mechanics which you learned in the previous lesson, Steph teaches you to practice in the court for getting your skill better.

Masterclass Sports And Gaming Classes

4. Shooting Off The Catch – Stephen Curry teaches you from his experience and in this lesson he teaches how you can shoot after you get a past.

5. Ball – Handling: Foundations – In the game of Basketball one needs to learn the technique of controlling the ball. So, in this lesson, you can get educated about the technique of holding the ball.

6. Shooting Off the Dribble, Part 1 – The lessons you learn previously, in this chapter you will combine them and practice. 😍

7. Ball-Handling: On the Move – This lesson teaches you how to dribble and what are the things which you should avoid while dribbling.

8. Shooting Off the Dribble, Part 2 – This lesson focuses on a very important aspect of the game is footwork and you need to control them in a certain way. So for this matter, this lesson becomes very important for the player.

9. Creating Space From Your Defender – Stephen Curry along with his mate Brandon will cover up this lesson and will teach you about concepts for getting space in the court while shooting or dribbling.

10. Film Session: Creating Space and Beating your Defender – What you learn from all the previous lessons, he will show you how you can use it in an organised and best way. Players can learn through Stephen Curry’s experience on the court.

11. Ball Screens – Players will get to know how they can execute splendid ball screens in the court and this will be taught by Stephen Curry himself.

12. Film Sessions: Ball Screens – One learns things easily if they watch any movie or practical video clip, so for teaching players, Stephen Curry takes help from game videos.

13. Scoring at the Rim – In the game of basketball, only goal and dribbling are not important, it also requires good defence. You need to protect your ball as well to win the game, so this lesson shares the techniques used by Stephen Curry to do so.

14. Off Screens: Curl, Pop, and Fade – A good player never misses the chance of goal if the ball hits their hand, so for this technique of curl, pop, and fade, Stephen Curry educates you on how to protect your winning chance. 😊

15. Ball- Handling: Overloading – For teaching this lesson, Stephen Curry uses two basketballs and one tennis ball which will teach you to be a master of handling the ball.

16. Pregame Preparation – Mindset is a decisive factor in any game and if you are confident and believe in yourself, you will win. So to teach you the preparation of mind before any game, Stephen curry guides you in this lesson.

17. Conclusion: The Journey Towards Perfection- This lesson will prepare you to love yourself and to love your game. His lessons end here and he teaches you every aspect of the game and suggests you focus and be confident.

👍 Benefits of Stephen Curry MasterClass

There are many benefits of having lessons from master itself and when you take basketball lessons from Stephen Curry nothing can be hard for you anymore. Here are several benefits for you of having lessons from Steph:

  • Stephen Curry doesn’t only prepare you physically but mentally too. He will teach you how you can be confident in your skill and potential.
  • His MasterClass will teach you every aspect of the game of Basketball and will help you to become a good player.
  • Stephen Curry educates players about a positive attitude which can be a decisive factor for the game.
  • With the help of his partner, he teaches difficult lessons to players in an easy way which helps players a lot about how to control the ball, how to defend, and many more things.
  • He has himself faced so much in his personal and professional life, which can get you ready for your journey, and learning from an experienced master is the best.

What Players Can Learn from Stephen?

One can learn as much as one wants from Stephen Curry. The masterClass provides you the opportunity to learn directly from the expert of the subject and if you are genuinely passionate about the game then you should get ready for being the best.

Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling And Scoring

Stephen Curry has faced so many hurdles but he didn’t stop. His ligament surgery was a heart-breaking moment for him, it can be heart-breaking for any player, but he didn’t lose. He kept fighting for what he deserved for himself and so can you.

Stephen Curry will inspire you to invest 100 percent in the game and practice too. He can teach you the things which you will not get to learn elsewhere. He can teach you how to be a confident player, how you can love yourself. 😉

In-game or any other profession, you must become your fan and so in his lessons, he will guide you on how to be your fan and love your profession.

Is it Worth the Money as well as Time?

If you are interested in playing Basketball, it is a good investment. His overall lessons are 3 hours and 41 minutes long and are useful for players. You can pay $15 per month to have access to his lessons but it is a good investment when you are a die-hard fan of Basketball games.

His lessons are 10 minutes long and it makes the lessons very easy to watch and great to understand. He shares his best knowledge with players and fans so that they can learn too. If you can learn all the techniques, methods, and tricks in less than 4 hours what could be possibly better than this.


As the love for sports is increasing, they seek knowledge about the same and for making it easy Stephen Curry can teach and educate about Basketball on MasterClass through his 17 video lessons which are loaded with information and knowledge.

Stephen Curry

One who seeks to learn from an expert can opt for Stephen Curry MasterClass without thinking too much because it is guaranteed that your money will not go in vain.

If you are a beginner and want to seek basic but useful tricks and techniques, you can learn from Stephen Curry which will not only prepare you for the game but also for any mental dilemma or decision-making problem on the court.

FAQs 🤔

Is Stephen Curry the son of Dell Curry?

Yes, Stephen curry is the son of NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry.

What is the duration of Stephen Curry’s lessons?

The overall duration of the MasterClass is 3 hours and 41 minutes and each video lesson is 10 minutes.

Who is the winner of the “NBA Sportsmanship Award” title of 2011?

Stephen Curry is the winner of the “NBA Sportsmanship Award” title of 2011.

Does MasterClass have a “Money back” option?

Yes, MasterClass provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is the full name of Stephan Curry?

Wardell Stephen Curry II is the full name of Stephen Curry, also known as Steph.

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